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How to Crack NEET 2022?

By Vineet DwivediNovember 18, 2021
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5-Steps Strategy to Crack NEET-2022

More than 1.5 million students appear for the NEET exam every year and they compete for a few thousand seats of top medical colleges of India. Just like you, they’ve also visited this blog and prepared a plan accordingly and believe it or not, they already have started acting on it. See! This is the type of competition you are going to face. 

Although, the pandemic situation is still on and the students participating for NEET-2022 can again get rid of the 75% criteria like in NEET-2021.

Here You Go with the Step-by-step Guide to Crack NEET-2022

Conceptual Knowledge is the Key!

If you are still messed up with the chapters of derivation, Kinematics, and the concepts of the work power and energy then you may not be able to understand the electrostatics, moving charges and magnetism. Not because they are relatable, because you’ll be having a lot of syllabi to complete and then revise. Your priority should be to clear all concepts of class-11. And for that, you to dedicate at least 30% of the preparation schedule to strengthen your foundation and then 70 per cent for your boards and NEET-2022 preparation. The students who are still studying in class-11 mark our words that clearing your doubts should be your first priority. It is better to be late than to leave the syllabi and focus on NEET exams without any plan.

However, starting early is the key for all types of competitive exams. In the meantime, concept clearing always uplifts your understanding of new concepts and create a parallel learning mode for both academic and competitive exams. 

Know Your Exam NEET-2022

The most common mistake made by NEET aspirants is they don’t collect important information about the exam. They directly jump into the preparations and go directionless. Mark our words! NEET-2022 is going to be tougher! It is because of the COVID-19 situation that made thousands of students drop a year. And obviously, they are going to increase your competition. 

Students should know about the exam syllabus, the scope of the NEET-2022, exam pattern, marking scheme, and important dates so that they can prepare a full-proof plan to get better results.

High-Quality Study Material

Since the NEET is one of the toughest entrance exams in India, it makes selecting the right study material difficult. But with the assistance of your teachers, fellow NEET aspirants who’ve already appeared in the exams for the list of books, reference guide, examination master, etc.

Following is the list of books that you should consider for your NEET preparation. All of them covers each and every study material requirement that you require to target NEET-2022


Best Books for NEET Preparation 2022-2023


Book Name



NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII



Trueman's Objective Biology for NEET - Vol. I & II

Trueman Publication


NCERT at your FINGERTIPS for NEET- Biology

MTG Editorial Board


Concepts of Physics

H. C. Verma


NCERT Physics Textbooks



DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET

DC Pandey


NCERT Chemistry Textbooks



GRB A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for NEET

O.P. Tandon


Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET

M. S. Chauhan

Solve Sample Paper & Mock Tests

Toppers always have boldly mentioned that sample papers, previous year question papers, and most importantly Mock tests have made them more confident by reducing their exam fear and anxiety.  Solving one Mock test during your last mile preparation for NEET gives you amazing results. 

Following is the list of reasons proving why every NEET aspirant should solve mock tests and sample papers to complement their NEET preparation

  • Students get a real-time experience of the actual difficulty which helps students to improve accordingly.

  • Solving mock tests and sample paper is the easiest way of knowing the types of questions, exam paper pattern, and marks distribution of the NEET exam.

  • Students can learn how to complete the exam on time with increased problem-solving ability.

  • Teaches you how to attempt exams by setting priority for questions that you know and that you don’t in order to attempt the exam with full capability. 

  • Students get aware of exam patterns, marking schemes, types of questions, etc.

Choose Your Coaching Wisely 

In the world of the nth number of coaching institutes, you may get confused on what basis you should choose the best coaching for your NEET-2022 preparations. Make it very simple and clear, you just need to save your time, energy, and money. It is because all of them are best at their place. Also, these days online learning platforms are the most favourite spot for the NEET-2022 preparations.

Here are the reasons why you should join online learning platforms for NEET-2022 preparations

  • They are cost-effective than offline coaching. Most of them ask for about half of the money that you may be spending on your single subject classes.

  • Learn from India’s best teachers at one-stop

  • Save your time and study in your comfort zone at home, especially when the world is still suffering from COVID-19 situations.

  • 24/7 doubt solving with specialised sessions 

  • Increased transparency where you get weekly/monthly parents-teacher meeting

  • Students also get a lot of study material which includes notes, sample papers, In-class assignments, mock tests.

Join Vedantu’s Eklavya NEET-2022 batch and get all the above offerings absolutely free!

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