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AIIMS 2018 Physics Question Paper with Solutions - 27th May 2018 Evening Shift

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Physics Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2018 - 27th May 2018 Evening Shift

The AIIMS exam is accepted to be more troublesome than the NEET test. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are totally canvassed in NEET. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, General Knowledge, and Logical Reasoning are additionally included for AIIMS 2018. With the help of Vedantu, aspirants can pass this exam. Vedantu is an innovation-based coaching firm. Vedantu assists students with handling troublesome, muddled questions. 

Numerous students who live in backward regions can utilise Vedantu whenever and from any location. We all realise that the best educating is just conceivable when the educator plunks down with the understudies and examines the prospectus with the guide of a notebook. However, Vedantu permits students and teachers to collaborate in live sessions.

Teachers and students can pose questions by composing, yet in addition by transferring pictures. By presenting a live learning android application, Vedantu has increased current standards. On versatile and tablet gadgets, live classes are accessible.

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AIIMS 2018 Physics Questions and Solutions - FREE PDF Download

Physics is a difficult one to figure out in the AIIMS test. But with the assistance of the Vedantu Question paper and arrangement, students can truly score well.


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Benefits of AIIMS Physics Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

  • Vedantu's responsive area furnishes understudies with a ton of training, which is incredibly helpful during test readiness.

  • Question papers help understudies in arranging tests since they contain a similar paper design that assists them with making arrangements for their tests.

  • Obviously, the AIIMS schedule is broad, and science question papers help in the perception of troublesome tests.

  • It helps in the understanding of key parts of the schedule, bringing about better test results.

  • By tackling question papers, students can more readily comprehend their concerns, for example, why they can't address an inquiry, and therefore, they can all the more likely get where they stand and get ready for tests.

  • Question papers permit understudies to rehearse more inquiries that might show up in the test.

  • Question paper solving will help students to try different strategies 

  • Students can keep tabs on their development by finishing question papers.

  • When students start solving enough papers, they will know what is to be in actual. It will reduce your pre-exam nervousness.

Planning Tips

  • Make an appropriate schedule with equal time for each subject.

Investigate the results of a web-based counterfeit examination.

  • Using, you can download and practise question papers.

  • Understudies should respond to questions in accordance with the test design. This will make it easier for understudies to understand the example.

  • Aspirants should try to complete AIIMS question papers in the time allotted during training.

  • These sample papers assist students in assessing their setup and focusing on weak areas.

We, at Vedantu, have provided solutions to Physics question papers of AIIMS by keeping in mind - to provide you with detailed solutions to all the questions. All our study materials and question answers for AIIMS are available for free, and it is easily downloadable in PDF format. We also have Last year's question paper for AIIMS. The PDF is free and will help you to prepare well for your exam.

FAQs on AIIMS 2018 Physics Question Paper with Solutions - 27th May 2018 Evening Shift

1. How difficult is AIIMS physics?

It's difficult because it necessitates the application of concepts. You won't be able to answer a question if you don't know what it's about, but you can always allow extra time for calculations. The reason for this is that the questions are more difficult and necessitate more conceptual thinking. For more information, stay tuned to

2. How many questions will be there for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the AIIMS exam?

There will be 60 questions in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, each worth one mark, and 20 questions in G.K. and Aptitude. Vedantu brings together all of the best study materials, sample papers, previous year's questions and answers, and much more in one convenient location. We provide students with free, self-paced, and up-to-date online education materials to help them learn a subject better.