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Documents Required for NEET 2024 MBBS Admission: Application Form, Counselling

Last updated date: 14th Apr 2024
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List of Documents Needed to Apply for NEET UG 2024

The National Testing Agency is the NEET UG exam conducting government body. The registration process is done through an online application form. Once you finish the registration, you must submit the documents required for NEET UG counselling through NEET

Candidates interested in appearing for NEET 2024 must ensure to submit their application forms by the deadline, which is March 9, 2024. The NEET exam for the year 2024 is scheduled to take place on May 5. Eligible candidates must review the list of necessary documents required for NEET UG 2024.

Candidates are recommended to thoroughly review the NEET 2024 information bulletin prior to completing the application process, as it encompasses crucial dates and instructions pertaining to the entrance examination. 

The list of documents you need to fill up the form is given below. Uploading the documents and maintaining the formats needed for a successful submission is very crucial, as one tiny mistake in uploading the forms can reject your application form.

List of Documents Needed for NEET UG Registration Form 2024

Remember that you will need scanned copies of the NEET UG form documents that are needed for the NEET UG Form fill-up. The sizes of the documents differ from one another.

Here is the scanned documents you will need for NEET UG 2024 registration.

  • Recent Passport Size Photograph

  • Scanned Signature

  • Postcard Size Photograph

  • Fingers of Left and Right Hand and Thumb Impressions

  • Category Certificate issued by a Government Authorized Person (If applicable)

  • PwD Certificate

  • Proof of being an Indian Citizen

  • Address Proof

  • Certificate of Class 10

Once you know about all the documents you need to fill up the form, know that you will need to edit those scanned copies as per NTA’s requirement, maintaining the size format.

All the specifications and formatting guidelines of each document are given below.



Size and Formatting Structure

Specification for tool

Passport Size Photograph (Recent)

1)White Background

2)Coverage of the Face should be 80 % with ears clearly visible.

Size within 10 kb to 200 kb.

JPG Format

2.5 * 3.5 inches with 72 DPI

Post Card Size Picture 

1)With the name and date of taking the photograph

2)Without a cap or sunglasses

3)80% coverage of the face with ears visible on white background

4” * 6”

Size between 10 kb to 200 kb

4.25 * 3.5 inches with 72 DPI


1)Signature on a white background with a black pen.

2) It should not be in Capital letters

4 kb to 30 kb in Size 

Format- JPG

2.5 * 3.5 inches with 72 DPI

Left Hand Thumb Impression

1)Blue ink on White Paper

2)In case there is some issue with the left-hand thumb impression, you can use your right-hand thumb

10 kb to 200 kb in Size

2.5 * 3.5 inches with 72 DPI

Class 10 Pass Certificate

1)Scan the Class 10 Certificate.

2)It should be clearly visible

Size within 50 kb to 300 kb

2.5 * 3.5 inches with 72 DPI

Category Certificate

SC/ST/OBC/EWS Certificate

Size within 50 kb to 300 kb 

Format PDF

PwD Certificate

Certificate obtained from a government authority

Size 50 kb to 300 kb

Format PDF

Citizen Certificate

Citizenship/Embassy Certificate or any documentary proof

Size within 50 kb to 300 kb

Format PDF

Guideline on how to Upload NEET UG 2024 Documents 

When you know all the documents needed for NEET UG registration to make them eligible for the sizes and formats according to NTA look for several free image-converting applications or tools available online. You can also use the paint application on your laptop or computer to size or resize the documents.

How to Upload NEET 2024 Documents in the Required Format?

Uploading scanned images of photos, signatures, and left-hand thumb impressions in accordance with the specifications outlined by NTA is obligatory. Prior to submitting the requisite NEET documents on the official website, it is imperative to ensure that the NEET 2024 images are converted to meet the specified NTA requirements using: 

  • Free image convert tools are available online

  • Paint application available on desktop or laptop

How to Upload the Documents Required in NEET 2024 Application Form?

  • After successfully registering NEET UG, log in to the website with your candidate login ID.

  • There will be a section named ‘documents to be uploaded’. Click on the section and upload the documents carefully.

  • After you’re done with uploading all the documents to their exact boxes, click on the submit button.

NEET UG 2024 Address Proof - Details Here

Aadhaar Cards, Domicile Certificates, Passports, Voter ID Cards, and various other documents are acceptable as proof of address for NEET 2024. If needed, these two documents should be merged into a single PDF file before uploading. If the Current and Permanent addresses are identical, the same document will serve as sufficient proof. 

Documents you Need on the NEET UG Exam Day 

A list of NEET UG exam documents required on the exam day is given below.

  • Printout of the NEET UG admit Card

  • Same passport sized photograph you uploaded on the form

  • A valid ID issued by the government 

  • PWD certificate if applicable 

  • A self-declaration form from the NTA (admit card undertaking)

What is the NTA NEET 2024 Admit Card Undertaking?

The NEET admit card undertaking is a self-declaration form issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA), the governing body for the NEET exam. Its purpose is to ensure that candidates adhere to the essential guidelines during the examination. Within the NTA NEET admit card undertaking, students will be required to confirm their acknowledgment of the NEET guidelines and instructions.

The NTA NEET admit card undertaking serves as a crucial measure by the NTA to guarantee the secure administration of the NEET exam. Candidates must ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the NTA NEET admit card undertaking, as it will be verified at the examination center.

Documents Required for NEET UG Counselling 2024

Ensuring a smooth NEET UG 2024 counselling process hinges on having the requisite documents in order. This brief overview highlights the key documentation necessary for seamless admission into medical and dental colleges. From identification proofs to academic certificates, this guide provides a concise roadmap to navigate the essential paperwork required for NEET UG 2024 counselling.

Here are the list of Documents Required for NEET UG Counselling 2024: 

  • Admit card and Scorecard of NEET UG

  • Marksheet and certificate of Class 10 

  • Marksheet and Certificate of Class 12

  • Valid ID proof (Issued by the government such as PAN/ AADHAR/ Passport)

  • Category Certificate (If applicable)

  • PwD Certificate (If applicable)

Medical Fitness Certificate for NEET UG 2024 Counselling

As part of the NEET UG 2024 counseling procedure, candidates must submit a Medical Fitness Certificate in PDF format to demonstrate compliance with the requisite health standards for medical education. This certificate holds significant importance in the NEET UG 2024 counseling process, serving as evidence that a candidate possesses the physical and mental fitness necessary to pursue a medical course. Aspirants are required to furnish this certificate in accordance with the specified medical fitness certificate format.

The medical fitness certificate for college admission ensures that candidates are free from any medical conditions or disabilities that could impede their ability to successfully complete the MBBS or BDS curriculum. Medical colleges mandate this certificate to uphold the health and well-being of their students while maintaining the standards of medical education.

Steps to Acquire the Medical Fitness Certificate for NEET UG 2024 Counselling:

  • Seek consultation from a licensed medical professional.

  • Undergo the required medical examination.

  • Fill out the medical fitness certificate.

  • Secure the signature of the attending physician.

  • Submit the completed certificate during NEET UG Counselling.

NRI/OCI Applicants Applying to Deemed Universities Must Provide the Subsequent Documents:

  • A photocopy of the sponsored individual's passport and embassy certificate.

  • A sponsorship affidavit affirming the sponsor's commitment to cover all study expenses throughout the duration of the program.

  • An affidavit detailing the relationship between the candidate and the sponsor.

Apart from Taking Preparations, Be Sincere While Filling up the Form

You can give your best while taking preparation for the examination but a single mistake on the size of any NEET UG form documents can snatch away your opportunity of getting into a medical college. Apart from the sincerity of filling up the form, once you crack the exam, you must submit your original documents to the allotted college. Keep all of your original documents safe and secure throughout the whole process.


The documentation required for NEET 2024 MBBS admission, encompassing both the application process and counselling phase, plays a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth and successful journey into medical education. From completing the application form with precision to furnishing essential documents during counselling, each step is crucial in securing admission into esteemed medical institutions. By ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order, aspiring medical professionals can navigate the admission process with confidence, paving the way for a promising future in the field of medicine.

FAQs on Documents Required for NEET 2024 MBBS Admission: Application Form, Counselling

1. Are original or photocopies of the documents needed for NEET UG registration 2024?

You must show your original documents when you are allotted to a college.  Also, while making scanned copies, you should scan the original documents.

2. What is Phase-2 registration of NEET UG 2024?

Once you have appeared for the exam, you have to register for Phase-2 to check your result and it is a compulsory step for admission into your dream medical college.

3. Do I need attested photographs to fill up the form of NEET UG 2024?

No. Attested photographs are not mandatory. Only clear photographs with 80% coverage of the face with visible ears are accepted. Know that NTA does not accept computer-generated or Polaroid photographs.

4. What documents are required for NEET 2024 MBBS admission application?

The essential documents for NEET 2024 MBBS admission application typically include identification proof, academic certificates, passport-sized photographs, and category certificates (if applicable). Ensure all documents are scanned and uploaded as per the specified format.

5. How do I obtain a sponsorship affidavit for NEET UG NRI/OCI candidates applying to Deemed Universities?

NRI/OCI candidates seeking admission to Deemed Universities need to obtain a sponsorship affidavit stating the sponsor's commitment to funding the candidate's entire duration of study. This affidavit should be drafted and notarized, affirming the sponsor's willingness to bear all expenses related to the candidate's education.

6. Can I submit a digital copy of documents during NEET 2024 MBBS admission counselling?

Yes, NEET 2024 MBBS admission counselling typically allows for the submission of digital copies of required documents. Ensure that all scanned copies are clear, legible, and uploaded as per the specified format to avoid any discrepancies during the counselling process.

7. What should I do if my documents are not in English for NEET 2024 MBBS admission?

If your documents are not in English, it is advisable to get them translated into English by a certified translator. Ensure that both the original documents and their translated versions are submitted during the NEET 2024 MBBS admission process to avoid any complications or delays.