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AIIMS 2019 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions - 26th May 2019 Evening Shift

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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26th May 2019 Evening Shift - AIIMS 2019 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions

We, at Vedantu, have provided solutions of Chemistry question papers of AIIMS by keeping in mind - to provide you with detailed solutions to all the questions. All our study materials and question answers for AIIMS are available for free and it is easily downloadable in PDF format. We also have Last year question paper of AIIMS from 2015 to 2019. The PDF is free and will help you to prepare well for your exam.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Entrance Exam 2019

AIIMS conducted the entrance exam for the undergraduate course on May 26, 2019. Before 2020 AIIMS used to organize their separate medical examinations for MBBS courses. Today, to get admission to any medical college in India, you need to clear the NEET examination. 

AIIMS exam covers 200 questions in total, 160 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and 40 questions come on Assertions and Reasoning to solve in three and a half-hour, split into two shifts, morning and evening. Paper consists of questions from Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and General Knowledge.

AIIMS is a reputed college in India; every medical aspirant wishes to study in any of these colleges. Today fifteen AIIMS are operating in India, and some are in line to come running soon.

Syllabus of the Chemistry AIIMS Medical Exam 2019 Evening shift

AIIMS conducts exams in two shifts, morning and evening. The morning shift is from 9 am to 12:30 am, and the evening goes from 3 am to 6:30 am. 

The paper covers questions from the topics included in the classes 12 NCERT textbook of the science stream. The All India Institute of Medical Science has not provided any detailed official syllabus for the exam. Though NCERT textbooks of Chemistry of classes 11 and 12 work exceptionally, they are the best source to prepare for it.

Download AIIMS Previous Year Paper 2019 Chemistry Solutions 

Vedantu has provided the solutions for the Chemistry section of the AIIMS 2019 Evening shift students can download it to check the answers. The experts’ teachers of chemistry have brilliantly explained each question to clear your doubts. Previous papers' answers help you correct your mistakes before the exam. And also assist you in revising the whole subject in minimum time. Students can find extra unsolved AIIMS papers from 2015-2019 in the study material section to attempt.

Chemistry is a little easier than the remaining sections. It is more conceptual, and you would find that most questions belong to NCERT. If you have a clear understanding of the topic, it is easy to score good marks in this part.

FAQs on AIIMS 2019 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions - 26th May 2019 Evening Shift

1. What is the level of chemistry in AIIMS 2019?

Chemistry is the easiest part of the AIIMS exam. Questions asked in the AIIMS 2019 chemistry section mostly covered the NCERT textbook topics. If you have studied the textbook of classes 11 and 12 thoroughly, you will find the level of the chemistry paper is easy. Download the answers to the chemistry paper from the above link and match your answers with the experts’ answers. The level of chemistry is always below moderate as this subject is conceptual, all you need to tackle is understanding theory and different chemical names and reactions.

2. How do I prepare for Chemistry for the AIIMS exam?

To prepare for the Chemistry part, NCERTs are the best source, but there are some topics that you must prepare for the exam. Following chapters from the NCERT textbook of classes 11 and 12, Hydrocarbons, Chemical Equilibrium, Coordination Compounds, surface chemistry, these are a few topics that make at least one question in the examination. You can solve the NCERT examples to boost your preparation; an exemplar contains higher-order thinking skills questions.

3. Which books to follow for the AIIMS chemistry part?

NCERT is an excellent source of knowledge to clear your basics of chemistry. AIIMS examination carries 60 marks for the chemistry section, and to obtain full marks in this part, you need to read every topic from the CBSE syllabus of classes 11 and 12. Once you finish studying from the NCERT, solve previous year papers and sample papers provided on the Vedantu website to check your understanding of the subject.

4. Can I skip Chemistry for the AIIMS Exam?

No, you can not skip this part of the AIIMS exam, chemistry holds 60 marks, and if you do, you might lose chances of getting selected. Unless you think you can score full marks in the remaining three sections, but the probability of an out-of-score is a little less. Instead of leaving it, try to solve 50% of questions from it which will be a good attempt. Vedantu has provided main topics notes of chemistry to study for AIIMS and NEET exams.

5. How to clear the AIIMS exam?

To clear any exam, all you need is a good plan and urge to work hard to achieve your goal. The AIIMS exam is indeed a difficult one as it allows you to study in well-known and reputed medical colleges of India. Break your topics into important and less important. Follow Vedantu courses to prepare well under the guidance of expert faculties. Solve past paper questions for an in-depth understanding of the paper and check your learning.