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AIIMS 2016 Biology Question Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Biology Question Paper with Solutions AIIMS 2016

We, at Vedantu, have provided solutions to the Biology Question Papers of AIIMS by keeping in mind - to provide you with detailed solutions to all the questions. All our study materials and question answers for AIIMS are available for free and it is easily downloadable in PDF format. We also have Last year's Question Paper of AIIMS from 2015 to 2019. The PDF is free and will help you to prepare well for your exam.

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About the subject

Biology is one of the major subjects for AIIMS students and they need to prepare well for their Biology exams. There is a wide range of topics and important concepts that are covered in Biology for AIIMS. The ideal preparation for the Biology exams requires the students to refer to users as well as reliable notes and resources. Vedantu is one of the leading online learning platforms that provide a host of resources and learning tutorials for students. The notes or learning material provided by Vedantu is highly accurate and it is referred by students to prepare for their exams.

Some of the different subjects that are covered in the Biology for AIIMS students include ‘Photosynthesis’, ‘Human health diseases’, ‘Ecosystem’, ‘Biological classification’,  ‘Sexual reproduction in flowering plants’, ‘Circulation of body fluids’, ‘Plant kingdom’, ‘Cell division’, and ‘Biodiversity & Conservation’ amongst others. These chapters have different weightage with some chapters having higher percent weightage than other chapters. However, the students need to prepare well for all the chapters if they want to score well in the exams.


The useful features of solved Question Papers provided by Vedantu

Vedantu is a leading platform with a wide range of learning material that provides the most reliable resource to students on the web. Some of the learning material provided by Vedantu includes learning notes, revision materials, exercises and solved Question Papers. This learning material is available for free of cost and can be downloaded from the website or app. The learning material from Vedantu provides the ideal preparation for the students for their exams.

  • The solved Biology Question Papers from Vedantu provide a comprehensive solution to all the relevant questions. These solutions provide the best template for the students in understanding the different questions, concepts and it is one of the best ways of preparing for exams.

  • These solutions are drafted by expert professionals who have excellent knowledge of the subject matter and thus they are highly reliable. Referring to these solutions helps the students in remembering the different concepts, terms, and it also helps with the revision of their chapters

  • These solved Question Papers contain concepts from all the chapters thus providing the students with the perfect summary of their syllabus. When students go through the different solved Question Papers, it gives them a broad idea of the type of questions that are asked in exams which is very helpful for the preparation.

FAQs on AIIMS 2016 Biology Question Paper with Solutions

1. Where do I find the solved AIIMS 2016 Biology Question Paper?

You can find the complete resources such as notes, exercises, and Question Paper Solutions on the Vedantu website and app. These resources are available for download for free. These resources are created by experts with incredible knowledge in the industry and thus the learning material provided by Vedantu is highly accurate and reliable. The students can benefit immensely when they refer to the study material, including solved Question Papers from Vedantu.

2. Why is referring to the solved Question Papers important for the AIIMS students?

The solved Question Papers contain all the chapters and topics that are included in the syllabus. When the students go through the different Question Paper Solutions they get equipped with all the essential notes and concepts that are likely to feature in the exams. This is why the teachers often recommend solving Question Papers, amongst other practices,  as preparation for the exams.

3. Can I rely on the solved Question Papers from Vedantu?

Yes, you can absolutely rely on all the learning material and resources provided by Vedantu including the solved Question Papers. These solutions are created by expert professionals with a deep knowledge of the subject and they take great care when formulating content for the students. The content provided by Vedantu is also constantly updated based on new information to keep it fresh as well as relevant for the students. 

4. What can I expect when referring to the solved Question Paper?

When you refer to the Question Paper Solutions from Vedantu, you can expect accuracy, reliability, and detailed explanation for the solutions wherever it is required. This helps the students in clearing their doubts and understanding the logic or reasoning behind the specified solution. This is immensely beneficial in understanding the concept, thus preparing the students for their exams in an effective manner. The solved Question Papers from different years are all available on the Vedantu website and app.

5. How should I prepare for my AIIMS Exams?

The AIIMS Exams are amongst the most coveted exams in the country and thus it is essential that students must prepare diligently for these exams. The students must study regularly and create notes of important subjects or topics for revision. They must also refer to the host of helpful online resources such as exercises, practice questions, and solved Question Papers that can potentially prepare them in the best way possible for the exams.