NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand

Class 7 English NCERT Textbook Solutions - Free PDF download

A fun language to study, English forms a crucial part of a student's psyche and education. Over the years, as they evolve, they begin to utilise English more and more in daily communication and work. One way they can improve their command over the language is through proper training at the school level. CBSE prescribes the book An Alien Hand as a text for English. The NCERT solutions for class 7 - An Alien Hand has been created by us, at Vedantu to help you successfully understand the subject via our solution book.


The class 7 English An Alien Hand is available as PDF solutions on our Vedantu website. There are a total of ten chapters in the book An Alien Hand. Similarly, we have broken down the solutions lesson by lesson so that you can access the chapters you wish to study and download the same.


After using the solutions you will be able to understand the subject much better, and it will help you in solving the examination papers with ease.


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