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NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English: An Alien Hand

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English (An Alien Hand) - Free PDF Download

Class 7 English An Alien Hand has a comprehensive syllabus comprising 10 chapters. These chapters are based on stories and other prose pieces written by famous authors. To understand the context of these chapters, download and refer to the 7th English An Alien Hand Solutions. Discover the ideal ways to attempt to answer the exercise questions to score more in the exams.

English is one of the main subjects of Class 7 CBSE. English is also the medium of instruction in many schools and colleges. Knowing the English language and learning it from the Class 7 level will make a huge difference in our speech and our average score. English holds many beautiful literary works, be it by Robert Frost or Shakespeare. To be able to understand and enjoy such literature, one needs to understand how to approach the language. 

NCERT includes English as an important subject right from the beginning. Students can systematically study the subject and grasp the usage of words through this. NCERT for Class 7 English is compiled by experts of the Board with beautiful literary works that stimulate the minds of the readers and allow them to gradually gain command over the language. Two books are prescribed for Class 7 English- ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘An Alien Hand’

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An Alien Hand

In the book Alien Hand of Class 7 English, students will read ten stories compiled in the book. Each of them has a different theme and shares a valuable life lesson to the readers.

An Alien Hand is a beautiful book that is a compilation of 10 stories handpicked by English experts. This is done keeping in mind the level of the students entering Class 7. The chapters are equally enticing as they are challenging. The students will be made to think and imagine outside the box and also communicate these elements, which is the main aim of learning a language. Students will also be exposed to many elements of English grammar like simile and metaphor, which enhances the reading and learning experience.

Nevertheless, one must have a clear idea about its syllabus before moving ahead, and the Class 7 English Alien Hand syllabus can aid in this regard. It provides clarity on the content of this book in a concise manner. These solutions are prepared by the subject-matter experts at Vedantu as per the guidelines for CBSE Class 7. These NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand make excellent study material for revision and self-study purposes. 

Subjects like Science, Maths, English, Social Science, Hindi, etc. will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 7 Science, Maths solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

One can quickly access the class 7 English Alien Hand syllabus from the official website of Vedantu in PDF format. Moreover, being a PDF document, one can carry it on any device and anywhere.

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English (An Alien Hand)

Class 7 English An Alien Hand

An Overview of CBSE Class 7 English Alien Hand Syllabus

The syllabus of Class 7 English Alien Hand includes 10 stories, and each of them narrates a different life lesson. The following section may help students get a better idea of every topic, and what they need to study to improve their final performance.

1.  The Tiny Teacher

CBSE syllabus for Class 7 English begins with this story about ants, their lifestyle, how they are born, and how they maintain discipline in their life. An ant's life is fascinating; this creature communicates using the antenna, works diligently to gather resources, train the younger ones, and maintain loyalty.

It also shed light on their reproduction process and their growth. Through this story, the author asks everyone to learn from these “tiny teachers” and implement them in their daily life.

2. Bringing Up Kari

Class 7 English syllabus CBSE second chapter is a story about an elephant named Kari and his keeper. This story is narrated from the author's point of view, who got Kari when he was five months old. He brought him up and taught him several things. Kari once saved a boy from drowning as well. This story further narrates the author's experience with his elephant.

3. The Desert

In this piece of the CBSE 7th An Alien Hand English syllabus, one gets to learn about life in the desert and how living beings adjust to the environment's requirements. It begins with an introduction of a desert and its aesthetics.

After that, the story explains how water shortage moulds the lifestyle of desert people, trees and animals. The associated exercise further helps aspirants to better their preparations.

4. The Cop and The Anthem

The fourth story of the CBSE 7th class English syllabus takes students through the life of Soapy, and a broke New Yorker who is struggling to find a shelter for winter. Even though he spends the whole year on a bench in Madison Square, it is not possible in winter. Hence, he decides to go to Blackwell's prison and start working accordingly.

5. Golu Grows a Nose

Class 7 English CBSE syllabus in its 5th story depicts the story of a baby elephant named Golu, who does not have a nose. The following story unfolds his experience due to a short nose and finds the answers to his questions through daily life experiences.

6. I Want Something in a Cage

In this story, students get to learn about the importance of freedom. Here they witness a conversation between a pet shop owner and a customer, where the latter buys a pair of doves and releases them afterwards. The customer worked hard at a port at a nominal payment, and now he understands the perils of staying in a cage. Hence, he let those doves free from the cage.

7. Chandni

This story from the Class 7 English An Alien Hand syllabus talks about Abbu Khan, who keeps goats as his pets. Moreover, he recently bought a goat named Chandni. The following story unfolds Chandni's struggle for freedom and her fight with a wolf.

8. The Bear Story

This is a story of a friendly bear, but the lady kept him in chains. The following story reflects how he got beaten for being disobedient, but he remained polite.

9. A Tiger in the House

In this chapter of the Class 7 English An Alien Hand syllabus, readers come across the story of a tiger cub named Timothy, who was domesticated by the author's grandfather. The following story reflects how he became dangerous as he grew old and was transferred to a zoo.

10. An Alien Hand

In this piece, students get to know about Tilloo and his family and their experience when an alien spacecraft comes to Mars. Tilloo accompanies his father there, and the story depicts his experience.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English- An Alien Hand

While preparing, the students need to be careful of deciphering and understanding what the author is trying to say. The students will have the freedom of interpreting the literature in their way only when they understand the little nuances of the English language. This is where Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for Class 7 English - An Alien at Hand comes to play. With properly organized answers for every question in the textbook, the set of solutions make the student’s work very simple. 


Reading through these answers will give a clearer picture to the students on how to answer the questions in the examination. Another important part of writing answers is the sequence of framing them. This can also be picked up through constant exposure to well-written answers which are available on Vedantu’s website. After going through all the solutions, one would also have a better understanding of the summary of the lesson, character analysis, and the general theme of the chapter.


Having said this, one should ensure that the textbook is first to read thoroughly before using the solutions instead of directly looking into the answers. The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English are a comprehensive cumulation of answers for all the chapters. Students will find the solutions very helpful while preparing for the examinations. One need not go looking for solutions to multiple sources, and all will be available with a single click on Vedantu. This would save a lot of time that is of great importance, especially while preparing for the exams.


Important Questions and Answers

Some important questions and answers from the Book An Alien Hand are as follows:

Q. For how long does it take for a grub to completely transform into an ant?

Ans. The grub will take three to six weeks to be a cocoon and then it will be an ant. 

Q. Who was Kari?

Ans. Kari was a five-month-old elephant.

Q. How can a Camel survive water for many days?

Ans. Camels sweat very little and thus the water which is retained by the Camel can last many days. 

Q. Why is Mr Purcell compared to an owl?

Ans. Mr Purcell looks like an owl when he sees through his glasses. 

Q. Why do Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away?

Ans. The goats wanted to be free, they did not want to be tied with strings and thus they wanted to run away. 


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Why Vedantu's NCERT solutions for Class 7 English- An Alien Hand?

A huge advantage of Vedantu’s solutions is that they are free of cost. Anybody can download them chapter-wise and refer to them. Downloading them as a PDF will also allow you to get back to them when offline, take them along with you on the go. With so many advantages and comforts, not making use of these facilities seems like a waste of resources!


If you would love to improve your scores in English and get a good hold of the subject, for both examinations and while talking or writing, make sure you study the NCERT thoroughly. More importantly, make sure you utilize the free solutions for Class 7 English ‘An Alien Hand’ from Vedantu. You can also take a look at the app for additional help and information.

Importance of Class 7 NCERT English An Alien Hand Book Answers

There are 10 chapters depicting 10 stories written by famous writers of different eras. The prime motive for adding these chapters to the Class 7 English An Alien Hand syllabus is to develop English comprehension and language skills among the students.

To understand the context of these chapters, students will need the assistance of completing English An Alien Hand notes for Class 7th. These notes should contain the exercise solutions for all the chapters. The presence of the answers to all exercise questions will ensure the smooth preparation of an exam syllabus.

These answers have been compiled by the subject experts of Vedantu by following the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines. The language and format of these answers have been kept simple for the easy comprehension of students. Studying these answers will aid students to follow the context of a chapter and find out how to precisely attempt fundamental questions accordingly.

All the chapters have been addressed by the experts to formulate separate files. It is easier to discover the files on this website and download them according to your study curriculum.

Advantages of Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand

  • The experts have formulated separate files for the chapters included in the Class 7 English An Alien Hand syllabus. It will help them to find the respective solution files according to their study needs.

  • Follow the answering format of these solutions to develop and enhance your answering skills. Learn to focus on these formats so that you can keep your answers to the point and can score more in the exams.

  • Resolve doubts related to the exercise questions and make your preparation sessions more productive. Learn how to attempt to answer such questions and use your exam time efficiently.

  • Develop your English comprehension skills by studying the answers given in the solutions. This is how you can stay ahead of the competition.

Download NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand PDF

Perform the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand PDF download according to the study curriculum and add the files to your study material. Prepare the chapters and use these solutions as an evaluation tool. Compare your answers to the solutions and find out where you need to work more. Develop your concepts on this subject and score more in the exams. 

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The Class 7 English An Alien Hand syllabus comprises ten captivating stories, each imparting unique life lessons. From the disciplined life of ants in "The Tiny Teacher" to the heartwarming bond between a boy and his elephant in "Bringing Up Kari," these stories explore diverse themes. As students delve into the narrative wonders of "The Desert," "The Bear Story," and "A Tiger in the House," they encounter tales of survival, friendship, and domestication. Vedantu's NCERT solutions provide comprehensive answers, aiding students in interpreting the literature effectively. These resources offer valuable insights, enabling students to grasp nuances, enhance writing skills, and excel in examinations.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English: An Alien Hand

1. How to Attain Better Marks in Class 7 English?

Strong preparation accompanied by a good grip of the subject can help students to get better grades. An Alien hand is an essential study material for this purpose, and since CBSE prepares it, one needs to follow it to ensure a good preparation. Also, comprehension sections include various questions from every section, which further helps with the preparation. Also, one can solve the model question papers available on the website of leading e-learning platforms can also help in this case.

2. Why an ant's Life peaceful?

According to the author of ''The Tiny Teacher,'' an ant lives a peaceful life because it works hard and diligently and lives life without any interference. While reading this story, students will learn how ants use their antennae to communicate with others of their species. It further dives into the life of an ant, and every step of it. It also says how human beings can learn so much from these creatures, but they do not. Moreover, the exercise and comprehension section further helps students to learn more about these tiny living beings.

3. What is the Message Conveyed Through ''The Tiny Teacher''?

''The Tiny Teacher'' is a story of a creature that one sees every day, but almost knows nothing about. This story reflects light on their hard work, cleanliness, restraint, loyalty and care for their younger ones. Ants are small, yet their dedication towards their work is commendable. In this story, students get to learn about their lives and how sincere and disciplined they are. The author wants to emphasize that, if anyone follows the discipline and hard-working life of an ant, that person can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

4. What is An Alien Hand English?

An Alien Hand is one of the two books published by NCERT and prescribed by CBSE for English in Class 7. An Alien Hand is a supplementary reader meant to help students develop language skills through reading various interesting chapters. It follows the exam pattern and the latest syllabus provided by CBSE. The book contains a total of 10 chapters, each discussing different moral values that students should learn as a part of their education.

5. Is Class 7 English An Alien Hand Easy?

Being one of the main subjects throughout one’s educational period, Alien Hand English is a subject everyone must score well in. It is a well-known fact that students who prepare and practice well before their exams are able to easily score well in subjects. Similarly, regular reading and answer writing practice can help you ace the subject without any difficulty. A thorough reading of all chapters will help you achieve the highest marks in your Alien Hand English exam.

6. Why should I refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand?

Writing answers that can fetch you appropriate marks in your English exam can be difficult if you are unable to comprehend the questions or write descriptive answers. This is where referring to NCERT Solutions can help. Vedantu provides students with well-explained answers that cover all important details and also exhibit the appropriate manner of writing presentable and descriptive answers. Refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand and download free PDFs for help regarding answer writing before your exam.

7. Where can I find NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand?

Vedantu provides NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand for students who need some extra assistance in developing a thorough understanding of the concepts taught in each chapter in Class 7 English. Find NCERT Solutions by visiting the page NCERT Solutisons for Class 7 English An Alien Hand that have been framed by subject experts to help students establish a firm grip on the subject and be able to achieve the highest marks in their Class 7 English An Alien Hand exam. 

8. How many chapters are in the book an Alien Hand Class 7?

There are 10 chapters in NCERT Class 7 English - An Alien Hand Chapter-wise Solutions, including Chapter 1 - The Tiny Teacher, Chapter 2 - Bringing Up Kari, Chapter 3 - The Desert, Chapter 4 - The Cop And The Anthem, Chapter 5 - Golu Grows A Nose, Chapter 6 - I Want Something In A Cage, Chapter 7 - Chandni, Chapter 8 - The Bear Story, Chapter 9 - A Tiger In The House and Chapter 10 - An Alien Hand.