NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science

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NCERT Class 6 Science Solutions PDF Download

NCERT Solutions are an incredible resource while preparing for school examinations. Vedantu offers NCERT Solution for Class 6 Science which is prepared by a team of expert teachers. This examination material includes solutions to all the chapters’ exercise problems. NCERT Solutions for Class 6th Science provides students with comprehensive information of all the crucial concepts. The solutions are available in a free PDF format. Students must download this exceptional resource to perform well in exams.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Define Seeds and Sprouted Seeds.

Ans. A seed is the part of a plant which can develop into another plant. It has the intensity of germination. A seed is encased by a hard covering called the seed coat. When a seed begins growing after a specific time, we call that phase of germination. This is known as grown seeds. Sprouts start as dry beans or seeds. Sprouted Seed are seeds that have sprouted and turn out to be youthful plants. This germination cycle ordinarily starts with the seeds being drenched in water for a few hours. The splashed seeds are then presented to the correct blend of temperature and dampness.

Q2. Why do we Need Food? Do all Living Beings Need the Same Kind of Food?

Ans. Food is required by life forms for many reasons. Foods contain different supplements which are needed by our body for development and advancement. Food gives us the energy to perform different daily activities. Food assists with securing the body against different ailments and diseases. Various creatures eat various types of food according to their body structure and inner organs. Based on the sort of food they eat, creatures are isolated into three essential classes:

Herbivores: Animals which feed on plants and plant items are called herbivores. Example: bovine, goat, elephant, deer, etc.

Carnivores: Animals which feed on different creatures are called carnivores. Example: lion, tiger, fox, etc.

Omnivores: Animals which feed on both plant and animal matters. Example: birds, dogs, bears, etc.

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