NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 21 Angulimaal

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Class 6 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions for Chapter 21 Angulimaal

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NCERT Solutions Class 6 Chapter 21 are prepared by the highly experienced teachers at Vedantu to help students in solving the NCERT exercises and prepare for their exams in a better way. These NCERT Solutions explain the entire chapter to students in a systematic manner making it easier for them to learn. NCERT Solutions Class 6 Chapter 12 is prepared by our teachers in a very meticulous manner keeping all aspects like the weightage, question pattern of exams, in mind. These NCERT Solutions help students to revise the chapter effectively before their exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 21 Angulimaal part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who was Angulimal? How Did He Get His Name?

Ans: Angulimal was a very ruthless killer. He used to live in the deep forests. He used to torture and kill those people who entered the jungle. He made the jungle his territory. He did not want anyone to enter his territory so he used to kill people to spread the fear so that no one would come into the jungle. He was so cruel that after killing a person he used to cut the fingers of the victim and make a necklace of it which he used to wear and roam around. Anguli means fingers and mal means necklace.

2. How was Lord Budhha able to Change the Heart of Angulimal?

Ans: When Buddha went to the Angulimal forest, villagers were anxious and told Buddha not to go as there lived a cruel Angulimal. When Angulimal came to know about Buddha entering the forest he was very angry and looked for Lord Buddha. Buddha greeted him with love and kindness. Angulimal had never experienced such feelings. Buddha told him to bring 4 leaves from a tree. When Angulimal brought the leaves Buddha told him to put these leaves back on the tree as they were before. The animal was startled. Buddha explained how one must not do things that cannot be reversed.