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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 5 - Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

NCERT solutions Class 6 Hindi Chitrakoot Mein Bharat is provided on this page with a brief explanation of the questions covered in this chapter.  These NCERT solutions are available in pdf format. With the help of this, students can easily understand the main concept of the chapter and can attain all questions of this chapter in the exams. These important questions-based solutions are set up by experienced teachers. To obtain more marks in Hindi, download CBSE NCERT solution of Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 5 pdf through the link provided for the same below. 


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 Hindi - Bal Ram Katha

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Chapter 5 - Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 5 Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

Download NCERT Solutions For Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Free PDF 

With the help of Vedantu's Class 6 Bal Ram Katha Chapter 5 solution, students can get the main textual knowledge, as well as they can solve the exercise's questions. The important questions which often appear in the exams are enlisted and described comprehensively by the experts.

CBSE students should have a strong grip on text knowledge that enables them to have better results. It will enable the students to perceive the chapter completely and help them to understand the real facts of the chapter. Learning with the NCERT solutions for Class 6th Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 5 which are given by Vedantu, students can attain all the questions and related questions in the examination hall. 

Chitrakoot Mein Bharat Class 6 NCERT solutions PDF is also available here and can be accessed online and offline for free . Download the Class 6 Hindi Chapter 5 Chitrakoot Mein Bharat pdf just by tapping on the pdf link given below 

Glimpses of Class 6 Hindi Bal Ram Katha Chapter 5 – Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

In Class 6 Bal Ram katha Chapter 5 is Chitrakoot Mein Bharat. From this chapter, mainly analytical or descriptive types of questions often strike in the exam. So, it is necessary to have a good understanding of this chapter. The chapter consists mainly of the ancient Hindu Mythology tale of "Ramayana". In this part, the main concept is based on the intense fondness between two brothers, Ram and Bharat. From this chapter, students can learn about the necessity of the value of unity and compassion among human beings.

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  • 100% accurate answers are written as per the CBSE guidelines.

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How Would Vedantu Study Material Help Students?

Vedantu's NCERT solutions Class 6 Hindi Chitrakoot Mein Bharat are available for all the students  formulated by experienced teachers. Not only for school students, but they also provide study materials for different courses. They try to explain any concepts from any subjects from the roots. There are experienced teachers from renowned industries who try to deliver a student-friendly atmosphere during tuition to make the chapter easy to understand, rather than making it a burden. 

They briefly discussed the main context with explanation, then they gave all the important questions and answers that enable students to easily clear the exam. Solutions are 100% accurate and are written without any grammatical errors that enable the student to study the ample knowledge perfectly.  

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Chapter 5 - Chitrakoot Mein Bharat

1. What type of question comes from the chapter?

From this topic 'chitrakoot Mein Bharat' mainly long types questions or analytical questions come in the exam. As the topic is about the ancient history of the famous character 'Ramayana'. Short types of questions do not come in the exam , instead analytical or descriptive types questions are often asked in the exam. So to prepare for the exam smoothly, one has to cover the whole portion attentively.

2. In the chapter ‘Chitrakoot mein bharat' how does Bharat express his brotherhood to Ram?

We all know about the intense love between Ram and Bharat in the 'Ramayana'.So when Ram was kicked out from his own kingdom by his father Dasharath, he decided to stay in the jungle for 14 years. Here his brother Bharat shows a profound respect and care for his elder brother ,and went to stay with him and he does not want him to leave him alone ,so he accompanied his elder brother for the rest of his life. Here every one noticed there was a strong brotherhood between them.

3. What dream did Bharata see in his Nanihal?

Bharat had a terrible and unfortunate dream. He saw in a dream that the oceans have dried up and the moon has fallen to earth. He saw a demoness dragging his father. His father had been sitting on the chariot and the donkeys were pulling it. Discussing this dream with his friends, Bharat said that he doesn't know the interpretation of his dream but he was afraid of some bad occurrence.

4. What change did Bharat see in the city of Ayodhya?

After coming back from Nanihal, Bharat saw the city of Ayodhya from afar. The city did not seem normal to him. The city looked like it had changed a lot. The fear of evil deepened in his mind. He wondered if this place was not his Ayodhya. He was desperate to know what had happened to it. He sensed that the roads were deserted and the gardens were sad. Even the birds were not chirping. Bharat was perplexed by the city's depressing silence.

5. Why did Bharata decide to go to the forest

Bharata did not agree in any way to take over the throne of Ayodhya. He decides to go to Chitrakoot forest to bring back Ram. Along with him, Vashishtha, the townspeople and the Chaturangini army of Ayodhya set out for the forest. At that time, Ram crossed the Ganges and reached Chitrakoot. There he had made his foliage on a hill, some distance away from Maharishi Bharadwaj's ashram. After spending the night in the ashram, everyone headed towards that hill the next morning. Bharata's eagerness to meet his brother increased. Seeing Ram from afar, he runs and falls at his feet.

6. Where can I find the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi, Bal Ram Katha, Chapter 5? 

To find NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi, Bal Ram Katha, Chapter 5, refer to Vedantu's NCERT Solutions. It provides free solutions both on its website and on its mobile app. It provides the best NCERT solution compilation for this chapter and is extremely helpful in scoring good marks. If you get stuck while solving NCERT questions, these solutions will help you to obtain a better understanding of the chapter and will also help you to write quality, well structured, crisp answers for this chapter in the Hindi exam.

7. How do I prepare Class 6 Hindi, Bal Ram Katha, Chapter 5?

First of all, read this chapter from the NCERT, focussing more on the plot, message, theme and characters. Understand the events of the chapter in the form of a story to retain it longer. Then, solve the NCERT questions at the end of the chapter with the help of Vedantu's NCERT Solutions. Most of your doubts will get cleared at this stage. Last but not the least, practise answer writing by giving timed mock tests based on this chapter. If you follow this strategy, you too can become a Hindi topper.