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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 10 - Strange Talk

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 10 Poem - Strange Talk Free PDF Download

In English Chapter 10 - Strange Talk, we explore interesting conversations that seem a bit unusual. We discover funny and surprising ways people express themselves. It's a fun chapter where we learn about different ways of talking and how language can be playful. Get ready for giggles and curious conversations in 'Strange Talk'! It is always best to learn from the professionals. And when it comes to education, nothing could be better than availing NCERT solutions for each subject from the Vedantu app. If you are looking for a Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 10 Poem, you can get all the solutions on the Vedantu app. Visit the website and look out for Class 2 English Notes Straight Talk or write Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 10 Poem, and you will find the chapter along with questions and answers.


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Chapter 10 Poem - Strange Talk


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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 10 Poem Strange Talk

Class 2 Poem English Chapter 10: Free PDF Download

Class 2 Poem Straight Talk Marigold

NCERT solutions Class 2 poem English Ch 10 can be found on Vedantu’s website. To read the questions and answers offline, you can also download the PDF. The NCERT solutions are available on the website around the clock. The solutions enable the students to have a better and thorough understanding of the chapters with appropriate questions and answers. All the notes and links of English Class 2 straight talk can be found in the app. Learn all the notes of Class 2 poem Chapter 10 thoroughly and have a great preparation for the exam. The solutions are well structured and explained in a detailed manner. 

Chapter 10 Straight Talk- A Summary 

This chapter is a poem that gives readers information about different kinds of animals like frogs, pigs, ducks, and puppies. It also states information about their habitats and sounds. Animals like frog, pig, duck, and puppies live in pond, sty, waterside, and kennel respectively. It says that the frog croaks, the pig does wee-wee, the duck goes quack, and puppies go bow-wow. This poem is about a frog, duck, pig, and a pup and about the places in which they live and the sounds that they make. The narrator of the poem has recreated the poem in a form of a story. It also states a fact where the narrator wonders that if animals spoke as much as the kids then it would make a lot of noise. 

Solutions- Straight Talk Class 2 Notes

Reading is Fun

Question 1:

Are these sentences true or false?

  • A pig cried aloud, “Wee-wee”.

  • A little green frog said, “Quack-quack”

  • A duck only said, “ Croak-croak”

  • A little pig loved to make a row.


  • True

  • False

  • False

  • False

Let’s Talk

  1. Seema talks a lot and her brother calls her talkative. Do you think Seema should talk-

  • When the teacher is teaching in the Class?

Answer: No, Seema should not talk when the teacher is teaching in the Class.

  • On the playground?

Answer: Yes, Seema can talk in the playground.

  • While she is eating?

Answer: No, while eating Seema should not talk.

  • When Mother asks her about what happened in school?

Answer: Yes she should talk and tell her mother about everything that happened in the school.

Let’s Write

Question 1

Complete the questions with the word in the box-

Will Can What How Where When

  • _____________ is your name?

  • _____________ old are you?

  • _____________ do you play?

  • _____________ do you live?


  1. What is your name?

  2. How old are you?

  3. When do you play?

  4. Where do you live?

Question 2

Tick the correct word.

  • We did not (shoot/ shout) in the Class

Answer: We did not shout in the Class. 

  • Do you like to drink (water/ voter)?

Answer: Do you like to drink water?

  • He (tired/ tried) to climb the tree.

Answer: He tried to climb the tree.

  • Will you (pleace/ please) help me?

Answer: Will you please help me?

  • I can (see/ sea) with my eyes?

Answer: I can see with my eyes. 

Question 3

Make sentences using the following words.

  1. Is __________________________

Answer: The name of my favourite flower is Rose

  1. Are _________________________

Answer: There are ten chocolates in the box.

  1. Have ________________________

Answer: I have a blue dress.

  1. Has _________________________

Answer: Jim has a cat

  1. Had _________________________

Answer: We had a glass of juice in the morning.

Question 4:

Write five lines on My Pet

  1. I have a pet dog.

  2. His name is Jimmy

  3. He is very loyal and sweet

  4. He plays with me all the time 

  5. He is my best friend.

Class 2 English Poem Chapter 10- Marks Weightage

Chapter 10, Strange Talk is a poem that informs the students about various forms of animal sounds and their habitats. The poet in a very simplistic approach has stated the importance of effective communication. He also wondered at the end of the poem that if an animal starts talking as much as the kids then how much noise would it make. Hence the importance of the chapter is undeniable. However, the students need to understand that all the chapters in English are equally important and carries equal marks weight. The best option to secure a high score is to read all the chapters thoroughly with equal importance and attention. This would benefit the student with overall improvement.

Benefits of NCERT solutions Class 2 English Chapter 10

The NCERT Solutions of Class 2 English Chapter 10 will benefit the children in numerous ways which are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive learning of the chapter

  2. Expert guidance online

  3. Chapter-wise solved questions and answers

  4. Better preparation for the exam

Important Questions and Answers from Class 2 Poem English Chapter 10

Q1. What sound did the frog make?

Answer: The frog said, Croak-croak”

Q2. Where did the pig live?

Answer: The pig lived in the sty. 

A variety of short and simple questions can come from this chapter. To get an idea of such questions and their answers, you must download notes of Class 2 poem Chapter 10 by Vedantu.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 2 English Chapter 10

The NCERT Solutions of Class 2 English Chapter 10 will benefit the children in numerous ways which are: Exploring Chapter 10 - 'Strange Talk' becomes exciting with comprehensive learning and expert online guidance.

The detailed solutions to chapter-wise questions offer clarity, making preparation for the Class 2 exam enjoyable. For example, understanding strange conversations becomes easy with guided explanations. It's like having a friendly teacher explaining how words can be funny and surprising. This approach ensures better preparation as we delve into the playful side of language.

So, with expert guidance and thorough learning, we turn 'Strange Talk' into an engaging and enriching learning experience for Class 2 students.


Getting ready for Class 2 exams is easy with NCERT Solutions. First, read the chapter carefully, then solve the NCERT questions for Class 2 English Chapter 10 - 'Strange Talk.' Vedantu offers free, detailed solutions following CBSE guidelines. Download them to guide your exam preparation. In this chapter, we explore interesting conversations, learning how people talk in whispers, shouts, or even giggle-talk. We discover expressing feelings and having fun with words. It's a delightful lesson about the joy of talking in different ways, making language exciting for us, Class 2 learners!

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 10 - Strange Talk

1. How should I learn Ch 10 Class 2 English poem?

Learn the Ch 10 with the help of Vedantu’s NCERT solutions. 

2. What does Ch 10 Class 2 English poem teach us?

The poem teaches us that effective communication is essential for a peaceful life. Animals speak in their language and we humans speak in our language. They speak in the language that we don’t understand. But if they start talking in the language of little girls and boys then there would be nothing but noise.

3. What animals are discussed in the poem Strange Talk?

CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 2 poem is called Strange Talk. Here, the poet discusses various animals like frogs, puppies, ducks and pigs. Further, it goes on to tell us where these different varieties of animals live and kinds of habitats. The author talks about individual animal sounds as well. This poem is narrated like a story making it easier for the students to gather the information. For more information on this poem, you can visit Vedantu’s website for easy solutions. The NCERT solutions for this chapter are available free of cost both on Vedantu website and Vedantu app.

4. What information is given in Strange Talk?

The poem Strange Talk gives out information about various animals. It says that animals like frogs, pigs, ducks, and puppies live in ponds, sty, watersides, and kennels respectively. It describes the sounds that the different animals make. It says that the pig does wee-wee, the frog croaks, ducks do quack, and puppies make the sound bow-wow. This information is narrated in a style that is different from that of a poem. The narrator makes it more story-like and includes all necessary information properly.

5. What sound does a frog make?

Frogs are amphibians that can live both in water and on land. Here, the narrator has said the frogs are mostly seen in the lakes and the sound they make is “croak-croak”. This sound is very commonly heard during the rainy season in our surroundings when frogs come out in the land or stay in the wetlands making this croaking sound. You can refer to Vedantu’s website for knowing more about this chapter.

6. What would have happened if animals spoke?

The narrator, in the poem Strange Talk, explains about the sounds of the animals like pigs, frogs, puppies or ducks. Now, these animals might make specific sounds but they do not speak or talk like us humans. The narrator says that it is good that they do not speak like humans, which would have resulted in a lot more noise in our surroundings. He compared it to kids speaking because kids speak a lot and make a lot of noise.

7. Where can I get the solutions for the Chapter 10 Class 2 English poem?

You can find the solutions for Chapter 10 Class 2 English poems online. You need to have an internet connection and after that, you don't have to worry. You can simply search for Vedantu’s website and then be directed to the subject according to your class and needs. There, you will find the solutions of NCERT and also the chapter wise summary for your reference. This will provide you with the best and easiest answers to all your chapter exercises.