Save Water Save Life Essay for Class 3 Students

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Essay on Save Water Save Life for Class 3 Students

Among the different kinds of practices and exercises in the English subject, essay writing is an essential section where every student reflects his/her imagination power and combines words to write a piece. Writing a short piece on a particular topic shows how deeply a student can think and find the exact words related to the context. This essay written by the experts will aid in developing critical thinking and teach how to write a beautiful essay on the above-mentioned topic.

Save Water, Save Life

Every living being needs water and air to stay alive. Water is very necessary for the existence of life on our planet. The major part of our planet’s surface is covered with water. Every animal or plant is dependent on the source of water nearby. The land animals and plants depend on freshwater. 

We use potable water or drinkable water for different purposes. It is the most important factor for human civilization to settle down. We have read in the history lessons that the old civilizations developed in the river banks. Our map also shows that the population is denser in the river banks.

Living organisms need water to maintain the vital balance in their bodies. We also use water for cooking, cleaning, washing, etc every day in our home. It is also used for different processes in the factories for making goods. Water is also used for growing crops and other food sources. Water has been the prime reason for choosing a particular location to settle down since the dawn of civilization. In the present time, we are facing a lot of trouble due to the misuse of water resources. 

Saving water resources is very important. The major part of the urban cities in the world is facing a huge water crisis due to excessive use of freshwater resources. The lack of proper water supply can damage our wellbeing. The sources are reducing every day due to landfill and construction. The groundwater level has gone down. Rainwater is not collected in the water table underground. The factories are dumping their waste into the rivers and harming the animals and plants. This dirty water reaches the sea and damaging marine wildlife. 

Most of the populated cities are facing a huge water crisis. We need to conserve water to meet the demand. Many steps are being taken to conserve water. Students are learning how to save water and promote the idea. Factories are recycling waste to save the rivers. People should be aware of and stop wasting water. Schools and students should create awareness and let everyone realize the importance of water in our lives. We need to learn the benefits of water and use it properly in the future. We need safe drinking water to survive. We also need to preserve the wildlife in the marine and freshwater sources. It is time to learn how to use water properly and stop misusing it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why ‘Save Water Save Life’ essay is important?

Students of Class III should research and learn the importance of water and find out how to save it. Water is important for every human settlement to survive. Every city is suffering from the misuse of freshwater resources. Writing an essay on this topic will help the students to go deeper and learn the importance of water. Water pollution and depleting levels of the resources are two of the biggest threats humans are suffering. In order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, students need to learn how to save water. This essay will help them to understand on the root level.

2. How this essay will help a student score?

The composition of this essay is formulated by the experts of Vedantu. The proper formatting and inclusion of the facts will help the students learn about the current scenario. It will also help them to configure and write an essay on this topic all by themselves. Following the format and content, a student will be able to grab the concept of how to formulate an essay methodically and give his/her best in the exams. The experts also have maintained the level of English and vocabulary for the students of the respective class.

3. How the skills of a student will increase by following this essay?

Our experts are well experienced in writing essays for the respective classes. Following the intelligence and vocabulary level of the students, they have maintained the understanding level of this essay properly. A student can easily learn how to write an essay from the above-written piece. Following the essays written by Vedantu experts, a student will grow excellent writing skills and can score excellently in the exams in the future.