All That Glitters is Not Gold Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on All That Glitters is Not Gold for Class 7 Students

Educating young minds regarding morals and ethics are very important for them to lead a confident and self-sufficient life. With the growing competition, every day students are prone to be a victim of a lot of negative factors. Therefore it is important to teach students lessons to life through proverbs. Vedantu has provided here a small essay on the proverb - ‘All that glitters is not gold’. It explains the true meaning of the proverb along with giving abundant example regarding the same. It explains the meaning of the proverb and its importance in our life. Read below to understand the same.

All That Glitter is Not Gold

‘All that glitters is not gold!’ is the original form of this expression. The glitter version eventually overshadowed the original and is now globally used. The great artist Willian Shakespeare was the first writer to show that shiny things aren’t necessary to be a precious one, in his play, A Merchant of Venice, 1956.

There is deep meaning hidden in this saying. There are uncountable substances found in this universe, even plenty of them yet to be discovered but just pretended by the scientists. It shows the style in some subjects. Gold is the purest substance on the planet. This style fascinates us, but after a while, we found that the substance is not a valuable one. Gold is having a unique unmatchable quality of shining. So, if you think everything which is shining is gold, then you might be somewhere wrong. 

At the beginning of life, safety from the surrounding is always included in grandparents’ advice. Their great experiences force them to warn us. They said, ‘There is no shortage of cruel people in our world, even 5 people behind 1 good person, the world travels with such an equation. The great Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj also preached to the people,’ if you are careful, the enemy cannot do you any harm. Recognized the humanity inside the human rather than its external personality, because, sword though not shining, can subdue many enemies.’

Every one of us learned the story of a turtle and a rabbit in childhood. The hare was quick and smart while on the other hand, the turtle was slows and dumb. The situation was very contradictory between both of them. If anyone was watching this story through videography media, he would envious of hare’s personality. And on the other side, the turtle was not that enthusiastic about the race at all and just wanted to complete the race unwillingly. But, the concluding part of the story reflects the results. Though the turtle was not that great, it still won. Because he believes in slow and steady wins the race. The attraction of the hare was not of any use. This story was the perfect example of the phrase ‘all that glitters are not gold’.

The poor and needy villagers are always attracted towards the smart cities. They think that the towns are well established and the best place in the world to live in. Frequently, the youngsters leave their parents farming business and join a multinational company. But then he got to know that, it is such a stupid idea because the towns have their own parameters to live. The villages are full of oxygen and with pollution, population and headache. While in cities the daily life starts with frustration in mind and day suffered in surviving. So, the glitter of the city dragged him away, but the youngster left the good soul like a village. The moral was we need to think a hundred times before you are tempted by anything because in the end ‘not all the glitches are gold.’

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does the proverb - ‘All that glitters is not gold’ mean?

The proverb -  ‘All that glitters is not gold’ mean that the attractive external appearance of anything is not a reliable indication of its true nature. People should wait become they make any conclusions.

2. How does the proverb ‘All that glitters is not gold’ have an effect in our everyday life?

The proverb is trying to convey that people and objects should not be judged by its outside appearance. Instead, we should wait for the actuality of the person or the situation to open up before making our opinions.

3. What are the steps to write a good essay?

Following are the steps to write a good essay: 

  • Read divers books

  • Write about different topics

  • While writing essay make a list of the points first

  • Build your essay around those points

  • Make sure your essay has a beginning, middle and end. 

4. Where can I find reliable essays according to my school curriculum?

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