My Dream Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on My Dream for Class 3 Students

The Essay on “ My Dream” has been prepared by our expert teachers at Vedantu to help you with your essay about my dream. These are drafted in a structured way and very simple language for you to understand. You have to be ambitious in order to be successful. 

The Essay My Dream in English for Class 3

Everyone has their own dream in life and they work hard to achieve it. And, some people dream of becoming famous, popular and rich. Many people think of serving society by taking inspiration from many famous personalities like Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, etc. 

All the kids should know that "When you give more importance and priority to your dreams and ambitions even before your fears then you see that miracles happening". Dreams are actually necessary but it would only happen when you start dreaming big with your whole heart. Only this will make you achieve big dreams. As kids dream of getting good marks, to make good friends, get support from parents and buy video games. 

Just like others, even I have a dream of improving my career from a young age. My wish is to become a famous writer and want to publish a novel. I was never good at talking orally but I’ll have to improve my writing skills. It is my nature that I do not like to be frustrated even if somebody tells me anything. I choose to remain silent during such situations. It is not that I can not answer but as I said "I choose" because I am a peaceful person. I am also a little introverted and do not like to interact with everyone by opening hearts. It is not good and suggested to have an open heart and show feelings as it could cause you tension.

Besides writing about various events happening in my day to day life on a regular basis, I also like writing stories and soon I will write my own novel. My parents are my best helper about my career.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Que 1: Why are Dreams Important?

Ans: Dreams are prime for physical health, mental health and emotional well-being. All of us dream, few of us will word really hard to achieve our dreams. Based on different stages of life, we change our dreams and aims. When we are in school, we dream of getting good grades and becoming topper of the class. When you move to your higher studies, you dream of getting a good job and a good salary package. So, it is really important to dream.

Que 2: What are the Benefits of Dreams?

Ans: Dreams will make you ambitious, they are your motivators in life. They always help you to be active to reach your position what and where you want to be.