My Mother Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on My Mother for Class 3 Students

Essays play a crucial role in every child’s life especially when they are at a very tender age. Writing an essay can help to develop a child’s imagination power and creativity. So, teach your kid today how to write a short essay and articulate their thoughts and feelings about a particular topic. 

This following essay about ‘My Mother’ will help all the Class 3 kids out there. Written by our highly qualified subject matter experts, these study materials will successfully serve as study material for all the Class 3 students and their parents. You can download the Vedantu app for further assistance.

My Mother

Every child is special to their mother and so is me to my mom. My mother’s name is Seema Banerjee. She is a gynaecologist by profession. She works at the ABC Hospital in Bangalore. She works really hard. My mother is also my superhero. She inspires me a lot in every aspect of my life.

Besides her job, she looks after the entire family. My family is consisting of five members in total, my mom, dad, and my paternal grandparents. My mom wakes up every morning and gets me ready for school. My dad prepares breakfast. He helps my mom in many household chores as both of them are working.

Apart from her work and household chores, she helps me with my study and homework. She helps my dad and grandparents to take every important decision in their lives. 

She always prays for our health and takes care of us when we are unwell like the way she takes care of her patient. I also want to be a doctor when I grow up. She is my role model. I always pray to God for her health and well being. 

In a nutshell, there’s a shadow of God lying upon every mother. They are the real pillar of strength behind every child’s success.