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My Dream Essay in English for Class 3 Students

Essay on My Dream for Class 3 Students

Last updated date: 23rd Mar 2023
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The Essay on “My Dream” has been prepared by our expert teachers at Vedantu to help you with your essay about my dream. These are drafted in a structured way and very simple language for you to understand. You have to be ambitious in order to be successful. 


The Essay My Dream in English for Class 3

Everyone has their own dream in life and they work hard to achieve it. And, some people dream of becoming famous, popular and rich. Many people think of serving society by taking inspiration from many famous personalities like Mother Teresa, Abdul Kalam, etc. 


All the kids should know that "When you give more importance and priority to your dreams and ambitions even before your fears then you see that miracles happening". Dreams are actually necessary but it would only happen when you start dreaming big with your whole heart. Only this will make you achieve big dreams. As kids dream of getting good marks, making good friends, getting support from parents, and buying video games. 


Just like others, even I have a dream of improving my career from a young age. My wish is to become a famous writer and want to publish a novel. I was never good at talking orally but I’ll have to improve my writing skills. It is my nature that I do not like to be frustrated even if somebody tells me anything. I choose to remain silent during such situations. It is not that I can not answer but as I said "I choose" because I am a peaceful person. I am also a little introverted and do not like to interact with everyone by opening my heart. It is not good and suggested to have an open heart and show feelings as it could cause you tension.


Besides writing about various events happening in my day-to-day life on a regular work basis, I also like writing stories and soon I will write my own novel. My parents are the best helper in my career.


How can we Achieve our Dreams?

There are many ways one can work towards achieving a dream. Here are some simple steps for you:

  1. Think: Before beginning a task, make up your mind why you wish to do it. If a dream gives us the happiness of the heart, it is good to fulfill them. 

  2. Talk to your Elders: One may find it difficult to realize a dream without any guidance. But there are always the right people who can help you. Teachers, parents, elder siblings, and even friends can give you feedback. Explain what you want to achieve with your dream. Seek help.

  3. Make Plans: One can write down all the things required to make a dream come true. Writing down helps to create clear goals.

  4. Practice and Prepare:  A child may want to study more, get a degree or practice their cricket skills. Whatever the dream, it is possible with hard work.

  5. Mental Skills: Sometimes one does achieve results right away. Never lose hope. When we work on a dream for a long time, dreams come true.


Example of a Great Dream

Here we share one interesting example of a dreamer who went on to achieve his dream. 


There was once a unique child named Mohan. He was a happy child with many older siblings. His father was a respected man in the village, while his mother was very loved. He would not usually perform very well in his studies. It was difficult for him to score well in all subjects. As he was more fond of the other day-to-day activities of the village, his father sometimes worried about his grades. But Mohan would not feel let down by all these things. Because he was a dreamer. He dreamt of all good things. Respect, love, happiness, and a noble way of living. He would often watch plays at a local theatre. He was fond of stories and folktales that taught him nobility. However, things became difficult as he grew. He would see poverty and suffering in people's lives. Because he had seen the unhappiness of people around him, he was determined to help his people, but finding means to help such a large number of people was not easy. He decided to study more. He went to college and studied all that he could. 


Once on his way to the city, traveling by a local train, he was thrown out for no clear reason. His basic rights were denied. This is when he decided to become a lawyer who stands for the rights of a common man. He provided free service and help to all the people he could. He lived a simple living. Money was scarce. But his dreams of giving happiness and respect to his people continued to live. Today he is known as the ‘Father of the nation’. We are talking about none other than Mahatma Gandhi!


Get more ideas about this topic and find out how the experts have written this essay in a beautiful way. Express your dreams in an organized way to score more in the exams. Refer to Vedantu to learn how to write essays at this level and enroll in competitions to win. 

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FAQs on My Dream Essay in English for Class 3 Students

1. Why are Dreams Important?

Dreams are prime for physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being. All of us dream, few of us work to achieve them. Based on different stages of life, we change our dreams and aims. When we are in school, we dream of getting good grades and becoming the topper of the class. When you move to your higher studies, you dream of getting a good job and a good salary package. So, it is really important to dream. 

2. What are the Benefits of Dreams?

Dreaming is an important part of successful living. Many people who achieve happiness and peace had dreamt of something socially productive and personally fulfilling at some point in their lives. As we grow older, we may face many dilemmas (problems) and failures. In such a situation, one can find positivity, faith, and inspiration through one’s dreams. And of all the dreams we think of, dreams of childhood are the most important as they create a long-lasting impression. Another benefit of dreaming as children is it helps us grow healthily by keeping us mentally involved in good activities and always driving us towards happiness.

3. Do adults dream?

Yes, adults, like children, also dream. Most adults, such as the elder siblings, parents, and even the people we meet in our school, community, and surroundings are actively dreaming about their lives and their future. Often, the dreams of their childhood are expanded and given new meanings as they grow into adults. One can often find young adults talking fondly about their ambitions and plans. This creates even more value around why we as children should nurture our dreams.

4. Can animals dream?

Most animals like cats and dogs cannot tell us about their mental state. But this is an interesting question that has been bugging the minds of even scientists for a long time. In the beginning, humans fully believed that animals do not need or have important motivators in life. Humans thought of animals as beings who cannot dream. However, a newer study tells us that while they do not nurture ambitions/dreams of becoming a pilot or a painter, they do have dream-like thoughts while they sleep. One shall learn more as science progresses.

5. Should I share my dreams with anyone?

Yes, there should be no fear or judgment involved when we hear about someone else’s dreams or talk about our dreams. Most dreams feel like they are not possible before they are fulfilled. Often, they sound silly and impractical. This should not force you to not talk about them to your loved ones, or friends in school. Most children discuss their dreams and desires even when it seems impossible to achieve. As friends and siblings, we always want to give hope and positivity to those around us.