My Family Essay in English for Class 3 Students

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Essay on My Family for Class 3 Students

Developing skills in a different language needs various kinds of practices and exercises. One of the best exercises teachers like to assign to the students is essay writing. The topics are generally based on real-life incidents or something the students can learn from. One such topic is ‘my family’. The experts of Vedantu have created a beautiful piece to follow and understand the importance of the members of a family. It will help students to gain a clear perspective regarding the importance of a family. On the other hand, a student will also develop skills related to critical thinking and essay writing.

My Family

A newborn child starts learning from his/her parents and family members at home. It means that family is very important for you since your birth. It is the first school where a child learns how to speak and identifies colors, things, etc. He also learns how to walk, talk, run, and enjoy with the family members. We are lucky that we have a family to share our happiness and sorrow. 

My family is an important part of my life. It has helped me to cross hurdles, learn new things, and become a good person. We also pick up good habits and can easily find out what is bad and wrong. We get to know various important parts of life and learn how to make friends.

In my family, we have four members. My father goes to the office every day. He works hard the whole day. After a tiring day, he helps me and my brother with our homework. Even if he is tired, he spends time with us playing and teaching us good skills. My father works hard every day to meet our expenses and give support to our family.

My mother is a housewife. She works day and night at home to feed us on time. Her day begins early in the morning when she starts cooking food for everyone. She always finds time to fulfill our wishes. When we go to school, she starts doing her daily chores at home. She cleans our clothes and rooms. She cooks delicious food every day and keeps us happy. She takes care of the entire family. Whenever I and my brother need help, she helps us out. My mother teaches us how to respect elders and other good habits. 

My brother is younger than me. He is naughty and always wants my toys to play. I don’t mind giving them to him as he is a part of my happiness. We fight and laugh together. It is because of him, I wait to come home. We enjoy playing on the ground and make friends.

I am happy that I have a family. I have so many memories to enjoy. I feel sorry for those who do not have a family. I love my family.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why ‘My Family’ Essay is Important?

A family is a part and parcel of a child’s mental and physical development. Every family member plays an important role. It is also important for a child to learn why his/her family is important. This will help him/her to grow a genuine conscience about his/her family. At the end of the day, it is our family we rely on. Learning good things and developing strengths is what begins with a family. Our experts have created a simple yet beautiful piece to follow for a student of the respective class and understand the importance of a family.

2. How Writing an Essay will help a Student?

The Vedantu experts have maintained a simple tone and the intelligence level a student will easily understand. Writing an essay on ‘my family’ is not an easy task unless a student is guided and well-motivated. Following this essay, a student will be able to grab the concept well and develop the skill of formatting a composition. On the other hand, reading the essay will also enlighten a student regarding the roles of different family members. It will also teach them how a family is important for their development.

3. How a Family is the Prime Pillar of Support?

A family is where a newborn learns how to stand, walk, and run. A child finds the warmth of love in the laps of the family members. Everyone nurtures a child and helps him grow different skills. These skills develop a child mentally and physically. It is the family where a child will find a resort during bad times. A student should learn why his/her family is important and why he/she needs to stick to it. The student also needs to know the different roles of his/her family members. He/she also needs to know how a family can grow his confidence and teach him/her how to love others.