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Essay on Mango in English for Class 1 Students

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Who is the King of Fruits?

Essay writing is included in the academic curriculum of class 1, so that kids can learn to make meaningful sentences about any topic. Most of the kids enjoy writing essays and it lets them put their imagination into words. Since it is an initial step for young kids of class 1, they need to be taught proper guidelines to write an essay. Below is an essay on Mango that will help the young minds to organise their thoughts and understand how to write an essay on such topics.

Essay on Mango

Mango is the National fruit of India and it is one of the most favourite fruits. Mango is a tropical fruit, that is, it grows well in the warm climate of the tropics. Mostly mangoes are oval and the colour of mango skin varies from green, yellow to red and green. A mango has one big seed and the mango seed is inedible. 

Each year, an enormous quantity of mangoes are yielded in India. During the summer season people eat it almost daily as a dessert. Children love to eat mangoes in the summer season and they believe their vacation is incomplete without mangoes. It  is the most awaited fruit in India as it is loved by all age groups.

It's unique colour, texture and it's smell refreshes everyone. The taste of fruit is so authentic people love to eat them in any format, even eaten raw or ripe. This fruit has many healthy uses and  it goes great in preparing a lot of delicacies. This fruit is loved by one and all. Not only   Mango fruit but its leaves are also used during festivals for decoration of houses like preparing "Torans" for the door entrance. People think it as good omen during festivals as it brings a lot of happiness and prosperity.

Mango is termed as the ‘King of all Fruits’ and we all love having mangoes. The Mango tree grows in the hot and humid climate of the world.This tree is very tall in size and leaves are in colours of yellow-green, copper colour, or purple. When advanced, the leafage attains a structure that is leather-like, shady or dark green in colour, and silky.

The ripe mangoes mostly taste sweet and are soft and pulpy. I like the taste of ripe mangoes as it is very juicy and refreshing. The unripe mangoes have green-coloured skin and are sour. People make a variety of pickles with unripe mangoes. When my father brings unripe mangoes for making pickles, my sister and I secretly take two mangoes from there and run off to the terrace with them. My sister gets some black salt and a mustard sauce from the kitchen shelf when nobody is there in the kitchen and we savour the unripe mangoes with the sauce and salt. 

Mangoes are very good for our health as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Mangoes are rich sources of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are good for our eyes and health. Mangoes are also rich in vitamin E, zinc, iron, and calcium. Vitamin E is also good for our skin and calcium makes our bones stronger. Also, mangoes contain high fibre which is also good for our health.

In India, several varieties of mangoes are available in the summer season. In the western parts of India, Alphonso mangoes are very popular while in the eastern parts of India, Himsagar mangoes are loved by most people. The other varieties of mango include Dasher, Badami, Langra, Baganapalli, etc. 

Mangoes are grown in various parts of India and each part has its most popular variety of mango. Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of mangoes and the varieties of mangoes cultivated here are Gulab Khas, Amrapali, Dasher, Langra, etc. In Maharashtra, they grow Alphonso mangoes and it is very popular for its flavour. The other states that produce mangoes are Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, etc.


We can consume mangoes in a variety of ways. It can be eaten as a raw fruit, just after taking the peel off. At our home, we all love to eat mango milkshakes with lots of ice during our summer vacation. My grandma prepares mango jam and mango pickles and we store them for the rest of the year. Sometimes, we have mango juice for breakfast along with bread and mango jam. Mango is a very delicious fruit and everyone should have mangoes, for all the goodness of vitamins and minerals it has.

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Mango is the nationwide loved  fruit of India. It is a very juicy, pulpy, and savoury fruit.

There are a huge variety of mangoes that are cultivated in India like Alphonso, Dasher, Langra, Badami, Malda, Banganapalli among others. It grows extensively in tropical areas  during the summer season across various parts of India and other countries too. No single person can resist himself from consuming this delightful fruit gifted by nature. You can access more such essays at Vedantu, which are very thoughtfully curated by experts. Download the PDFs for free and read whenever and wherever you like.

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FAQs on Essay on Mango in English for Class 1 Students

1. How to write an easy essay on Mango for class 1?

Any essay for the junior school level has to cover the basic points only. The young kids of class 1 have to understand the topic and write down all they know about the topic in simple sentences. For an essay on mango, the kids have to be familiar with the nutritional benefits of mango and the types of mangoes that are most popular. It happens to be helpful if the kids are prepared with the topic so that they can write a somewhat informative essay.

2. What are the most important points to be covered in an essay on Mango?

An essay on Mango must cover the following points:

  1. The types of mangoes available in India.

  2. The colour and taste of mango fruit.

  3. Why is it called the king of all fruits?

  4. How is mango consumed by the people? - mango juice, mango milkshakes, raw fruit, etc.

  5. Which states are leading in mango cultivation?

  6. How mango is liked by the kid and his or her dear ones?- any funny incident that he or she remembers related to mango.

3. What is the importance of essay writing for the students?

Essay writing increases the fundamental thinking of the students  whereby they can reflect on an issue and reach a conclusion of it.. Writing essays on various topics helps students to know facts which helps them to know a lot of things.It not only increases the knowledge of students but they also come across the various aspects happening around the world.Hence writing essays also develop writing skill among students.

4. Why does mango have so much importance in the category of fruits?

Mango has so much importance in our cuisines especially in summer not only because of its taste but also of health benefits.Eating Mango helps our body to fight with germs and other diseases as it is good source of vitamins.Mango helps our body and it's  intake is helpful for overall good healthy diet.

1 cup of chopped mango contains:

  • 99 calories

  • 1 gram (g) protein

  • 6 g fat

  • 25 g carb

  • 3 g fibre

  • 23 g sugars

  • 89 microgram (mcg) vitamin A

  • 7 mcg vitamin K

  • 60 milligram (mg)  vitamin C

  • 277 mg potassium

5. What other essays are useful for class 1 Students?

There are so many other essays that improves the imagination of students- 

  • My School. 

  • My Best Friend

  • Essay On Cow 

  • My Parents Essay 

  • Favourite holiday destination.

  • My goal in life

  • Favourite Freedom fighter

  • My Dream House 

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  • My Grandparent.

  • Essay On Mango For Class

6. Does essay writing improve the writing skills of the students?

Good essay writing skills are a combination of exploration, significant thinking, and correct writing skills. Students develop knowledge among various topics if they have writing skills. Writing skills also develop into good communication skills as they are able to put their ideas on paper. It also helps students to become debatable in their schools and colleges where they can put their thoughts and ideas making them into eloquent speakers.

7. How can class 1 child learn to write an essay?

It is really very difficult to teach class 1 students to write an essay from the beginning. Writing an essay needs a lot of skills apart from having an interest in writing something. But by following a few steps we can definitely inculcate good habits of writing among the students.

  •  Refresh on basic writing skills. 

  • Start with those topics in which children find interesting. 

  • Show them how to write an outline or heading of the essay. 

  • Encourage them to read books. 

  • Practice.  

  • Use technology to help your child.  

  • Online tools can help teach your kids essay writing.