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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 Being Alive - What Is Its Meaning - PDF

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 Being Alive - What Is Its Meaning - Download Free PDF with Solution

What do we mean by life? What can be considered living? This is a question that arises in the mind of every Class 9 student. This is why the second chapter is dedicated to the concepts of life. Here, students will learn what qualifies as living and what not. Being Alive What Is Its Meaning focuses on teaching the aspects of life.

To understand the concepts of this chapter, focus on the Class 9 Chapter 2 Frank Solutions developed by the experts. Understand these concepts easily by finding the answers to fundamental questions. In this way, you can develop your concepts better.

Class 9 Biology Frank Solutions PDF

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Importance of ICSE Class 9 Chapter 2 Being Alive - What Is Its Meaning

This chapter explains what life and living things are. It will introduce the concepts of nutrition, respiration, growth, and other features that characterise life. This chapter will describe all these features with proper explanations and examples.

You will learn how a living organism responds to various stimuli in its surroundings. This chapter will also explain how living things evolve and adapt to their natural habitats. All these unique characteristics make life different and recognisable from non-living things.

The prime aim of this chapter is to deliver the idea of life and its features to the students. They have studied the difference between living and nonliving things in the previous classes. In this Class 9 Biology curriculum, they will be introduced to the advanced concepts of life.

On progressing further, students will learn about the various functions and physiological activities displayed by living organisms. They eat, respire, excrete, and reproduce to continue existing as a species.

By using Frank Solutions for this chapter, you will find out how to answer the fundamental questions of this chapter. In this way, you will realise the importance of learning what it means to be alive.

Benefits of Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology ICSE Chapter 2 Being Alive

  • The notes have been compiled by the subject matter experts of Vedantu to offer a better platform for preparing this chapter. It contains the solutions to Frank’s exercises. You will be able to practise answering these questions and will be able to focus on understanding the concepts well.

  • Clarify the doubts and queries on your own by using the solutions when you are attempting to solve Frank’s exercises. In this way, you can save time and prepare this chapter faster.

  • Find out how the experts have compiled all the answers and develop these skills on your own. By referring to the Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology ICSE Chapter 2, you can compare your answers and learn how to score more in the exams.

Download Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 Being Alive - What Is Its Meaning PDF

Get the free PDF version of these solutions for this chapter and complete your study material. Find out how the experts have answered the fundamental questions accurately. You can evaluate your preparation and find out which part of the chapter you need to study more. Download this file today and continue studying at your convenience.

FAQs on Frank Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 Being Alive - What Is Its Meaning - PDF

1. What are non-living things?

The things that do not show any characteristics of life are called nonliving things.

Example: cars, pencils, utensils, etc.

2. What are living things?

The things that show all kinds of features of life such as nutrition, respiration, response, adaptability, growth, reproduction, etc. are called living things.

Example: Plants and animals.

3. What is reproduction?

Reproduction is the process of producing another generation of the same species.

4. What is growth?

The process of increasing the number of cells is called growth. An organism grows by generating more cells in its body.

5. What is metabolism?

The set of biochemical reactions responsible for the survival of an organism is called metabolism.