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Zinc Sulfate Formula

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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What is the Formula of Zinc Sulphate?

The zinc sulfate formula is also known as the white vitriol formula. The ZnSo4 chemical name of the zinc sulphate. White vitriol is the colourless crystalline solid or white powder. The zinc sulphate can soluble both in water and alcohol. Further, Anhydrous zincate is a colourless crystalline solid.  Zinc sulphate is a non-combustible compound, which means it cannot catch fire. The ZnSo4 compound name is widely used for the production of rayon, as a dietary supplement to treat zinc deficiency and as a fertilizer ingredient. They are also widely used as an astringent in eye drops and lotions. 

Chemical Formula of Zinc Sulfate

The zinc sulfate chemical formula ZnSo4  is an inorganic compound and it is the metal sulphate component, which contains Zn2+  ions. 

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Molecular Formula of Zinc Sulphate

The Zinc sulphate ZnSo4 molecular weight will vary depending on its form. The molecular mass of zinc sulphate in anhydrous form is 161.47 g/mol, zinc sulphate in monohydrate form is 179.47 g/mol and zinc sulphate in heptahydrate form is 287.53 g/mol. Further, the density of zinc sulphate is about 3.54 g/cm3. The boiling point of zinc sulphate stays at 740 °C and further the melting point of the zinc sulfate chemical formula is 680 °C. 

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Uses of Zinc Sulphate (ZnSO4 )

  1. Zinc sulphates are widely used in the medical field for oral rehydration therapy. 

  2. Zinc sulphates can also be used as a preservative for leathers. 

  3. The Zinc sulfate is acting as an excellent coagulant during the production of rayon. 

  4. The Zinc components are also used as zinc electroplating in an electrolyte. 

  5. The zinc sulphate compounds are used as a mordant in dyeing industries. 

  6. They are also used for the brewing process as zinc supplements. 

  7. Zinc sulphate is also used as an astringent in eye drops and lotions. 

  8. They are widely used for treating acne. 

  9. It is advisable to take zinc sulphate with the food, for people suffering from stomach upset. 

Toxicity of Zinc Sulfate 

  1. The powdered form of zinc sulphate can cause eye irritation. 

  2. Ingesting more than a preferable amount of zinc sulphate can cause stomach upset and stress. 

  3. Breathing zinc sulphate can cause irritation in the respiratory tract and can cause nausea, vomiting,  dizziness, stomach ache. 

  4. Exploring skins directly to zinc sulphate can cause ulcers, blisters and scarring. 

FAQs on Zinc Sulfate Formula

Q1. What is Zinc Sulfate Good For?

Ans: Zinc is one of the naturally occurring minerals. Zinc plays an important role in the growth and development of healthy body tissues. Further, zinc sulfate can be utilized to treat and prevent diseases caused by zinc deficiency. 

Q2. When Should I Take Zinc Sulfate?

Ans: Zinc supplements are one of the most effective ones. They are preferable to take at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after the meals. But the zinc supplements can cause stomach upset for few people, they can take the zinc supplements along with their meal. Meanwhile, it is important to consult with health care professionals regarding taking zinc supplements along with meals. 

Q3. Is Zinc Sulfate Safe to Take?

Ans: Zinc supplements are safe to take while consuming them through the mouth for about 40 mg per day for a short period of time. But, consuming more than 40mg per day for the long term may decrease the copper absorption in the body. Further, the decreases in copper absorption have the possibility to cause anaemia.