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Pondicherry University Exam Date 2023-24

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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The Pondicherry University Exam date has been announced. The dates have been delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Pondicherry University is a central university under the act of Parliament. Every year Pondicherry University Entrance Exam is held for providing admission to students in different courses. This university offers admissions in various PG, doctoral and other courses in the field of engineering, management, computer applications, law, etc. In this article, you will find the exam dates and tips to boost your confidence.

Entrance Exam Dates

You should be aware of the important dates for the Pondicherry University Exam 2022. Let’s go through this table and check them out. 



Opening of Application Form

6th April 2022

Closing of Application Form

6th May 2022

Releasing of Admit Card

June 2022

Date of Examination

Last week of June 2022

Declaration of Result

2nd week of July 2022

Commencement of Counselling

Last week of July 2022

Pondicherry University Application Form

The application form will be released in the 2nd week of April, and details can be obtained from the official website. Applicants can apply for multiple courses by filling separate Pondicherry University application forms. Applicants must take due care while filling the application form of Pondicherry University 2022. It is suggested that they enter the correct information in the relevant column given on the application form. Further, you should make sure that no false information is provided. 

How to Fill the Application Form?

Candidates are required to follow the below steps to fill the application form.

1st step: Go to the official website of Pondicherry University.

2nd Step: Click on the tab admission 2022-23.

3rd Step: Register using your email id and password.

4th Step: Login using the given credentials.

5th Step: Fill in the required details.

6th Step: Click on submit and preview. 

7th Step: Pay the fees online through net banking.

8th Step: Take a printout of multiple copies and keep safe with you for future reference.

How to Boost Your Confidence during the Exam?

During exams, students are generally tense. So, it's essential to get hold of yourself to score high marks in the exam. These few tips from education experts will lift up your spirit before the Pondicherry University Exam date is announced.

  • Understand your topic and prepare well. There is no substitute for good preparation.

  • Jot down the points and make a note. This will help you once you take a quick view during the exam.

  • Always be positive about your exams. Negative thoughts add to your anxiety and exam fear. It hurts your entire well-being so always try to keep a good mood.

  • Eat healthy food, avoid caffeine, and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. You can also have fruits and take a walk once you feel bored.

  • Don't always think about your studies. Trust your confidence that you have mastered the subjects. You can engage in some hobby that would help to keep your spirits high.

FAQs on Pondicherry University Exam Date 2023-24

1. Can I Apply Offline for the Pondicherry University Exam?

Pondicherry University is a Central University under the Act of Parliament. The University has a vast program for everyone. Applications for the entrance test are accepted online, and the exam is held offline. There is no other procedure to apply for the exam. 

2. What is the Procedure to Log in if You Forget to Log in Credentials?

You can recover your lost Id and password if you forget login credentials. But you would need to have the registered email id and password with you at all times. If you forget your email id, an SMS would be sent to you via your registered mobile number. Log in with the OTP and retrieve your mail-id. If you forget the password, you can change the password after entering with your mail id and answering security questions.

3. Is Pondicherry University Good for MBA?

Pondicherry University offers distance and regular MBA courses to the candidates. The distance learning program started in 1995 and gives specializations on subjects like Finance, General, Marketing, International Business, and HR. 

4. Are the Entrance Exams Tough?

The entrance exam is held bi-annually across different centers. You can apply for the entrance exam online. The exams are quite tough, and you would need to prepare extensively to clear it.