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PESSAT Exam Pattern 2023-24

Last updated date: 26th Feb 2024
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Beat The Exam Blues With The PESSAT Exam Pattern

Before you take any exam, you must be thorough with the exam pattern, the question types, and also the pattern of the question paper. Here, you will learn about the PESSAT Exam Pattern along with the other details that will help you to take the exam without any hindrances. 

Knowing about an exam pattern has its own advantages, such as:

  • Not worrying and fretting about the question types.

  • Knowing when to start and finish writing the paper.

  • Learning about how many questions to attempt.

Plus, there are other advantages that you will gather on your own as you learn more about it.

Here is what you need to learn about the PESSAT question paper.

Details of the PESSAT 2022 Exam Pattern


180 minutes

Format of the Question Paper 

Multiple-Choice Objective Type Questions

Negative Marking

There is no negative marking in PESSAT 2022

The Total Number of Questions Asked from Each of the Subjects in PESSAT is as Follows:


Number of Questions









Points to Remember 

  • As it is an online test, each question will be time-bound.

  • Do not waste time pondering upon any question and move on to the next question.

  • It is better to attempt those questions that you know for sure, first.

  • Attempt the difficult questions once you are done with the easy ones. 

  • Do not rush but do keep a track of time.

  • Feeling nervous is completely natural, but you must not panic. 

  • DO CARRY YOUR ADMIT CARD to the exam center. 

What Else Do You Need to Know about the PESSAT 2022 Exam?

The other facts that you need to learn about the PESSAT Exam Pattern are as follows:

  • The admission authority of PES University will conduct the examination.

  • The exam is held under strict vigilance.

  • The pattern of the online test will be the same for all the candidates.

  • In case of any problem, you can talk to the invigilator. 

Bag the PESSAT Scholarships and Let it Take Care of Your Education

The PES University offers scholarships to the deserving candidates. These are based on your academic performance and other valid reasons. The details of the PES University Scholarship are stated below. 

  • MRD Scholarships are offered to students who secure a rank in the top 20% of his or her class (section) in terms of CGPA for a particular academic year. Following which the tuition fee is waived off by 40% for the next academic year. 

  • Distinction Awards are given to a student who scores a CGPA of 7.5 and above for a particular year. The award is a cash prize that will help you to cover your educational expenses.  

  • Several renowned corporate offices offer corporate Scholarships. They offer these scholarships to those students of PES University who are in the final year of their education. It is wholly based on merit. 

  • Rural Scholarship under PES University offers free engineering education to those students who come from a rural background. This is offered every year to promote educational benefits and encourage students.

FAQs on PESSAT Exam Pattern 2023-24

1. How will the PESSAT be Conducted?

A: The PESSAT 2022 will be conducted online. As it is a computer-based exam, you have to be very careful about time management.

2. How Many Sections are there in the Question Paper?

A: There are four sections in the PESSAT question paper. These sections will cover questions from the four main subjects, i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. You will have to attempt the required number of questions. 

3. Will the Colleges Offer Good Quality Study Materials?

A: Once you get admitted to any of the colleges under the PES University, you can rest assured about the quality of education. Following which the variety of study materials provided will also be of extremely high standards.

4. Does the Faculty in Every College Hold the Required Qualifications?

A: Yes. Each of the faculty members in every college holds the required degrees to teach the concerned subjects. It is only after a thorough interview that they are selected to be a part of the teaching body. They teach with great care and abide by the guidelines of the university.