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NTSE Stage 1 Sample Paper 4

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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NTSE Sample Paper

Started in 1963 by the government of India to help students financially and nurture the promising talent in the fields of Science & Social Science, NTSE or National Talent Search Examination is a talent and scholarship test held annually. Since its inception, this test has been held under the leadership of NCERT or the National Council of Education Research & Training.

Every year around 9-10 lakhs students sit for this exam and only 2000 are awarded the prestigious NCERT-NTSE Scholarship. NTSE Exam is conducted in two stages wherein stage-1 is conducted at the state level under the auspices of state authorities and SCERT. Around 8000 students are selected for NTSE Stage-2 that is conducted by NCERT around various centres in India at National Level. 

As you can refer to the competition this exam holds and therefore, preparing for this exam has never been easy. However, as suggested by many experts over the years that solving Sample papers before the actual exam is very helpful. Over the years NTSE Scholars have boasted how solving Sample paper helped them gain the upper hand against everyone else.

So, come take a master step towards being an NTSE Scholar. Download the NTSE Sample paper from below mentioned link