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NTSE Exam Sample Paper 3

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NTSE Exam Sample Paper 3 with Solutions

Solving sample paper 3 plays a vital role while preparing for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). The experts at Vedantu recommend solving as many sample paper 3 as possible to crack the exam. One can avail the NTSE sample paper 3 on Vedantu’s site. Provided by our experts, it is the best way to understand the exam pattern and solve relevant questions. These NTSE sample paper 3 are solved by our exam experts who are dedicated to training students for such contests.

Free Study Resources Download Available on Vedantu

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is an esteemed talent-based assessment system formulated for Class X students. The evaluation is based on the syllabus of the state and central education boards.

Eligible students can fill the NTSE stage 1 application form for 2021 in online mode. They will have to upload documents attested by their Principal for online NTSE registration 2021. The steps to fill the NTSE form 2021 are given below.

  • Go to the state/UTs SCERT website and click on the relevant link from the table given above.

  • After that, click on the NTSE 2021 registration form link on the homepage.

  • Enter the required details like student name, date of birth, gender, caste, mobile number, academic details, family Income and others.

  • Following that, upload the scanned copy of documents like photographs, signatures, etc.

  • Make sure to complete the fee payment and then download the filled NTSE application form 2021.

  • At last, the forms will be sent to the State Liaison Officer by the Head or the Principle of the school.


The NTSE Sample Paper is available for download here in this article. These sample papers will help you to understand the pattern of exams and enable them to form an idea of the questions that might appear in the exam.


You can study each topic of Social Science from NCERT since most of the SSc questions in NTSE stage 1 are from NCERT. For PCMB, refer to class notes, coaching centre modules and NCERT textbooks. You can also get an insight into the paper pattern by solving the previous years' papers in the last few days before the exam. Although NCERT Books should be sufficient for the NTSE Exam, you should also follow and go through the state board books of Class 9th & 10th for better understanding. 

FAQs on NTSE Exam Sample Paper 3

1. What is the purpose of the NTSE exam? 

The NTSE is a scientifically constructed talent assessment methodology for students of Class X. It evaluates a person's strengths and weaknesses based on concepts learnt in school. Nearly 300,000 students (which are mostly self-selected) take the scholarship exam every year, with 2,000 scholarships given and 775 of which are not even reserved. After an adventurous and impressive training tour, an NTSE scholar has a lot to look forward to in high school and beyond.

2. What is the eligibility for the NTSE exam?

The maximum age limit for NTSE test takers is 18 years old. The candidates who are enrolled in an open school for class 10 are qualified to take the exam. Candidates in class IX are also qualified to take the NTSE. The applicant must pass the class IX exam with a score of 60% or higher.

3. What is MAT and SAT in NTSE?

The NTSE 2021 syllabus is bifurcated into two parts known as the Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The NTSE SAT syllabus includes Maths, Science, and Social Science, whereas the MAT syllabus consists of Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The syllabus is the same for both the stages, which is, stage-I and stage II. There will be 100 questions in both MAT and SAT (Science-40, Maths-20, Social science-40). The duration of both the exams is 2 hours or 120 minutes.

4. How can I participate in NTSE?

Follow the steps given below to register for NTSE:

  • Visit the official website of NCERT.

  • Click on “Apply for NTSE 2020”

  • Fill in all the required details asked by the website, such as your name, date of birth, etc.

  • Click on “Submit”

  • Download the document and take a printout of the Application Form. You will also be able to acquire the form from the Liaison Officer of your State or Union Territory.

5. What is a good score in NTSE?

NTSE Qualifying cutoff for General category and OBC category is 40 and for the SC/ST category it is 32. Your scores can be fair enough to qualify for the first stage but the main selection for the second stage of NTSE will depend on the cutoff released by the authorities of your state. The Cutoff will be released or announced along with the result.