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NTSE 2023-24 Exam Counselling

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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The National Talent Search Examination, popularly known as NTSE, is organized by the Government of India and conducted on a national level by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). This Exam is only for the students studying in the 10th standard. This Exam is conducted into two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2.

This is a Scholarship Exam. The students who pass both stages are provided with a scholarship to help with their higher education in the field of Science or Social Studies.

Counselling Process for NTSE 2022

  1. Collecting Data:

Gather information about the Exam. Why do students give the NTSE Exam? What is the benefit of applying for this exam? What happens after I pass the exam? What stream do I want to choose for my further studies? Find answers to all these questions. NTSE examination provides numerous benefits that will help you in shaping your future career.

  1. Recognizing Career, Personality and Skills:

When you take the NTSE Examination, you are in the 10th standard. What you decide to do in your 11th and 12th standards shapes your career as well as your life. So before you give the exam, sit with yourself and ask yourself what you want to do in life. What career will make you happy? Whether it is becoming an Engineer, a Doctor or an Artist. See what is best for you and what you are interested in. Because this will be the most important decision that you will make as this is the first step you will take for your future. NTSE is the gateway to many of the best institutions in the country as well as abroad.

  1. Deciding Which Option to Choose:

Don’t hurry about it but also don’t be lazy. A life with no goals is a boring life. When you have something that you want to wake up to do every day, life becomes fun. NTSE gives the students so many advantages that will help them throughout their lives. It builds up a student’s confidence and it helps a student in future job aspects when one applies to a company.

  1. Making a Plan of Action:

Once you decide on what it is you want to do, plan everything accordingly. To crack NTSE, you have to be thorough with your syllabus. You should make daily goals and work not only hard, but smart too to achieve them. Make a timetable and a full proof plan on how you will work towards it.

  1. Implementation:

Clear your concepts as this 10th is just the first step on the ladder, when your basics are clear, nothing is difficult. Solve your doubts daily. And try to solve questions after you study a certain topic, this will help you improve your logical reasoning as well as accuracy in solving questions.

FAQs on NTSE 2023-24 Exam Counselling

1. Who is Eligible for the NTSE Scholarship?

NTSE is open to candidates of Indian nationality studying in Class 10 in India or abroad. They will be awarded a scholarship to continue their education in India at the higher secondary, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

2. How Many Scholarships Can a Student Get?

This programme awards a total of 1000 scholarships. The amount of scholarship money given to students varies by class. A scholarship of INR 1,250 per month is available for students in classes 11 and 12. A scholarship of INR 2,000 per month is available for UG/PG studies. The scholarship amount for PhD studies is determined according to UGC guidelines. The total number of scholarships awarded in 2019 has been increased to 2,000.

3. When Can a Student Apply for NTSE?

Every year, the states/UTs publish their respective updates. To learn more about the application deadline, contact your State Liaison Officer.

4. Where can I get my information for the NTSE Exam from? I want to solve questions but I’m not able to find relevant papers.

Any resource that you require for the National Talent Search Examination can be found on the Vedantu App or Vedantu's website. You will find details regarding your NTSE syllabus, Notes for all the subjects, Solved questions along with their explanations, Previous year sample papers to practice for your examinations as well as Revision notes. Lakhs of students use Vedantu for practising sample papers for their competitive exams. Students can also get all the updates of their exams on Vedantu. On top of that, you can download all of this material for absolutely free once you register with your email address or your mobile number. 

5. What is NTSE exam eligibility? 

The candidate appearing for the NTSE exam must be in 10th standard. As per the guidelines, NTSE is conducted only for the students who study in 10th standard. The candidate who wants to appear for the exam must have received a minimum of 60 per cent in their Class IX exams. Students who have completed their 10th standard or are going to complete it through ODL i.e. online distance learning, are also eligible to give this exam if they want to.

6. How to apply for the NTSE Exam?

The steps are:

  • Open your education board website.

  • Look for the NTSE Exam notification and read the instructions carefully.

  • Check whether an online application of the form is available or you have to submit it manually.

  • If an online application is available: You just need to fill the form, attach all the documents required for registration and submit it.

  • If you need to fill it manually: Download the form and take a printout, fill the form and send it to the address mentioned on the site of NCERT.

7. Why should I give the NTSE Examination?

There are numerous benefits of appearing for the NTSE Exam. To list a few,

  • Scholarship

  • Discount in your course fees for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) or NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) Coaching which are the base competitive exams to do your undergraduate course in the field of Engineering or Medicine.

  • Students get a chance to appear in the IIIT-H NOK exam because these exams have extra seats for the students who are NTSE and KVPY scholars.

  • It’s a highly privileged examination. When you put it in your CV, you get really good future placements.

8. How can I contact NTSE?

NTSE Contact Details:

If you have any questions or concerns about the NTSE, the exam pattern, important dates, or anything else, you can contact the respective state's Liaison Officer (for state-level examination queries) or the National Council of Educational Research and Training (for national-level examination queries) at –

The Head, Department of Educational Survey Division, NCERT, New Delhi-110016

Phone: 011-26560464