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NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key SAT Chandigarh

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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NTSE 2020 Paper Solution Chandigarh (SAT)

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Technology (NCERT), is a scholarship test conducted for identifying the bright students wanting to pursue their higher education in science and social science. The Stage-1 of the exam was conducted on 13th December 2020 for 11 states including CHANDIGARH and you can find the answer key of CHANDIGARH SAT here.

NTSE Chandigarh Answer Key 2020-2021 - SCERT will convey the Chandigarh NTSE answer key 2021 fairly as of late in January 2022. The suitable reaction key will be moved to the power site of SCERT Chandigarh. Some educating foundations will moreover convey the fitting reaction key of NTSE Chandigarh 2022. Using the NTSE Chandigarh answer key 2020-2021, students can really take a gander at their evaluated scores before the attestation of the result. 

Students who will find any anomaly in the NTSE CHD answer key 2020-21 should report something basically the equivalent before the last date. Just the qualifiers of the NTSE stage I test will be permitted to show up for the stage II test. Investigate this article to download the NTSE Chandigarh answer key 2020-21. Additionally, understand the good grades, cutoff, and huge dates of NTSE 2022. 

Importance of NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key

Students will find the Chandigarh 2020-21 NTSE Stage 1 Answer Key and Question Paper With Solutions here. Download the inquiry paper to get to know the NTSE test design, the checking plan, and the sort of questions that are asked in the test. Students can likewise begin settling the various sorts of questions and pay attention to working on their speed and exactness. Fundamentally, students will get to rehearse according to the genuine test configuration and this will cause them to feel inspired and totally ready.

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Answer Key SAT Chandigarh

1. How can you download NTSE Chandigarh Answer Key 2020-2021?

Students should follow the means referenced beneath to download the Chandigarh NTSE answer key. 

  • Click on the connection offered above to download the NTSE Chandigarh response key 2020-21. 

  • A PDF record will be opening on the screen. 

  • Click on the download choice and take a print of the appropriate response keys.

  • And the PDF will be downloaded onto your device.

By following the above points or the method you can easily download the National Talent Search Exam Chandigarh Answer Key 2020-2021.

2. What is Stage 1 NTSE Chandigarh cut off 2020-21?

The removed marks are the base marks that are obligatory to score to fit the bill for the stage II test. The cutoff relies on a few factors, for example, the trouble level of the test, the number of candidates, and so on. Find beneath the earlier year NTSE Chandigarh cutoff and realize the passing scores of the stage I test.


NTSE Cut off 2018-19 (previous year)



Scheduled Caste


Scheduled Tribe


Physically Handicapped




3. What is NTSE Stage 2 Cut off 2020-21?

We have given the earlier year cut-off of the NTSE stage II test. This will tell the students the situation with their readiness. Stage II cutoff will be delivered after the revelation of the NTSE result 2022.


Cut Off Marks for all categories.

MAT & SAT - Maximum marks out of 197




General – PH1



Scheduled Caste (SC)



SC – PH1



Scheduled Tribe (ST)



ST – PH1



4. What are a few important points to remember when attending NTSE Chandigarh Answer key 2020-21?

Students should know the do's and don'ts of utilizing Chandigarh NTSE answer key 2020-2021. Peruse the focus beneath to know something very similar. 

  • MAT and SAT marks should be determined independently and afterward added to the aggregate. 

  • If there should be an occurrence of wrong answers in the official NTSE2020-21 answer key, students can convey to the test directing authority through composing a letter and paying an insignificant sum. 

  • No marks will be deducted if there should be an occurrence of wrong answers or unanswered questions. 

5. How can Vedantu help you achieve this?

For students who are struggling to get ready adequately and break the NTSE exams, we at Vedantu are giving a broad arrangement of Chandigarh 2020-21 NTSE Stage 1 Answer Key and Question Paper With Solutions. The papers have been addressed by our subject specialists and they have taken additional consideration to convey precise answers as it were. They have additionally planned the answers to assist every student with getting an exhaustive comprehension of the different subjects and significant points shrouded in the Chandigarh 2020-21 NTSE Stage 1 Answer Key and Question Paper With Solutions.