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Pet Animals for Kids

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Pets for Kids

Do you want to keep a small pet like a puppy at your house? We keep cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc., as pets in our houses. We take care of them, feed them food, give them water and heal their wounds. Pet animals become our best friends over time. Pets for kids or adults are trustworthy, and our guards.

Pets for Kids

Pets for Kids

They protect us from strange people and other animals as well. We have to show compassion towards all the animals. All the animals need a home and shelter to protect themselves. Humans must understand this and keep pets at their homes. In this module, you will learn about pet animals information for kids. Let us learn a bit more about small pets for kids.

Animals as Pets


A lot of people keep various breeds of dogs as their pet. They vaccinate them properly in order to avoid any diseases. They feed them properly so that they remain healthy for a long time. Dogs are very strong and brave. They protect us from strange people and thieves.


Cats are also very popular pets. A lot of people keep multiple cats in their houses as pets. They are beautiful animals as well as silent. They keep animals like rats away from your house. People are very fond of them.


Birds like parrots and sparrows are kept as pets by various people. Birds are beautiful as well as entertaining. They keep on chirping around. They complete the house in a proper manner. Pets like parrots also learn to talk and imitate their owners.


Rabbits are beautiful animals and are kept as pets by various people. They are very friendly and do not trouble their owners at all. They mostly eat carrots and nuts. They need a leafy garden where they can also feed on leaves. They are very adorable.

Wild Animals for Kindergarten

Wild Animals are animals that live in the jungle. Animals like lions, tigers, foxes, snakes, bears, deer, etc. are Wild Animals. These animals only adapt to the environment of the jungle. Carnivorous animals like lions, tigers, wolves, and foxes eat the flesh of other animals. They are dangerous animals as well.

Wild Animals

Wild Animals

They cannot be kept as pets. Herbivores animals like deer eat grass and bushy plants. These animals cannot be kept as pets in our homes. Although there are some people who keep these animals as their pets. They take various precautionary measures to ensure their safety.



Pet Animals are animals which we can keep at our houses. A lot of animals crave love and affection. We can give them love, care, and affection. They need a shelter to stay protected from other wild animals and hunger. Proper vaccination and care are needed for their safety. Pet owners provide them with proper food as well which keeps them healthy. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are very popular pets.

FAQs on Pet Animals for Kids

1. What are Pet Animals? Name some of the pet animals with an explanation.

Animals that can be kept at home are pet animals. Pet animals are friendly animals that need love and affection from humans. They are the best friends of human beings. Pet animals are beautiful animals that need shelter for them to be protected. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are the most popular pet animals.

Dogs are the most loved animals which need proper vaccination and care from owners. Cats are also kept as pets by several people. They are fast animals with stripes on them. They mostly drink milk and eat meat. Rabbits are the most loved pets and are furry. They eat carrots and leaves. Birds are beautiful pets and keep our homes chirping all the time.

2. Why should animals be kept as pets by humans?

Animals are devoid of love and care. Animals like dogs and cats stay on the streets where they can be easily killed in an accident. The rate of infection among cats and dogs is increasing day by day. They do not get proper food and clean water to drink. Human beings should give shelter to these animals.

They must take care of all the street animals as well. They need to be protected by every means. There are various awareness programs and social media campaigns running in society for the welfare of street animals. We should help all the animals in need through charity and personal contribution.