Light Pollution Speech

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Light Pollution Speech for Students

Light pollution is caused by excessive electric street lights outside, on roads, and everywhere. While this was built in an attempt to ensure more safety for the people travelling or taking a walk at night, the excessive amount of it has led to disruption in the natural ecosystem. In this article on Light Pollution, you will look into how you can learn and present it in various ways. It can be a Long Speech on Light Pollution or a Short Light Pollution Speech.

Long and Short Speech on Light Pollution

Long Light Pollution Speech

This format of Speech on light Pollution is extremely helpful for students in grades 8-12, as they can convey in detail using simple words.

Good Morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. I am here to speak about a topical issue that is Light Pollution. While we are aware of other harmful effects of man-made inventions that lead to disturbing the natural environment and create all kinds of pollution like air, water, noise etc. Light pollution has been a topic of concern since the beginning of the 20th century.

It was during this period when people started adapting to electric lights in the cities. And now after a century and further advancements in cities, the problem caused by these electric lights is only rising. At the beginning of the consumption of light, the city and street lights were only to help and increase the comfort and avoid unsafe consequences. Due to excess of it, the consumption of it has led to very problematic results.

There was a time when people could see the sky full of stars by just taking a night walk in the city. A hazy band of light that is the Milky Way galaxy was also visible to the naked eyes. It was in pitch darkness, where people were more connected to the natural environment and aware of the vastness of this universe. This was an inspiration for creativity and this also gave the gifts of creation to the works of geniuses like William Shakespeare’s writings, Van Gogh’s paintings, Gustav Holst’s music and many other great artists we know today.

The lights have not only slowly faded our creativity but also harmed the lives of humans and animals in more ways than one. The cluttering and over-illumination caused by light lead to glare light pollution that can cause blinding as one gets older, or blinding temporarily making it difficult to concentrate while driving due to glare. Due to light trespassing, that is when one is exposed to unwanted light while sleeping, it leads to a reduction in the production of melatonin that can have harmful effects on health as it leads to sleeping disorders. The other type of light pollution is caused by overcrowded or overpopulated areas and leads to sky glow. This reflection of unused and unwanted light into the upward direction causes disruption in astronomical research as reported by NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The natural predator-prey relationship in animals at night has changed because of much more light than usual at the dark hours and this is a disruption to the natural ecosystem. This is also causing the electricity usage to hike because of overconsumption. So one can attempt to reduce light pollution by reducing the excessive amounts of usage or shifting into energy-efficient bulbs. Let’s use light only and when required and not in excess and enjoy the view of the world at night in its natural glory.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Light Pollution

This format of Light Pollution Speech is helpful for students in grades 4-7, for conveying the topic in a short form and using simple words.

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, today I am here to speak on the topic that is less heard of but the issue has been a matter of concern for over a 100 years. Light Pollution, which is the cause of many problems and also harms nature disturbing the natural workings of the ecosystem.

The excessive and misdirected obtrusive illumination caused due to lights, especially outside results in light pollution. The problems started when people in the cities in the early 20th century began using electric lights. It was to ensure safety for people who worked at night and had trouble getting home at night, it was helpful to avoid any mishaps or accidents. But when it was overused and created in excess it began creating problems.

People began losing the view of the sky at night and due to misdirected reflection starry nights became less and less visible. People who were once used to seeing the Milky Way Galaxy during a walk in the dark were now adapting to the new way of living with the presence of city lights.

The predator-prey relationship in the animal kingdom altered and slowly disrupted the evolution of animals and the ecosystem. The people who were creative were losing inspiration too. And sadly because of the unwanted interruption of lights even during the night when one is sleeping created bigger problems like disturbing the sleeping order, due to less production of melatonin and slowly leading to other health problems like depression, anxiety, fatigue and headaches. One can avoid this by the use of light only when necessary and using energy-efficient bulbs. It’s high time we see the starry night sky.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Light Pollution

This form of speech is helpful for students in grades 1-3 as it is short and simple.

  1. Light pollution is the over luminous lit areas that reflects unwanted and unused energy creating disruption.

  2. The disruption causes harm to humans, animals and nature.

  3. It does more harm to nature as it disrupts the natural way of the way nature appears in the dark hours of the night.

  4. The problem began in the early 20th century.

  5. The stars are no longer visible, due to interrupted reflections of electric lights.

  6. The animals lose their natural way of living as predator-prey dynamics are altered.

  7. Due to the clutter of illuminating lights humans can become blind with age.

  8. Obtrusive light when sleeping disturbs the natural circadian rhythms.

  9. This intrusion leads to sleep deprivation, and many sleep disorders leading to fatigue, headaches and other mental health problems.

  10. We must not overuse light, anything in excess can do us harm in fatal ways. So we must be conscious of our usage and invest in energy-efficient lights.