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Learning Bedroom Vocabulary for Kids

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Bedroom Vocabulary for Kids

Teaching kids about new objects can help them in widening their vocabulary. Reciting poems, reading stories, and learning new words are some of the conventional methods that are used to teach kids about the vocabulary in English. Needless to say, these methods are really helpful for imparting knowledge of any kind but teaching the commonly found objects can help enhance the conversational skill of a kid. One such example is teaching kids about bedroom vocabulary. Parents can teach kids about the names of the commonly found in the bedroom; this can help in developing an understanding of the things around them. The article mentions below a list of commonly found objects in the bedroom.

List of Objects Found in the Bedroom

Mentioned below is a list of commonly found things in the bedroom. Learning the name of such things can help kids to build up their bedroom vocabulary.

  • Bed: It used to sleep. It is generally made of wood and has 4 legs.

  • Lamp: It is also known as a night lamp. It is a device that is used to light the room.

  • Dressing table: A dressing table is a wooden table that has a mirror attached to it. It is generally used to get ready for the day.

  • Wardrobe: The wardrobe is also known as a closet; it is used to store clothes and other valuables.

  • Chest of drawers: A chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that is used for storage. It consists of an upright frame into which drawers are fitted.

  • Pillow: A pillow is a soft cushion that is used to rest our heads while sleeping.

  • Bedsheet: A bedsheet is generally fitted over the mattress. It makes the room beautiful.

  • Duvet: Duvet is known as a quilt. It is made of feathers and cotton.

  • Photo frame: A photo frame is a protective and decorative edging for a picture, for example, a painting or a photograph. A photo frame makes displaying the work easier and safer.

  • Bookcase: A bookcase is a piece of furniture that consists of shelves which we use to keep books.

  • Carpet: A carpet is a floor covering that is made up of thick woven fabric.

  • Table: A table is a piece of furniture that consists of a flat top and one or more legs, which provides a level surface for writing, eating, or working at.

  • Chair: A chair is basically an individual seat for a single person, generally with four legs.

Mentioned above are some of the common essentials that are found in the bedroom. The image mentioned below can help kids to better understand the bedroom vocabulary.

Image illustrating things commonly found in the bedroom

Things that are commonly found in the bedroom

Examples of Bedroom Vocabulary in Day-to-Day Conversation

As we have learnt the bedroom vocabulary, let us look into some of the examples where we can use the bedroom vocabulary in daily conversations.

  • Parents can ask them how many legs are in a bed? This will help kids to learn counting as well as learn the word bed.

  • Parents can also ask kids to paint a picture that can be hung on the bedroom wall.

  • Parents can ask their kids to set up an alarm using the alarm clock in the bedroom.

  • Another fun way to learn the bedroom vocabulary is to plan a game based on the vocabulary. Parents can print out the image of various objects found in the bedroom. They can then ask their kids to arrange them in alphabetical order.

This was the complete discussion on the bedroom vocabulary. In conclusion, let us summarise what we have learnt here. We have learnt the different objects that are commonly found in the bedroom. We have also listed some of the ways that can be used to teach bedroom vocabulary to the kids. We hope to have provided an insight on bedroom vocabulary and use. To learn more of such interesting topics, explore our website today!

FAQs on Learning Bedroom Vocabulary for Kids

1. Define bedroom.

The bedroom is a private space where people normally sleep. Unlike other rooms, this one has certain useful functions. It is a room in the house where people dress, sleep, or spend time alone. There are various sorts of bedrooms, with the master bedroom being the most common. A guest bedroom and a children's bedroom can be found in some large, multi-roomed houses. These rooms are offered in some places, such as hotels and lodges.

2. How to teach bedroom vocabulary using conversation?

Bedroom vocabulary is used often in day-to-day conversation. One such example that can be used to teach kids can be in the format of the question. For example, “Which type of bed is there in your bedroom?” Kids can reply by saying that they have a bunk bed or small bed in their bedroom. One can also ask how many beds are there in a bedroom. Conversation based on such questions can help kids to teach kids vocabulary.