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Learn How to Write Jumbled Sentences with Fun Examples

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Rearranging Sentences - Rules and Exercises

Jumbled sentences are made up of a sequence of mismanaged or untied sentences that have been written in random order. Our job is to read and comprehend all of these sentences and then reassemble or rearrange them in a logical manner that makes sense.


Jumbled sentences are presented in the question format for students to arrange the sentence or rearrange the sentence. This is a very common way to learn how to form a correct sentence. In such questions, certain words that when combined rightly can translate to a meaningful sentence are presented in a disorderly way. 

Jumbled Sentences Examples

Example of a solved jumbled sentence

Students should  comprehend the possibility of a meaningful sentence and answer the jumbled sentences. This can be presented in a paragraph form where multiple sentences are jumbled and one has to rearrange. Let us look at some English jumbled words with answers.

For example, the sentence can be

‘I am going to a birthday party today with my friend Meena.’

While the question presented can be in the following way,


Birthday party

The question can also be in a different form where the students will be presented with simple jumbled sentences with answers and they just have to rearrange them correctly. Let us look at an example.

Here are some other solved jumbled words examples.


Ans: Clock


Ans: Globe


Ans: Shoes


Ans: Tape

Rules to Solve Jumbled Sentences

One can answer such questions with ease, if they have the knowledge of certain rules to form a sentence with jumbled words, which are as follows:

  • Try to figure out what the theme of the paragraph or sentence is. This can be accomplished by looking for words that appear frequently throughout the sentence.

Rule 1- Figuring out the theme of the sentence.

  • Other relative pronouns like who, whom, that, what, and which, and indefinite pronouns like everybody, anybody, no one, nobody, both, one, some, other none can be the first word in a sentence.

Rule 2- Indefinite Pronouns

  • If there are articles like ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ at the beginning of a sentence, most of the time they are placed at the starting of the paragraph.

Rule 3- Articles in jumbled sentences

Now with awareness of certain rules on how to answer, let's see a jumble words example. These jumbled sentences with answers will help you have a better understanding.

Practice Question



My sister is very funny.


My father is an architect.


When will the summer camp start?


Dancing is my favourite hobby.


How is the new superhero film?


Everybody wears masks now.

Easy Jumble Words Exercise

1. Rearrange and write the correct sentences.

  • Time/wait/none/tide/for/and.

  • Weather/what/for/the/forecast/is/tomorrow/for.

  • Anika/friends/I/childhood/and/are.

2. Unscramble the words and form a correct sentence.

Unscramble the words and form a correct sentence

Unscramble the words and form a correct sentence

Unscramble the words and form a correct sentence

Unscramble the words and form a correct sentence

3. Put the following sentences in a logical and coherent order.

  1. Initially, it did start with a rumour. 

  2. Adish and Tara kept denying it.

  3. Even though the entire nation was talking about it.

  4. Finally, the announcement of the new film was made.


  1. ABCD

  2. ACBD

  3. BACD

  4. CABD

4. Write the following correctly:

A fun activity worksheet

FAQs on Learn How to Write Jumbled Sentences with Fun Examples

1. How do you put sentences together?

The rule to remember is that the subject comes before the verb, and the verb comes before the object. Also, this is for the sentences that just contain a subject, a verb and an object.

2. What do para jumbles mean?

Jumbled paragraphs are what para jumbles are. Candidates are given a group of connected sentences that are not placed in any particular order in the para jumbles questions. Candidates must read each statement and arrange them in the correct order.

3. What's the best way to decipher jumbled sentences?

Here are a few tips to decipher jumbled sentences.

  • Identify the sentence construction to solve jumbled sentence questions.

  • Read through all of the alternatives carefully.

  • Look for the first sentence in the paragraph.

  • Try to identify a link between the sentences.

  • Pay attention to the pronouns.

  • The last sentence in the paragraph should be conclusive.