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Learning English for Year 3 Students

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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English for Year 3: Tips to Teach Your Child

Year 3 marks the beginning of a new session for your child. During this time they will learn to read and write a variety of things in English and also learn the basics of English grammar. We understand that the teachers and parents are in a constant thinking process on how to deliver the best learning for children. Thus, we have brought something special to address this concern. 

We will start with what kids will learn in Year 3, and how can you teach English to Year 3  children at home. 

Let us start with what they will be learning in English for Year 3. 

What will Children Learn in English for Year 3? 

Year 3 is dedicated to the learning of the child’s first year in the Key Stage level as a junior. During this time, children are observed to focus more on basic grammar, punctuation, and different styles of writing than on learning phonics. Given below is a list of activities your child will be focusing on more.

  1. Learning to read different genres.

  2. Writing in various formats.

  3. Developing their understanding of various situational writing.

  4. Focus on spelling and identification of new vocabulary words.

  5. Learning of grammar and punctuation.

  6. Overall developing their English skills.

Help Your Child at Home 

Spelling Words for Dictation

Spelling Words for Dictation

Here is a list of suggestions that are to be implemented while preparing your child for English in Year 3. Also, you can refer to the above list of spelling to test the spelling knowledge of your child. 

1. Try Reading With Your Child

English as a language has a widened scope. We understand that the English we use while writing and the English we use in our speech are quite different. The same is to be taught to children. This can be simply done by encouraging them to read a variety of books and letting them identify the different styles of writing in those books. 

2. Give Your Child an Opportunity to Write

Allow your children to write on their own. This will help them in language development, grammar, writing with punctuations, and also how to create special effects. How to encourage them to write?

  • Ask your child to create an adventurous storybook. They can write each chapter each month, in this way, you can track their writing progress at the end of the year, and also this will make the kids express their thoughts.  

  • Make the kids write from A to Z about their favourite characters from any storybook. 

  • Encourage them to make invite cards or greeting cards for different occasions. 

  • Make the kids write a summary about any TV program or cartoon, whichever they like. 

  • Reward them with some time on the computer for typing. This will make them aware of the technology and also make their typing skills develop. 

3. Know Their Interests

As parents, know the interest of your child and, thereby, focus on it and help them grow in that. This will help them to develop other aspects as well. 

This was a comprehensive idea about how you would prepare your child for the English language for Year 3. No doubt, this requires a lot of patience to make the children learn this English language, but the results would be worthwhile. So, engage your little ones in activities they like, and implement these ideas shared above for their efficient learning.

FAQs on Learning English for Year 3 Students

1. What type of writing should be done in Year 3?

These are the different strands of writing which should be done in Year 3:

  • Imagination and Ideas

  • Audience and Purpose

  • Handwriting or typing

  • Spelling and Grammar

  • Punctuation

2. Name some good reading books for English Year 3.

Some suggested good books for English Year 3 to read are as follows,

  • The Kid who came from Space By Ross Welford

  • Great Stories for Children By Ruskin Bond 

  • The Blue Umbrella By Ruskin Bond