Christmas Speech

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Christmas Speech is usually given on Christmas day which is on 25th December every year. Kids look forward to this festival. Schools shut the classroom for this and also celebrate this day. Many events are conducted. Kids are encouraged to give the Best Christmas Speech Ever. It is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But everyone celebrates this annual holiday that marks the goodness and togetherness of people. 

Christmas Speech For Kids can be presented as a Long Christmas Speech or a Short Christmas Speech.

Long And Short Speech on Christmas Festival In English

Long Christmas Speech

This is useful as a Christmas Speech For Students in grades 8-12 where they organize the events for the day and share the importance of the merry occasion. 

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and a very warm welcome to our respected Principal, Teachers,  and my dear friends. I am honoured to be presenting the Speech Of Merry Christmas. Christmas is my favourite festival and I look forward to this all year long. It is celebrated during winters on 25th December every year.

This day is very special because it marks the beginning of an era when Jesus was born. Mother Mary was blessed with a baby, they named Jesus. He grew up and did a lot for the people around him and was regarded as a God.  

On the eve of Christmas that is on 24th December which is also called Christmas Eve the people celebrating offer service at midnight. For the midnight mass service, the Catholics gather to prepare many delicacies for the people and families who may not afford to celebrate. They can come and enjoy the feast. 

This is a cultural and religious festival for Christians. And the spirit of this day is so universal that everyone joins in on the celebration. 25th December also evokes joy, hope and togetherness. Families and friends get together to celebrate and exchange gifts and cards. In many circles, people celebrate by giving gifts as secret Santa where the recipient must guess who the secret Santa is.

Customized cards for friends and family members are also handmade to make it more special. People greet each other by wishing Merry Christmas. 

The tradition also involves cake cutting and decorating the Christmas tree with fairy lights, electric bulbs and many Christmas decorations. When families host this celebration they prepare many delicacies and enjoy a heavy meal as I am sure you all will tonight. 

The celebration also highlights the importance of hope in our lives. And this is symbolized by Santa Claus where children believe and pray for their wishes to come true. And Santa who is an old man that loves children comes carrying those gifts for the children. Children believe their wishes to be fulfilled and are very enthusiastic about the year ahead.

The traditions in ways to celebrate this day vary from family to family. Some old traditions are carried forward while others try to renew it going ahead. The commonality in these traditions though is that celebration is empty without singing carols. Christmas carols are sung by kids and adults to welcome this day. Today we also have students who are going to sing carols for us, so get ready to sing along. And Santa might be visiting later with tons of surprises.

The celebration continues to hold the high spirits this day brings for 12 days after December 25th, this is called Christmastide. This day also marks the celebration of the triumph of the good in all of us. It truly encourages us to be kind and compassionate to everybody. Merry Christmas to everyone and now let’s begin the celebrations. 

Thank you.

Short Christmas Speech

This is a Christmas Speech For Kids in grades 4-7, where they can keep it simple and short.

A very special and warm welcome on these cold days of winters. Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends wish you all a Merry Christmas. This is a very special day to all the Catholic Christians who celebrate this day. As this day that is celebrated every year on 25th December, every year marks the birth of their almighty or God Jesus Christ. 

Even though it is a Christian festival that is celebrated only once every year which is a religious and a cultural one, many people connect with the spirit of this day. So it is celebrated everywhere around the world and in India, schools give this day off for students and celebrations are held on the premises.

On this day, a Christmas tree is brought home. The family members decorate with the Christmas decorations, along with fairy lights and electric bulbs and a bright star on top. There is an exchange of Christmas gifts and cards. Children look forward to welcoming Santa Claus to their home with candies and the gifts they wished for. Some families host a huge celebration and they put a feast of delicacies and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Children also attempt at baking cookies. The traditional Christmas carol singing happens and a cake is cut to also imply the sweet new beginnings after a year. The joy, happiness, love and togetherness is celebrated on this day. With family and friends this winter night becomes warm and a memorable one for all. 

Thank you. 

10 Line Christmas Speech 

Such a short Christmas Speech is the Best Christmas Speech Ever for Kids in grades 1-3. Let’s take a look.

  1. Christmas is an extremely special occasion that comes once a year, on 25th December.

  2. This winter festival is a religious and cultural festival. 

  3. Christians celebrate this day to mark the birth of their God, Jesus Christ.

  4. The day evokes a spirit of togetherness, happiness and hope which is so universal.

  5. Due to this universal spirit, this festival connects people from all around the world and they celebrate with equal zeal regardless of their religion.

  6. Families and friends get together and celebrate by having fine delicacies and drinks.

  7. The Christmas tree is decorated with lots of glittery decorations and bulbs and lights.

  8. Children welcome Santa Clause with gifts and candies and look forward to other surprises.

  9. Gifts and cards are exchanged among friends and families and cake is also cut to celebrate. 

  10. Christmas marks the end of a year, celebrating the year gone by and also being hopeful for the new year ahead.