Personal Selling

What is Personal Selling?

Personal Selling is yet another type of selling initiative by the business companies, a way to persuade the local people to try their products. Personal Selling is surely one of the distinctive methods which are used by the selling strategists to achieve their goal of selling a destined quantity of sales. 

In our discussion, we have included this interesting topic of ‘Personal Selling’, and to further strengthen our knowledge we have discussed the pros and cons related to this.  

Concept of Personal Selling

Personal selling is face-to-face selling where one person who is the salesman tries to convince the customer to buy a product assigned by the company. It is a promotional activity by which the salesperson uses his or her skills and abilities to persuade people to buy the product thereby in an attempt to make a sale.

Here, the salesperson tries to highlight the features of the product to convince the customer that the product will hold benefits in the long term. However, getting a customer to buy a product is not the motive behind personal selling always, this personal selling is also done to make the customers aware of new products in the market. 

Personal Selling Examples

Personal selling is where businesses use the sales force to sell the product after meeting the customer face-to-face.

The sellers advertise these products through their skills such as attitude, appearance, and specialist product knowledge. The salesperson informs and encourages the customer to buy or at least try the product.

A unique example of personal selling is found in the department stores on the perfume and cosmetic counters. A customer can get advice on how to apply the product, its specialties and can try different related products, these all are guided by the personal selling staff present there. Products with high prices, and with complex features, are often sold using this type of technique. Examples: Cars and many products that are sold by businesses to other industrial customers.

Importance of Personal Selling 

The following points explain the importance of personal selling:

1. Two-Way Communication:

This is the best tool for personal selling. Salesmen can provide necessary information to customers about the company's offer, and also can collect feedback from customers. He can ask if there are any queries about the product to the salesman present for personal selling. 

2. Personal Attention:

Advertising and publicity are among mass communication tools, and thus personal selling is concentrated and is focused on one individual, this will result in ineffective results. 

3. Detail Demonstration:

Television demonstration is limited; thus, salesmen can provide a detailed demonstration and can supervise the customer through personal selling.

4. Complementary to other Promotional Tools:

Personal selling supports advertising, sales promotion, and publicity. Personal Selling even removes the drawbacks of advertising and its sales promotion. 

5. Immediate Feedback:

This is the only market promotion technique that provides immediate feedback from the customers. 

Advantages of Personal Selling 

The Advantages of Personal Selling are as follows - 

  • This is a two-way communication where the selling agent gets instant feedback from the prospective buyer about their intention to buy. 

  • This is an interactive form of selling, which helps in building trust with the customer. While selling high-value products like cars, it is important that the customer trusts the product and thus personal selling is needed. 

  • Personal Selling is a persuasive form of selling as in this type of sale the customers come face to face with the salesperson where it is not easy to dismiss them, there is an effort of the customer to listen to them.

  • Direct selling helps in reaching the audience concentratedly.  

Limitations of Personal Selling 

  • It is an expensive method of selling that requires high capital cost.

  • Also, this method involves many labours as it is a labour-intensive method as a large sales force is needed to carry out personal selling successfully.

  • The training of the salesperson for personal selling is also a very time-consuming and costly process.

  • The method can only reach a limited number of people, it does not provide mass advertisements like TV or Radio ads.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who is the ‘Sales Force’ Team?

Ans. For rigorous selling techniques, the company forms a distinct selling team who are equipped with efficient knowledge about the selling strategies that can be used to persuade the mass, this comes in many forms – mere advertising, giving off free samples, personal selling, and so on. Thus, the team which focuses only on the selling department of the company and attempts to finish the selling stock is called the ‘Sales Force’ team.

Q2. What are Mass Communication Tools?

Ans. Advertising and Publicity is the most popular form of mass communication tools, which engages the mass of people in buying the product they intend to sell. Not only selling, but mass communication is also used to make the customers aware of the products.

Q3. What is a Demonstration?

Ans. A demonstration is the reason or proof, or the explanation or making clear by the use of examples or experiments with the product by the salesperson. Demonstration means 'to clearly show' the benefits of the product by showing the public how to use it, this is done in personal selling.

Q4. Why is Personal Selling Important?

Ans. Personal selling is an important marketing tool that helps small businesses, particularly those that sell complex or high-value products and services to other businesses, rather than the consumers. Companies conduct personal selling by hiring sales representatives, the representatives pay visits to the clients or by contacting clients by telephone.

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