Irrespective of the size, work, duties, and services of any organization, communication is one of the most crucial aspects of its working. Official communication plays a vital role in the efficient and smooth working of an organization. Effective communication between employees, authorities, departments, and clients takes the organization ahead on the path of success. Circular is the most important tool of official communication. In this section, we shall study in detail the concept of circulars, their purpose, and their importance for communication on an official platform. In this part, we will learn about circular writing and its importance, in detail. 

What are Circulars?

In the professional sector, there are few instructions, updates, and information that is to be circulated amongst a large number of people. In such cases, circulars are extremely helpful. Circular is an essential letter containing important information that is to be circulated to a large section of people. In Business Communication, circular plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any organization. 

For example, there is some important information that you need to discuss with your employees. For this purpose, you will have to set up a meeting with your employees. The meeting can be held only when you convey the exact timings, place, and purpose of meeting to your employees in the minimum time. In such situations, spreading the message through circulars can be the most efficient and time-saving mode of communication. 

You can always add marketing information in circulars and use them for mass distribution. The main and most vital feature of circulars is that it conveys information to a large number of correspondents in the minimum time.

Advantages of Circulars

Circulars, if designed and distributed productively, play an important role in the growth and development of business. It is some of the vital letters used in corporate sectors, schools, colleges, and various workplaces to convey important updates. The advantages of circulars are discussed below briefly.

  • The Easiest Method for Conveying Information 

It is a straightforward and most convenient method of conveying important information to a large group of people. Circulars play an important role in the growth, development, and smooth working of any business. The information can be conveyed at a greater level at cheap rates. It is also useful in producing prompt feedback from the respondents. 

  • Achieving Economy 

In broader terms, circulars can also be used for wide publicity. To convey the news related to product, service, or customers, circulars are used as they help to expand the business and market base of a company. As a result, the large amount of money that would have been used in sending separate letters can be saved. 

  • Time-saving Method 

With the efficient use of circulars, any important information can be transmitted to a large section of people at the same time. Hence, it saves you a lot of time that the company officials might spend on conveying the information separately to different people. Circulars can be displayed on the notice board of the workplace, and people can read the relevant information. This time-saving method becomes very convenient for companies. 

  • Cost-effective 

Circulars are a cost-effective method of spreading information. Since with the help of just one circular information can be given to a hundred people. It thereby reduces the printing cost and well as the distribution cost of information per reader. With this method of passing information, an organization can save a lot of money for better purposes. 

  • Fewer Efforts

Circulating information separately to all the concerned individuals requires a lot of work and effort. It becomes both time-consuming and difficult. With the use of circular letters, an organization can effectively overcome this problem with an efficient solution. Circular letters help to communicate with a large number of people at minimum efforts. 

  • Increasing the Confidence of Consumers 

Rightly designed, convincing, and attractive circular letters can easily convince a reader about the importance and benefits of the data mentioned in the circular. It thereby enhances a consumer's trust and confidence in the company's products. 

  • Develop Public Consciousness 

One must design the circulars very carefully. If the correct information about the price, utility, and place of availability of the product is mentioned in the circular letter, the general public reading that particular circular becomes more conscious about the product. These letters also help to inform the customers about social welfare activities, quality of the product, and services, thus engaging them more with the company. 

A well-designed circular letter can win the hearts of hundreds of customers at a time. It contributes a lot of positive aspects to the reviews, services, and awareness of the company by enhancing the goodwill of the company on a mass level. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. I Own a Company Where I Have More than 200 Employees Working with Me. It Becomes Difficult Many Times to Pass on the Information to All the Employees Separately. It Consumes So Much Time and Effort that I am Unable to Manage My Busy Schedule. Can You Suggest an Effective Method of Passing on the Information?

Answer: Circular letters are the most efficient way of passing information in any workplace. You can simply display the circular letter on the notice board containing all the important information and updates that you need to pass on to your employees. It saves a lot of time and cost for the company. Make sure you clearly add all the relevant information in the circulars so that it is convenient for your employees to understand and follow your instructions. 

Q2. What are the Important Points that Must be Kept in Mind While Drafting a Circular?

Answer: The important points that must be kept in mind while drafting a circular are given below.

  • A circular letter must have all the relevant information mentioned in the easiest and understandable language. 

  • It should be written in a formal language. 

  • It must always be drafted in the correct circular format.

  • No detail should be skipped in the circular as it can increase the chances of doubts and misunderstandings in the mind of readers.

Q3. What are the Main Objectives of a Circular Letter?

Answer: Circular letters can be written for various objectives depending upon the requirement of the sender. 

  • Personal Objective: 

The information that is passed on by an individual to circulate his name comes under the personal objective of sending circulars. A donor willing to donate blood may use circular letters to spread the message so that it reaches the people in need. 

  • Social Objective: 

Under this category, the news about a section or group of people of the society is conveyed. Such circular letters are mainly used to inform the whole nation about important information. 

  • Business Objective: 

These are the kind of circulars that are drafted to convey the information regarding a business, rise in demand of a particular product, or at times to advertise any product by the company.