Characteristics of Good Business Writing

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In any business, communication is the key to express thoughts, ideas, facts, and plans. The means and ways of communication vary from person to person and depend on the situation. Business communication is best explained as the information sharing processes that lead to profit for any business. Business communication can take place between people within the organization or outside the organization. The characteristics of good business writing and the features of business communication are discussed here, in detail. 

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What is Business Communication?

Any communication related to business is referred to as business communication. Communication, in general, refers to the sharing of thoughts and ideas between two or more individuals. All those communications that lead to the benefits for one or both the business partners are called business communication.

Business communication encompasses communication linked to administration, law, trade, finance, management, etc. Business communication is targeted towards the goal of any business firm. The communication occurs continuously between the two parties and is two-way in nature. Certain features of business communication make it clear and fruitful.

Features of Business Communication

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There are six basic elements of any business communication and they are as follows. 

  • Message- The message is the information that is needed to be exchanged between the parties.

  • Sender- The person who is conveying the message to other parties is called the sender. It can be a single person or a group of people.

  • Receiver- The person or parties who are receiving the messages from the sender.

  • Channel- Every sender uses a medium to transfer the message to the receiver. The medium used to transmit the message is called the channel. It can be done over the letter, telephone, emails, fax, in-person conferences, or video conferences. 

  • Symbols- In order to make the message concise and clear, the sender might use certain words, signs, and actions to express the emotions. These elements of the message are called symbols.

  • Feedback- After receiving the message from the sender, the receiver responds in the form of feedback. This is the final element of any business communication.

All these basic elements also constitute the characteristics of written communication.

Objectives of Business Communication

The next question is, why business writings are being used. The objectives of business communication are listed below.

  • A holistic approach to organizational development. 

  • To elicit mutual relationships between the employees or collaborators of an organization.

  • Conducting training programs for new and existing employees.

  • Developing plans to attain the goals of the company.

  • Providing necessary information for the proper execution of the plans.

  • Providing support to the employees.

  • Encouraging and supporting others in their action.

  • Portraying any decision.

  • Building trust.

  • Conveying warnings.

  • Calling for participation in problem-solving.


Characteristics of Business Communication

There are certain basic concepts for effective business writing. The characteristics of business communication that will help you to understand these concepts are given below.

  • Realistic communication must be maintained.

  • Imaginary information must be avoided at all costs.

  • The communications must be targeted to a common goal. Any doubts in these communications must be taken care of.

  • The business communications must be so formulated that it targets dedicated customers.

  • Polite language must be used. It should not attack customers.

  • The communication must not reflect any personal opinion. The use of metaphors and imagery must be avoided.

  • The communication must depict real facts and figures. It should consider mutual understanding as to the base.

  • It must follow the general characteristics of business reports.

  • The basic concepts in effective business writings can be used to appreciate or warn against any specific activity. It can also be used to provide advice, instructions, information, suggestion, or support.

What are the Steps for Effective Business Communication?

In order to make your business communication approaches effective, it is important to follow the general characteristics of written communication. These characteristics are listed below.

  • Do away with any form of assumptions. Consider facts, figures, and real-world items in your communication.

  • Develop a good habit of listening. Listen carefully about the topic and then speak out your ideas.

  • Ask important questions that can contribute to the cause.

  • Consider both verbal and nonverbal communication with equal importance.

  • Show your patience during any communication.

  • Conduct any business conversation at an appropriate place and time.

  • Maintain a proper decorum with all employees at a company. Have elevated levels of politeness for seniors and employees at higher ranks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. What is Business Communication?

Answer: Business communication is any kind of communication that takes place in a business environment. It is generally shared between two or more two people or groups. It can take place within a company or amongst several companies, who are collaborators to the main company. The communication can be carried out verbally or nonverbally in the form of letters, emails, fax, video conferences, etc. The communication must follow the basic concepts in effective business writing. Following all the characteristics of business communication will increase the effectiveness of such communication. It will add to the profit of the company.

Q.2. What are the Characteristics of Written Communication?

Answer: All written communications in any business follow more or less the same characteristics. Firstly, it must be clear and concise. You must not decorate it with fancy words and make them lengthy. Secondly, your write up must be based on real facts and figures. It would help if you avoid imaginary ideas of ambiguity to creep into your write up. You should maintain a polite language in your communication. It would help if you direct your write up to target your audience. Lastly, you must ensure that the writing is attractive to your customers. Following these basic characteristics of written communication will help you earn more profit for your business.

Q.3. What are the Features of Business Communication?

Answer: Any business communication will have the following features. It will have the message that is needed to be communicated between two or more parties. The sender must send the message. There must be dedicated receivers to receive the message from the sender. The sender must communicate through a proper channel which can be accessed by the receiver. The sender must use proper symbols like words, pictures, or expressions that can be conceived by the receiver. Finally, the receiver provides feedback to the sender on business communication. All these features constitute effective business communication.