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Characteristics Effective Communication

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Introduction To Effective Communication

In business terms, business correspondence and reporting refer to the exchange of information between different departments, authorities, and hierarchies in written format to ensure effective communication within an organization. One has to report all the necessary information to ensure effective communication within the business. There are several characteristics or features of communication that should be followed to achieve an effective communication system. You may ask what is effective communication or how can you achieve effective communication. To answer this, you will have to keep in mind a few points, a good communicator, essentials of effective communication, and attributes of communication.

Essentials For Effective Communication

This is a list that one should follow to achieve effective communication.

  1. An Excellent Communicator: The communicator is entrusted with the job of transferring the message with clearly written instructions without any complications.

  2. Formal Writing: The written document must follow the formal writing pattern. It is imperative as it is written for an official purpose.

  3. Qualities of a Good Communicator: A communicator must have the following qualities.

  • Have fluent English writing skills.

  • The writing must be clear and to the point.

  • A communicator should include all the essential pointers in a letter.

  • The letter should be brief and easy to understand.

If one possesses all these qualities then, one is a good communicator. Though there are various other points that are essential for effective communication, yet these three points are of utmost importance to begin effective communication.

What Is Effective Communication?

To answer this question of what is effective communication, it is crucial to understand the terms ‘effective’ and ‘communication’. The term ‘effective’ means it gives the desired or the intended result for a particular task. The word ‘communication’ refers to transferring information from one person to another by verbal or written mode. So, effective communication altogether relates to the action of transmitting information within a stipulated time from one person to the other.

The question of what is effective communication is also answered with a pictorial representation below.

[Image to be added Soon]

To achieve successful and effective communication, it is essential to understand the characteristics of effective communication. These are listed as follows.

  • It should have a clear message and not be twisty or challenging to understand.

  • The message should be correct both grammatically and ethically.

  • The message should not be incomplete.

  • Effective communication should always be precise and to the point. It should not comprise a lot of other information. The message should be short and clear.

  • The message should be reliable and devoid of any false claims. 

Among the various important aspects of effective communication, these are a few basic ones.

Attributes Of Communication

These attributes of communication pave the way for the characteristics of successful communication.

  • Listening: If a person is a good listener, then, definitely he will be able to communicate his thoughts in writing successfully.

  • Positive Attitude: A positive attitude plays an essential role in successful and effective communication, as it impresses the reader and makes the letter compelling.

  • Fairness: Last but not the least point, is fairness. One should never lie about the information under any circumstances. One should disclose all the details related to the business and present a true and fair picture in front of the concerned person.

Solved Examples 

Q. How is communication-related to effective communication?

Ans. Communication is related to every human activity, starting from expressing one’s ideas to conveying one’s emotions, it is all done through effective communication.

Q. Are women more talkative than men?

Ans. Though it is a common belief that women are more talkative than men, the evidence, however, is inconclusive. A recent study shows that women say about 13000 more words per day than men, while another research found no substantial difference in the numbers. 

Did You Know?

  • Communication plays an essential role in one’s personal, social, and corporate life.

  • Effective communication helps to develop better relationships, cultures, communication skills, etc. among people.

  • The first-ever communication that took place between humans was physical gestures, cave paintings, and other forms of art.

  • Communication is the key to success. In the absence of effective communication, one might fail to achieve the desired result due to a lack of clarity.

FAQs on Characteristics Effective Communication

Q1. What are the Crucial Effective Workplace Communication Skills?

Answer: In a business world, workplace ethics and etiquettes have a vital role to play. It has become a criterion to have excellent communication skills in every field of work from working at a BPO to being a director of a reputed company.

Below are a few skills of communication that one must be acquainted with.

  • Clear communication: The communication should be clear and to the point. One must be clear in one’s mind about what one wants to convey in the message.

  • Personal and professional life should be different: There should be no disturbance while one tries to convey some information to another person. If one is in a bad mood, it will hamper the communication.

Q2. How can Noise Affect Communication?

Answer: Noise refers to all the thoughts that clouds one’s decision making ability or concentration in one or the other form, resulting in the absence of focus. It is a danger for effective communication. You require peace of mind, a calm environment, and clarity of thoughts for conducting successful communication.

In case, a party is distracted in their thoughts; one will not be able to concentrate on the information given by the other party fully. This will result in the distortion of communication.

Thus, it is essential that effective communication only takes place when both parties having the communication are ready to listen as well as speak or express their true feelings without being absent-minded.