Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

Sodium phosphate refers to a group of chemical compounds. The phosphate atom holds three other atoms too. When it holds three hydrogens, it becomes phosphoric acid. Similarly, one hydrogen and two sodium give out disodium hydrogen phosphate, or three sodium can get you trisodium phosphate. When it holds two hydrogens and one sodium, you call it sodium dihydrogen phosphate. You can also call it monobasic sodium phosphate. It’s a chemical compound with a formula – NaH2PO4. It gets produced from the reaction of a little sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid. In this article, you can get a whole lot of information about sodium dihydrogen phosphate. 

What is Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate?

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, also known as monobasic sodium phosphate, is an inorganic compound. Monosodium phosphate is another name for the same. Its chemical formula is NaH2PO4. Also, it’s a glycerol derivative obtained by reacting mono and diglycerides, which get derived from edible sources with phosphorus pentoxide. Further, it gets followed by neutralization with sodium carbonate. 

NaH2PO4 is a soluble form of phosphate which can get administered intravenously. Below is a structure of sodium dihydrogen phosphate. 

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Uses of Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

The following are some common uses of the sodium dihydrogen phosphate – NaH2PO4.

  • It has numerous applications in water treatment and food industry. It gets used as an emulsifier in products like processed cheese. It also helps as a thickening and leavening agent in baked goods. It controls the pH of the processed foods. 

  • It gets added in various goods like toothpaste, evaporated milk, and animal feed. Here also it serves the purpose of a thickening agent and emulsifier. The compound gets commonly used as a sequestrant in a variety of foods. 

  • It also has a major application in pharmaceuticals. They use sodium phosphate intravenously to serve as an electrolyte replenisher. It also serves as a laxative, whether orally or rectally. Upon oral consumption, it also works as a urinary acidifier and helps prevent kidney stones. 

  • In medicine, it also gets used for constipation as well as preparing the bowel for clinical treatments. At some places, people use it to detect the availability of magnesium ions in salts.   

Physical Properties of Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate 

  • The chemical compound, NaH2PO4, appears in the form of white powder or crystals. It is odourless as well. 

  • When it comes to the solubility of the compound, it’s soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol. It has a melting point of 212.00 Celsius. 

  • Its complexity is 61.9, and pH levels are 8.0 and 11.0. The molecular weight or molar mass of the compound is 119.98 g/mol. 

Chemical Properties of Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate

  • The NaH2PO4 or sodium dihydrogen phosphate can react with a base such as sodium hydroxide. As a result, you get sodium hydrogen phosphate and water.  NaH2PO4 + NaOH   →  Na2HPO4 + H2O

  • Sodium dihydrogen phosphate reacts with acids such as hydrochloric acid; you get a phosphoric acid and sodium chloride as a result.  

NaH2PO4 + HCI      →      H3PO4 + NaCl 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Explain how Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate is Both an Acid and a Salt?

Answer: As the definition of the acid goes, any chemical substance which can donate hydrogen ions or protons and/or welcomes electrons. When sodium dihydrogen phosphate gets dissolved in water, it produces hydrogen ions. And that’s why it qualifies to be an acid. The term ‘salt’ refers to an ionic compound having cations and anions; it gets obtained by the reaction of an acid with the base or occurs naturally. Sodium dihydrogen phosphate is an ionic compound. And it gets formed when the hydrogen atom of the phosphoric acid gets replaced by a metal ion (Na+). That’s why; sodium dihydrogen phosphate qualifies to be a salt too.

Question 2: What is Monobasic Sodium Phosphate? State its Uses.

Answer: Monobasic sodium phosphate, also known as sodium dihydrogen phosphate, is an inorganic compound of sodium. It has an anion of a dihydrogen phosphate (H2PO4-). It’s one of the numerous sodium phosphates, and it’s a typical industrial chemical. The formula of monosodium phosphate is NaH2PO4. Such phosphates often get used in water and food treatments. It also gets used as food additives in toothpaste, animal feed, and evaporated milk. It gets used as a thickening agent and an emulsifier. Further, the monosodium phosphate gets used in laxatives, baking powders and as a pH buffer.