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NCERT Mathematics Book for Class 11th Chapter 10

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 11 Math

Free NCERT Books download for Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 - Straight Lines on Students can also download the NCERT Textbooks Solutions in PDF for Class 6 to 12 all subjects. Register for Mathematics tuition to clear your doubts and score more in your exams.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

NCERT Books for Class 11 Maths Chapter 10

NCERT is an abbreviation used for the National Council of Education Research and Training. They are one of the distributors who provide the simplest and understandable textbooks in the field of primary and secondary education. Without a doubt, NCERT books are enough to score well in school level and board exams. Students who are studying in class 11th should refer to NCERT instead of preferring any other book as the first book. NCERT will help in scoring good marks in the tests taken at different levels. NCERT books should be preferred over other books because they provide the following advantages: 

  • Deep Knowledge 

The NCERT books are designed under the guidance of different subject experts. These experts hold experience, as well as higher degrees and that is why it helps students in understanding the concepts more easily. Clarity is provided for every topic mentioned in the syllabus. NCERT books are enough for improving the basics in any subject. High understanding and deep knowledge are promoted by NCERT books. 

  • High-Level Questions 

Students of Class 11th will be very well aware of the nature of questions that are mentioned in NCERT books if they have given their 10th boards from CBSE. NCERT books have questions ranging from very basic to even high level, students will have to give a closer look at the extra questions provided by the book to get the full benefit of these books. Extra questions are the highlight of NCERT Books and there is a high chance that most of these will be asked in the question paper. 

Other benefits that an NCERT Book will give are understandable language, giving easy examples for understanding difficult concepts and promoting fast exam preparation if studied being focused. 

Why Choose NCERT Mathematics Book as a Class 11th Student? 

CBSE Students should be aware of the fact that NCERT is the only book suggested by the board. That simply means that most of the questions that will be asked in the examination will be based on NCERT Class 11th Mathematics Book. Students are free to practice from other books but they should not give them higher preference than NCERT books. Most of the questions asked in the examination will be directly from the textbook which is why it is suggested to not neglect the importance of the NCERT book. 

NCERT Math Book Class 11th can be downloaded for free with the help of Vedantu.

NCERT Books for Class 11th Mathematics Chapter 10 Straight Line 

Mathematics NCERT book of Class 11th will give the right information and formulas for Chapter 10 Straight Lines. To ace this chapter in the examination, students should solve all the questions mentioned in the NCERT Class 11th Mathematics Book. Students can refer to Paper copies or Ebooks of NCERT books.  NCERT Books for Class 11 Mathematics Straight Lines will have illustrative problems and questions. Students can understand the concepts written in NCERT 11th Class Mathematics Textbooks for Ch 10 Straight Lines well as all of them are written comprehensively. If students have doubts about the NCERT Book then they can check previous year question papers to get an idea about how most of the questions will be based on the textbook. 

Students can download Chapter 10 of Class 11th NCERT book online free of cost by visiting Vedantu’

FAQs on NCERT Mathematics Book for Class 11th Chapter 10

1. Why is Chapter 10 of Class 11 Mathematics important?

The NCERT  Chapter 10 of Class 11 Mathematics has elaborated on the concept of coordinate geometry to understand the geometrical shapes. This forms an important concept in the field of mathematics as several concepts of algebra and trigonometry are entwined here. The experts at NCERT have come up with good explanatory examples and exercise questions making it easier for the students to understand this topic. The CBSE board also asks the students to refer to the NCERT books for their exams, making them of utmost importance.

2. Do I need to practice all the questions provided in NCERT Chapter 10 of Class 11 Mathematics?

The more the students will practice the sums, the better they will get at exploring the different viewpoints and case studies of problems. This will enhance their confidence in problem-solving as well as memorizing the concepts. Kids should also practise the solved examples given in the NCERT questions Class 11 Mathematics Straight Lines by themselves. Thus, it is advantageous on many levels for young minds to practise all the questions.

3. What are the important topics covered in Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Questions Chapter 10?

The NCERT questions Class 11 Mathematics Chapter 10 covers analytical geometry with the help of coordinate geometry. It has topics like the formula for the equation of a line, for finding the distance between two points, and distance of a point from a line, as well as identifying parallel and perpendicular lines. How to work with algebraic equations in the context of geometrical shapes, as well as the logic behind uncovering the properties of different shapes, is explained with well-illustrated examples.

4. How many questions are there in NCERT Questions Class 11 Mathematics Chapter 10 Straight Lines?

The NCERT Questions Class 11 Mathematics Chapter 10 Straight Lines has 52 questions; 31 of them are easy, 11 are moderate, and 10 may need some extra time. Also, there are 24 miscellaneous exercise questions at the end of the chapter. These are necessary to solve as they will give extra knowledge on the concepts learned. These questions span all the sections covered under this chapter more practically.

5. Why should I practise NCERT questions Class 11 Mathematics Straight Lines Chapter 10?

To gain an extra edge on problem-solving and mental math skills, the students must refer to NCERT questions Class 11 Mathematics Straight Lines Chapter 10. These questions will provide sufficient practice on the coordinate geometry concepts and the analysis of the same. These topics are required for higher classes as well, so it is essential to polish them as early as possible.