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CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes - PDF

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes - Download Free PDF With Solution

In Maths, calculating the remaining space available inside an object and the space taken up by an object is possible, not for two-dimensional figures but for three-dimensional figures. The surface areas and volumes may seem perplexing for most people, but through various worksheets and exercises and with the right guidance, students are able to ace this chapter, making this one of the easiest chapters that can very well guarantee marks for students. 

In surface areas and volume for class 9, students will learn what the surface areas and volumes are for certain shapes and how to calculate them by memorising each specific formula.

That being said, what are surface areas and volumes? When it comes to three-dimensional objects, the surface area is the area/region occupied by the surface of any given object. At the same time, the volume is the space available inside that given object. There are different geometrical shapes and sizes whose surface areas and volumes can be calculated, such as the sphere, cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, etc. Every shape has its own surface area and volume, as well as its own formula used to calculate them.

Many worksheets such as Surface Area and Volume class 9 worksheet, Surface Area and Volume class 9 worksheet with answers, Surface Area and Volume class 9 worksheet PDF, Surface Area and Volume class 9 practice questions and Surface Area and Volume class 9 important questions with solutions PDF will enhance the overall understanding of the students for this chapter.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Important Topics of Class 9 Surface Areas and Volumes

These are the following topics you will be learning in surface areas and volume for class 9 -

  • What are the surface areas and volumes of shapes?

  • Different types of three-dimensional figures.

  • The area and volume formula for the mentioned figures.

  • Solving problems and identifying the solutions.

  • Many other surface area and volume class 9 important questions with solutions pdf.

Benefits of Learning Surface Areas and Volumes in Class 9 Maths Worksheet

The Surface Area and Volume class 9 worksheet contains a stress-free set of exercises, worksheets, tests and explanations that come in handy for the students, giving them enough content and problems to solve along with tricks and tips, clearing any possible queries the student might have regarding this chapter.

The Surface Area and Volume class 9 practice questions is a set of extensive questions formed to bring out the core interests and training specialities of the students, containing questions that cover the entire chapter, including out of the syllabus, creative ones that pique the interests of students, that makes them strive to be the best and score excellent marks in their exams. By going through the PDF, students will have immediate access to the list of all formulae necessary for this class.

An exclusive list of the Surface Area and Volume class 9 all formulas PDF will be provided so that the students find it easier to refer to. At the same time, they get it memorised sooner or later, taking a bit of the burden off their shoulders. These worksheets have been written by the best people in the Mathematics field, promising great quality content for the students.

Examples of Usage of Surface Areas and Volumes for Class 9

These are a few Class 9 Surface Area and Volume PDF exercises’ examples :

  1. Answer the following questions :

  • The diameter of a sphere is decreased by 35%. By what per cent does its curved surface area decrease?

  • The volume of a right circular cone is 7589 cm3. If the diameter of the base is 15 cm, find the -

    • Height of the cone

    • Slant height of the cone

    • Curved surface area of the cone

  • A matchbox measures 8cm x 5cm x 3cm. What will be the volume of a packet containing 24 such boxes?

  • What is the formula for the curved surface area, total surface area and volume of a cylinder?

  • How many litres of milk can a hemispherical bowl of diameter 30cm hold?

Interesting Facts About Surface Areas and Volumes for Class 9

  • The surface area of a three-dimensional figure is the space occupied by it.

  • There are two types of surface areas :

    • Total surface area

    • Curved surface area 

  • The total surface area is the “total” surface area of the figure, including both the base and the curved surface of a figure. (this total area can be found by adding the sum of the above areas)

  • The curved surface area signifies the curved surface of the figure that does not include its base.

  • The curved surface area of a figure is also called the lateral surface area.

  • The amount of space that the figure occupies or takes up is called the volume of the figure and is measured in cubic units.

What does the PDF Consist of?

  • The introduction of technology into the syllabuses of many schools to assist in their learning and teaching processes has been very convenient and reasonable.

  • These processes include various assignments, tests, homework and worksheets being handed over to the students via documents online.

  • One of the document files is the PDF format, where students are given the freedom to create and share their files, being able to use them for several uses.

  • The Class 9 Surface Area and Volume PDF and the Surface Area and Volume Class 9 worksheet PDF are free downloads at Vedantu’s official website.

  • With these PDFs, students will have a solid digital copy of class 9’s chapter 13’s lesson and will also have access to the worksheets provided, giving them the opportunity to study, refer and test themselves, so they are aware of where they stand during their learning progress.

The Surface Area and Volume class 9 worksheet with answers PDF found at Vedantu’s platform will also be very useful to the students as they can always correct themselves if they are wrong by referring to the solutions given while solving the exercises given in the worksheets. These worksheets were all brought into existence by professional mathematicians, geometricians and statisticians.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes - PDF

1. Can you calculate the surface areas and volumes for two-dimensional figures?

When it comes to two-dimensional figures, only the area taken up by them can be calculated as the volume isn't available because it doesn’t exist. Figures such as a circle, rectangle, triangle, square, rhombus, etc. are two-dimensional figures.

2. What is the volume of a cuboid?

The volume of a cuboid is the product of all three sides, i.e. l x b x h.

3. What is the surface area of a cube?

The surface area of a cuboid of side a is 6a3.