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CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 6 Lines and Angles - PDF

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 6 Lines and Angles - Download Free PDF With Solution

Maths is not everybody’s favourite, let alone everybody’s cup of tea. Since it deals with a lot of heavy logic and reasoning, most students find it hard to keep up with the extra steps and equations. Geometry takes the weight off the students’ shoulders, as this is quite simple and doesn’t require too many “problem-solving” equations. 

In Lines and Angles for Class 9, students will be introduced to the basics of geometry, where the properties of the angles formed are

  • When two lines intersect.

  • When a line intersects two or more parallel lines at distinct points. 

You might wonder why we need to learn things like lines and angles. But after close inspection, you will notice that lines and angles make up half of our everyday lives and are always around us. When you need to find the height of a skyscraper or the location of any place, this part of geometry comes in handy.

To begin with, the concept of lines and angles was first brought into existence by ancient mathematicians to signify straight objects that lack the presence and theories of width or depth. Though lines are quite easier to grasp, an angle is a shape that is formed by the connection or intersection of any two line segments, lines, or rays. When two lines/rays cross or intersect each other in the same place, an angle is created.

Worksheets such as Lines and Angles class 9 worksheet, Lines and Angles class 9 worksheet with solutions, Lines and Angles class 9 worksheet with answers PDF and Lines and Angles MCQ worksheets for class 9 all contain a list of extensive and intense questions, exercises and explanations to make students understand this mathematical concept smoothly.

CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 6 Lines and Angles - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Important Topics of Class 9 Lines and Angles

These are the following topics you will be learning in lines and angles for class 9 -

  • What are lines and angles, and how to solve them?

  • The different types of lines and angles.

  • How to solve the equations.

  • Identifying the types of lines and angles.

  • Many more Lines and Angles class 9 worksheet exercises.

Benefits of Learning Lines And Angles in Class 9 Maths Worksheet

The Lines and Angles MCQ worksheets for class 9 have enough material to prepare students for their exams, providing the list of frequently asked questions for their exams which will help them score the basic, assumed marks for their one-word answer sections.

The Lines and Angles questions PDF have been structured carefully, offering all possibilities of questioning the students so that they will be prepared to face any question thrown at them, come what may. The Lines and Angles problems with solutions worksheets will help them confidently attempt all questions as they can check and correct themselves if or when they go wrong.

All these worksheets, exercises and PDFs have been created by the best mathematicians, Maths teachers and specialists who are very aware of the needs and thought processes of the students of class 9.

Examples of Usage of Lines and Angles for Class 9

These are a few Lines and Angles questions PDF exercises’ examples :

  1. Answer the questions (diagrams provided in the worksheets)  :

  • In the diagram, if PQ || RS, ∠MXQ=175  and ∠MYR = 70 , find ∠XMY.

  • What is an obtuse angle? Give examples.

  • In the given diagram, AB || CD and CD || EF. If ∠BEF =  55, then what is x, y and z?

  • What are the types of lines?

  • In the given diagram, is AB || CD, ∠APQ = 50 and ∠PRD = 127, find x and y.

Interesting Facts About Lines and Angles for Class 9

  • A one-dimensional figure that extends in both directions without any specifications about its width is called a line.

  • Angles are usually measured in degrees and denoted by (the degree symbol), which is a measuring representative of rotation and movement.

  • There are 5 types of lines :

    • Horizontal lines _____

    • Vertical lines |

    • Perpendicular lines +

    • Parallel lines \\

    • Transversal lines  

  • An angle is the value between 0and 360 and is denoted by the ∠  sign.     

  • There are 6 types of angles. They are :

    • Acute angles - a measure of an angle being less than 90 

    • Obtuse angles - the measure of an angles being more than 90  but less than 180 

    • Right angles - the measure of an angle is exactly 90 

    • Straight angles - the measure of an angle is exactly 180 

    • Reflex angles - the measure of an angle being more than 180  but less than 360 

    • Complete angles - the measure of an angle being exactly 360 

  • Lines are a set of infinitive number of points that are close to each other.

  • The point at which an angle is formed is called the vertex, and the two lines that intersect to create an angle are called its arms (sides).

What Does the PDF Consist Of?

  • The Lines and Angles Class 9 worksheet with answers PDF and Lines and Angles class 9 worksheet with solutions PDF can be downloaded for free from Vedantu’s website. 

  • Using these PDFs gives students the opportunity to create, edit, save and share these PDFs as they are worksheets and can be used for correction and revision in the near future.

Even PDFs of Lines and Angles problems with solutions worksheets have been written by the maths experts at Vedantu’s platform, available for free downloads. These worksheets will aid the students in improving their mathematical skills as they progress to higher classes.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Maths Worksheet Chapter 6 Lines and Angles - PDF

1. What are the few tips I can follow for this topic?

  • All geometrical shapes contain angles and lines.

  • The lines that start to point and end in an infinitive manner are the lines that are used to form angles.

  • Before solving any problem, check if the angle is acute, obtuse, complete etc., as it will be simpler to do so.

2. What is the largest angle?

The complete angle is the largest, i.e. 360 degrees.

3. What do you call two angles with equal measures?

When two angles appear to have equal measures, they are said to be congruent angles.