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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 The Fun They Had

Last updated date: 19th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 The Fun They Had - Download Free PDF


The story is of the time when virtual classrooms were used to conduct education. An automated teacher (robot) is teaching these classes in place of a human instructor. Margie and Tommy attend virtual lessons because they live in a world where computers rule every aspect of existence. The idea of books and classrooms has changed significantly from the past with the advent of virtual schools.

Tommy found an actual book filled with tales. Margie's grandfather recalled hearing from his grandfather as a little child that all the stories back then were printed on paper. Margie and Tommy began turning the book's faded pages to learn more about those times. Tommy declares that finishing a book only to discard it afterwards is a terrible waste. He thinks their television screen could hold many more books.

They soon begin reading about a school in the past where the teachers were actual people rather than machines. Margie detested the idea of schools. She dislikes going to the nearby school because she has no classmates and the mechanical instructor constantly assigns homework. Furthermore, Margie's mother invites her to attend her classes as the kids are still reading the book.

While Margie is at school, her thoughts wander to her grandparents' good times when they went to school. Back then, a school was a unique structure where all children studied together. She envisions how the children from various parts of the neighbourhood would go to school happily. As a result, Margie becomes fascinated by the joy that kids used to have when they attended physical schools.

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Access Worksheet for Class 9 English Chapter 1- The Fun They Had

1. How old are Tommy and Margie?

2. What was written in Margie's diary?

3. Margie, had she ever seen a book?

4. What unique parts of the book did she find?

5. Do you know what a telebook is?

6. Where did Margie attend school? She had classmates, didn't she?

7. What subjects did Tommy and Margie study?

Image showing Teaching

Image: Teaching

8. What have Margie and Tommy's teachers been like?

9. What caused Margie's mother to request the County Inspector?

10. How did the County Inspector resolve the mechanical teacher?

11. Why was Margie failing the geography class? Was Margie happy with what County Inspector did?

Image showing Margie failing the geography class

Image: Margie and Tommy

12. What had previously occurred to Tommy's teacher?

13. Did Margie attend school on a regular schedule of days and times? If so, Why?

14. Fill in the gaps in the sentences below using these adverbs.

  1. I____forgot about it.

  2. I got my assignment done____so I could go outside and play.

  3. When we are hungry or exhausted, we all act_____.

15. From these adjectives, create adverbs.

  1. angry …………….

  2. happy …………….

  3. merry …………….

  4. sleepy …………….

  5. easy …………….

16. Complete the conditional statements below: Use the verb in its proper form.

  1. If I don't attend Anu's party this evening,...

  2. If you want to order food but don't call the hotel first,

  3. Unless you commit to responding in writing,

  4. If she doesn't engage in any games,...

  5. The cat will eat that little bird unless it takes off quickly.

17. Fill in the blanks:

  1. The outdated book was found by _________.

  2. Margie was taken aback when she saw the book because ________.

  3. The book's pages were yellow since it was so __________.

18. True And False:

  1. Margie's bedroom was right next to her classroom.

  2. Margie was too ignorant, which is why Tommy called her stupid.

  3. Margie remembers when her grandfather's grandfather was a young boy and went to school.

  4. The book's pages were yellow because it had just been published.

  5. The first time Margie had ever seen the book.

19. Margie claims that previously, the schools were

  1. Big

  2. Brown

  3. Funny

20. How does Tommy characterize the previous style of school?

21. What does he say about the conventional forms of teaching?

22. How many different subjects are covered in this chapter?

  1. 2

  2. 3

  3. 4

23. Why would anyone want to write about schools? Who is the speaker?

  1. Tommy

  2. Margie

  3. Mrs Jones

24. Margie had to text her homework.

  1. In Russian

  2. In Punch code

  3. In English

25. Who is the author of The Fun They Had?

Answers to the Worksheet:

1. Tommy is thirteen years old, and Margie is eleven years old.

2. Margie kept a diary. "Tommy found an actual book today, May 17, 2157."

3. No, Margie had not previously seen a book.

4. Pages in the book were yellow and wrinkled. The book's words were still there. As the words scrolled over the computer screen, they remained still. These things confused her.

5. The text of a telebook, which has formatting similar to that of a book, is shown on the television screen.

6. Margie was close to her own bedroom and her school. There was no classmate for her.

7. Margie studied math and geography. Tommy studied math and history.

8. Margie and Tommy were taught, mechanics. On computers and television screens, they received their education. They lacked a living instructor to teach students in a classroom.

9. The County Inspector was requested by Margie's mother because the mechanical teacher wasn't operating properly. It had been giving her geography tests over and over, and she had been getting lower and lower grades.

10. The County Inspector reduced the mechanical teacher's pace to that of a 10-year-old on average. Margie's IQ level was used to control and adjust the mechanical teacher's speed.

11. In geography, Margie had been performing poorly. This occurred as a result of the mechanical teacher's lightning-fast presentation of the questionnaire. When compared to a 10-year average, the County Inspector increased his pace. As a result, the speed of the mechanical teacher was appropriately managed. The County Inspector gave managed to resolve the issue But Margie was disappointed because she hoped that the mechanical teacher would go away altogether.

12. The history section had been completely blanked out, so Tommy's teacher was removed for almost a month. Tommy was therefore idle during this time. He did nothing except unwind and have fun.

13. Yes, Margie attended school during regular hours and days because her mother believed that this helped young girls learn more effectively.


  1. Completely

  2. Quickly

  3. differently


  1. Angrily

  2. Happily

  3. Merrily

  4. Sleepily

  5. Easily


  1. She'll be upset if I don't attend Anu's party tonight.

  2. You will be forced to skip your evening meal if you don't call the hotel to place your food order.

  3. I will keep asking you until you agree to respond.

  4. She will get lazy and out of shape if she doesn't play any games.

  5. That small bird will be pounced upon by the cat unless it takes off soon.


  1. Tommy   

  2. All the stories were printed on paper 

  3. Old


  1. True 

  2. True 

  3. True 

  4. False 

  5. True

19. Funny.

20. Tommy claims that the previous schools were unique. All of the children went to a special building where they could study. In the schoolyard, they shouted and laughed. In a classroom, they had fun together while taking classes.

21. According to him, the previous professors did not reside in the home. All the children went to a special building that they had. Students received homework from them. They were living people rather than mechanical instructors.

22. 3

23. Margie

24. In Punch code

25.  Issac Asimov is the author of The Fun They Had.

Benefits of the Worksheet for Class 9 English Chapter 1

This worksheet for class 9 English Chapter 1 is a complete package for understanding the "The Fun They Had" chapter in detail. The worksheet comprises the descriptive summary and moral of the story, along with multiple questions and answers important for exams. Also, students can use these worksheets to practice different questions and answers to get excellent marks.

Examples of the Fun They Had: Extra Questions Answers

Several types of questions can be asked from the chapter. Here, we are providing class 9 English beehive ch 1 extra questions to understand the chapter better.


(i) Whose book was that?

(ii) What did his grandfather tell him?

(iii) Give the synonym of the word wrinkled from the extract.


(i) That book was about Margie's grandfather.

(ii) Margie's grandfather told him that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper.

(iii) The synonym of the word "wrinkled" is "crinkly".

What Does the Fun They Had Worksheet PDF Contain?

This The Fun They Had worksheet pdf has several extra questions and answers for class 9 English in Beehive, which are created by the teachers who are experts in the field. Students should daily practise these worksheets, question banks, workbooks, and exercises with solutions which will help them learn concepts and revise important topics.

You can also download these free printable worksheets in PDF form for CBSE Class 9 English with important chapter- and topic-wise questions. The Fun They Had extra questions answers are created using the most recent NCERT, KVS, and CBSE curriculum guidelines and the chapters from NCERT Book 2022. To acquire English worksheets for Class 9 with significant questions and answers, download the pdf now.


The chapter The Fun They Had shows how new technology gradually displaces various items in our environment. The Fun They Had Worksheet for Class 9 is presented here by Vedantu as a modest effort to aid students in understanding the chapter. In addition to this pdf, Vedantu also provides students with access to several question papers, CBSE sample papers, and CBSE notes and study materials.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 The Fun They Had

1. What have you learnt from the story The Fun They Had?

The author's message is one of caution against the risks of computerised homeschooling, which keeps the kids from the advantages of the one-on-one interaction between students and teachers, which aid in the development of social skills and many other talents.

2. What drawbacks are associated with "developing technology"?

Following are the drawbacks of developing technology -

  • Increased technology dependency 

  • More social isolation

  • Loss of memory

  • Lesser jobs

3. Describe a telebook.

A telebook, commonly referred to as an e-book, is an electronic book. It may be viewed by scrolling up or down the screen because it is stored on a computer.