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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Rain on the Roof

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Rain On The Roof - Download Free PDF with Solution

Poetry is one of the writing forms of art in the English language which includes a lot of imagination and creativity wrapped in it. It also pokes the curiosity of children, as they are very essential in polishing their creative talents and blooming writing skills. The more children are exposed to poetry, the more they will develop their interests and skills for writing. In this English class, students will be dealing with a poem named Rain On The Roof.

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A Brief Summary of the Poem: Rain on the Roof

So what is the Rain On The Roof Class 9 poem about? It is a poem written by poet Coates Kinney and expresses the poet’s feelings and memories as he lies in his cottage’s bed, listening to the pitter-patter sounds of the rain bouncing against his rooftop. In the first stanza, the poet writes how the rain falling from the clouds is mimicking that of tears falling from the sky, giving the impression that the sky is weeping, stating that it is a “bliss” to lie down against the pillow and listen to the downpour outside his cottage. 

In the second stanza, he uses the concept of recalling, memories, and reminiscence, giving a poetic touch to it, admitting that every drop of rain that he hears fall on his rooftop is bringing out his intense emotions. In the third and final stanza, he remembers his mother and mentions that she was a dreamer (probably a former poet/writer), being reminded of the fond look in her eyes as he listens to the music of the melancholic pitter-patter of the rain on his roof’s shingles.

By reading this poem, students will learn that poetry can be written on anything, just as how the very simple action of raindrops on rooftops have been written and expressed in such a beautifully metaphorical and poetic manner. In the Rain On The Roof poem summary, students can improve their understanding by reading through the poem Rain On The Roof as well as the poem’s summary.

Benefits of Learning Rain On The Roof from Class 9 English Worksheet

The Rain On The Roof Class 9 PDF also has worksheets and exercises that help in preparing students to answer questions about and related to the poem. The questions also promote creative thinking and indirect questions about the poem. Most exercises and worksheets will be able to clear almost any and all doubts children may have regarding the poem.

The Rain On The Roof extract based questions in the worksheets provide an excerpt from the poem and ask a few questions related to that particular excerpt. This will make students understand that they will be graded based on how well their answers stick to the questions asked and will learn how to not stray away from the main subject, knowing what to add and omit in their answers. This can be done by reading through the Rain On The Roof Class 9 poem repeatedly until they have it close to memory.

In order to maximise the students’ speaking, reading, writing, and creative skills, these worksheets and exercises have been developed by the best linguists, professionals, and experts in this field of the English language.

Examples of Extract Based Questions From Rain on the Roof for Class 9

These are a few Rain On The Roof Class 9 PDF exercises’ examples:

  1. Read the following annotations and answer the questions :

  • “And a thousand recollections…

…upon the roof.”

  1. What are the alliterating words?

  2. What triggers the echoes in the hearts?

  •  “What a bliss…

…soft rain overhead.”

  1. What does the poet call “bliss” here?

  2. What is the figure of speech used here?

  • “O! I feel her fond…

…patter of the rain.”

  1. Who is the poet reminded of and why?

  2. List the words of alliteration.

2) Answer the following questions:

  • What is the theme of this poem?

  • Write a summary on what YOU perceive from this poem.

  • What is onomatopoeia? Mention the words belonging to this figure of speech.

  • What makes the poet remember his mother?

  • Who are the “darling dreamers” mentioned in this poem?

What does the PDF Consist of?

  • PDFs have been exclusively embedded in various curriculum and syllabi in the educational and professional fields.

  • It has really done a lot of good and provides limitless comfort to both students and teachers alike when it comes to studying and teaching different subjects.

  • The students of Class 9 will be able to download the Rain On The Roof poem summary from Vedantu’s website for free, as it has all the important summaries to give the students a proper idea on the poem’s contents.

  • There are many other PDFs that contain all the necessary exercises, worksheets and tests that offer insights to the students by questioning and testing their knowledge and memory on this poem.

  • With a PDF, students can write, save and edit their answers, giving them the freedom to go back and revise their answers in the future if and when required, with no interruptions whatsoever. It also allows easy revision for students before exams.

The parents, teachers, and students can also be prepared to download the worksheets that contain the Rain On The Roof extract based questions. This can be utilised by students during their exam preparations while also sharpening their poetry studying and poetry writing skills as they progress to higher classes. The PDF will enable students to get a deeper understanding of the poem and important figure of speech, thereby preparing them for all kinds of exam questions.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Rain on the Roof

1. What is the personification and what is personified in this poem?

Personification is where a lifeless object is given words and described as a living thing. In the poem, darkness is personified as it is described to be “weeping”.

2. Who is the poet of the Class 9 poem Rain on the Roof?

Coates Kinney is the poet of the poem Rain on the Roof.

3. What are the rhyming words in this poem?

The rhyming words in this poem are as follows:

  • Spheres - tears

  • Bed - overhead

  • Heart - start

  • Woof - roof

  • Agone - dawn

  • Refrain - rain

The rhyming scheme of this poem is “abcbdefe”.