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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Factual Passage - PDF

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Factual Passage - Download Free PDF With Solution

In English, reading comprehension is very crucial to bring out the habit of reading in people while also helping to boost their grammar and communication skills by doing so. In the Factual Passage for class 9, students will be asked to carry out a very simple task of reading a given passage and answering questions related to the passage. They are also called “unseen” passages and are asked under the comprehension and reading section of class 9 English exam paper.

There are two types of unseen passages:

  • Discursive passage for class 9 

  • Case-based factual passage for class 9

Discursive passages are 400-500 words, asked to test the concentration and vocabulary of the students, and the question type is that of the multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The case-based factual passages are 200-300 words and come with any data or chart, or any statistics-related diagram that tests the understanding and analytical skills of the students. They also contain MCQs. This CBSE Class 9 reading comprehension comprises almost 20 per cent of the English paper, so training students to excel in this section will guarantee 20 marks in their papers. Worksheets such as A Factual Passage Class 9 worksheet with answers, a Factual Passage Class 9 worksheet PDF, and A Factual Passage Class 9 worksheet MCQs have the material required to assist students of class 9 in gaining that 20 marks in their exams.


Since these paragraphs and questions are used to test the interpretation, vocabulary and deduction skills of the students, all worksheets have been developed by well-known and influential English specialists, writers and linguists, making sure the students are exposed to what is necessary, improving and sharpening their reading habits.

CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Factual Passage - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning A Factual Passage in Class 9 English Worksheet

The ‘A Factual Passage class 9 worksheet MCQ’ accommodates all types of passages and questions, including those taken from the previous years’ practice, revision and public question papers, giving the students an idea of the frequently asked questions which often appear in their examinations. The MCQs in the worksheet will likewise prepare the students to be aware of the frequently asked questions, exam pattern and style of questioning.

The ‘A Factual Passage class 9 worksheet with answers’ is a set of comprehension passages set to test the language skill set of the students and hence has questions that will wrack the brains of students, making them able to come up with the best possible answers to the questions asked. Since the worksheet comes with solutions, it gives them the upper hand to correct themselves if they are factually wrong.

All worksheets have been revised, gone through and were written by the best people in this field, helping students improve their English and reading habits as they progress to higher classes.

Examples of Usage of  A Factual Passage for Class 9

These are a few case-based factual passages for class 9  exercises’ examples :

1. Read the given passage and answer the following questions :

It's very interesting to have cats as pets as most people are “dog people” rather than “cat people”. Cats are one of the most flexible species on Earth, allowing them to bend and stretch any muscle in their body. Their advanced super sonic hearing abilities permit them to catch even the slightest change in the pressure of wind, making it close to impossible to sneak up on them. They can even jump seven to eight times their height and will always land on their feet no matter the height they jump from. With their eyes, they can see perfectly in the dark, being able to observe their surroundings as easily as they can during sunlight. When threatened, the fur around their body stands erect, and they face the source of threat by angling their body sideways and becoming twice their size, thanks to the furs. They begin to growl, hiss and spit at the threat, mimicking that snake’s approach to any predator or prey and frequently lick their lips, swallow and breathe heavily to appear more menacing in the hopes of scaring away the threat. When relaxed, happy, satisfied or secure, they begin to purr, where a low rumbling sound resonates from their stomach and chest, letting the humans around them know they are in a pleasurable state of mind. Though famous for displaying “cupboard love”, they truly are affectionate and will show you enough love and care if they know their humans genuinely care for them. In the end, we don’t choose cats. They choose us.

  • What is this passage about?

  • How do cats act when threatened?

  • What do cats do when they are happy?

  • What animal do the cats wish to represent when threatened?

  • Do most people prefer cats or dogs?

What Does the PDF Consist of?

It isn’t surprising that technology has become a major part of our everyday lives and activities. Having tremendous influence and impacts on our lives, it is only natural that it has been added to the syllabus of almost all schools throughout the world.

  • Thus, with the PDF, the various homework assignments, tests and exercises can take place online, making the jobs of people in the education field convenient.

  • The ‘A Factual Passage class 9 worksheet PDF’ is available for free download from Vedantu’s website and has a considerable amount of questions and answers.

  • With the PDF format, students and teachers alike can create, edit, and share any form of content, saving it for future purpose and accessing it at any time.

Many more factual passages for class 9 worksheets and exercises PDFs can be found on Vedantu’s platform, brought into existence by highly skilled subject matter specialists and experts.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 English Worksheet Chapter 1 A Factual Passage - PDF

1. What is the difference between a seen and an unseen passage?

A seen passage is any paragraph that has already been read by you beforehand. An unseen passage is a passage you’re unfamiliar with and will experience for the time being.

2. What are a few tips I can follow to answer these passages?

  • Don’t just copy answers from the passage, no matter how obvious they may be.

  • Try replacing nouns with pronouns.

  • Even if you copy answers from the passage, alter the words and add synonyms so that it seems like an original answer. Creativity always wins.

  • Make the answers brief and short.

  • Answer the question accurately and don’t write about anything unrelated to it.

3. What is the fastest way to read comprehension passages?

It all depends on the student's natural English reading ability to determine the speed of their reading. Although, it is advised to read the passages at a speed where the students will be able to absorb the information so they can answer the questions to the point without missing anything.