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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 10 Malu Bhalu - PDF

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 10 Malu Bhalu - Download Free PDF

The Malu Bhalu poem is about Malu Bhalu - a little female polar bear who lives with her parents in an icy lair.  The poem talks about the growing up journey of Malu Bhalu. The little bear doesn’t know how to swim and catch fish. But soon the little bear started to learn how to catch fish after her mother trained her. 

Malu Bhalu has a curious mind and that’s why she wants to explore the things in the far-away sea: “beyond the blue sky”. After knowing about her curiosity, Malu’s mother asks Malu to have patience till the next summer. It was a very big task for Malu as summer was far away. 

After that, Malu’s mother starts to teach little Malu Bhalu how to swim. Her mother tells Malu that she must learn to swim to see what is beyond the blue sky. Upon hearing her mother, Malu Bhalu gets worried as she has never swum earlier. 

The little Malu grips her mother’s arm firmly in the water. Malu Bhalu starts to swim with all her strength. Seeing Malu, her mother realises that Malu is not only fearless, but she is also special too.

Access Worksheet for English Poem Class 5 Chapter 10 - Malu Bhalu

1. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Malu bhalu was a ______ bear.

  2. The mother allowed Malu to go to play in ________.

  3. The first thing taught to Malu was catching ______.

  4. Malu has to learn ______ to go far away.

  5. Malu was ______ and special.

2. State whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. Malu was a dumb girl

  2. Malu lived in an icy lair

  3. Mother told malu to go in winters

  4. Malu learnt swimming

  5. Mother was brave

3. Tick the correct option:

Which of the following is Malu?

(a) Brown bear

Brown bear

(b) Polar bear

Polar bear

(c) Penguin


(d) Walrus


4. What did Malu learn first?

  1. Eating

  2. Swimming

  3. Fishing 

  4. Jumping

5. What did Malu leave behind and jump into the water?

  1. Fear

  2. Fish

  3. Mother

  4. Father

6. Which of the following mean long hair on the neck of some animals?

  1. Lair

  2. Clasp

  3. Mane

  4. Snow white

7. What was Malu not ready for?

  1. Catch fish

  2. Learn to swim

  3. Wait for winter

  4. Wait for summer

8. Match the following:




Naturally learned swimming


Told to go in summer


Snow white

Colour of the polar bear


9. Answer the following in one sentence:

  1. How did the mother teach Malu swimming?

  2. How did Malu look?

  3. What did Malu learn?

  4. Where did Malu want to go?

  5. Who does "she" refer to in the lines " But swimming came so naturally,Her mother knew this and all could see."?

  6. What describes that Malu was a clever girl?

  7. How did Malu feel when she was learning how to swim? Explain her experience.

  8. What is the moral of the poem?

10. Read the passage and answer accordingly:

One day Heena plucks a mango and brings it home. Her grandmother gives the larger piece to Raj because he is a boy. Heena protests. As Heena brought the mango and she is the older child. Heena insists she has a greater right over her share. Their father comes to aid and divides the fruit equally.

  1. Who got the larger piece of mango?

  2.  Who distributed the mango?

  3. Who helped Heena?

11. How should the mango be distributed in your opinion?


1. Fill in the blanks 

  1. Polar

  2. Summer 

  3. Fish 

  4. Swimming

  5. Brave

2. True or false

  1. False

  2. True

  3. False

  4. True

  5. True


3. (b)

4. (c)

5. (a)

6. (c)

7. (d)

8. Match the following

Malu - Naturally learned swimming

Mother - Told to go in summer

Catch - Fish

Learn - Swimming

Colour of the polar bear - Snow white

9. Answer in one sentence:

  1. Mother told Malu to do as she does.

  2. Malu looked white as snow and had a bright snow mane.

  3. Malu learned to catch fish and to swim.

  4. Malu wanted to go beyond the blue sky

  5. "She" in the lines refers to Malu.

  6. Malu learnt to catch big and small fish from her parents and that's why she is called a clever girl.

  7. Malu was afraid of going in the water but held her mother's hand. Malu swam with all her strength, without worrying if she was swimming right or wrong.

  8. The poem conveys how Malu learns to swim from her mother. It shows how a person gets rid of their fear with bravery.


  1. Heena's brother got the larger piece.

  2. Her Grandmother distributed the mango.

  3. Heena's father came to help Her.

  4. The mango should be distributed equally as the father divided.

Benefits of Learning Malu Bhalu Poem Worksheet

The Malu Bhalu poem worksheet has different types of tasks and exercises. The worksheet will help to learn how to write a character sketch. It will improve the reading capability with its read-and-write exercise. 

The Malu Bhalu poem narrates about the beautiful relationship between children and their parents. It shows how our parents teach us every basic skill of our life. Using these skills, we go out to face the world.

Examples of Malu Bhalu Question Answer

1. Write a Character sketch of Malu Bhalu. 

Ans: The Malu Bhalu is a female polar bear who lives with her parents. Her body is covered with white hair. She is playful and young. She is curious about seeing new things beyond the blue sky. She is adventurous too and that’s why dreams to go to the far-away-sea. She is fearless and smart enough to learn how to swim in one day. 

2. Identify the True and False Sentences:

  • The hair of Malu Bhalu is white.

  • Malu Bhalu knows how to swim.

  • Malu Bhalu plays with penguins.

  • Malu Bhalu is good at catching fish.

  • Malu Bhalu doesn’t her mother.

  • Malu Bhalu is a brave bear.

  • The mother of Malu is firm.


  •  The hair of Malu Bhalu is white.   T

  • Malu Bhalu knows how to swim.  F

  • Malu Bhalu plays with penguins.  F

  • Malu Bhalu is good at catching fish. T

  • Malu Bhalu doesn’t her mother. F

  • Malu Bhalu is a brave bear. T

  • The mother of Malu is firm. T

3. What does Malu Bhalu Class 5 PDF Consist of?

  • The Malu Bhalu Class 5 PDF will provide you with a summary of the Malu Bhalu poem and a wide number of questions and answers. 

  • The exercises in Vedantu’s PDF are very helpful for understanding the poem and learning how to build character sketches. 

Vedantu provides free study guides to school kids through their main website. You can visit Vedantu’s website to download all the free study resources for CBSE school kids of all classes. The study notes are designed by our tutors by following the latest NCERT syllabus.

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FAQs on CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 10 Malu Bhalu - PDF

1. Where does Malu Bhalu live with her parents?

Malu Bhalu lives in an icy lair with her parents.

2. What do Malu’s parents teach her?

Malu Bhalu’s parents teach her to swim and catch fish.

3. Where does Malu Bhalu want to go?

Malu Bhalu wants to go to the far-away-sea: beyond the blue sky.

4. Was Malu Bhalu scared to swim? Did Malu learn it very quickly?

Malu Bhalu was scared to swim at first. Yes, Malu learned to swim very quickly.

5. Read the last two stanzas of Malu Bhalu poem. Now write to whom the word “she” is referring to both stanzas.

In the first stanza, ‘she’ stands for Malu and in the last stanza, ‘she’ stands for Malu Bhalu’s mother.