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CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 9 Punctuation - PDF

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 9 Punctuation - Download Free PDF with Solution

Using punctuations correctly in sentences isn’t all that confusing. On the contrary, it can tend to be quite interesting though most people might say so otherwise as they could find it boring. In English, punctuation is crucial to deliver words and sentences with the correct portrayal of meanings. Once familiarised with, they’ll help you communicate sentences with heavy grammatical accuracy, drastically increasing your grammar skills as you move on to higher classes.

Starting off, what are punctuations? They are marks used to separate clauses, phrases and sentences from each other in writing, reading, speaking and printing, in order for the meanings to be displayed more clearly. Commas, fullstops, question marks, are few examples of punctuations. In punctuation marks for class 3, students will learn the importance and usage of the major punctuation marks. 

Various punctuation practice worksheets and punctuation exercises for class 3 will be provided to help students in absorbing this grammatical concept smoothly, bringing positive changes to their English grammar practice and studies.

CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 9 Punctuation - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Punctuation in Class 3 English Grammar Worksheet

The punctuation worksheet for class 3 is good enough for students to learn and solve basically anything and everything. They come with engaging, enjoyable and easy concepts and questions, clearing any doubts and confusions the child might have.

The punctuation practice worksheets are written in such a way that after students who were struggling with them attempt to work it out, they will excel in this chapter and will cease to have any more problems or difficulty with punctuations whatsoever. Teachers will also be satisfied as the worksheet has enough content to lift at least half of the teaching burden they might have on their shoulders.

These worksheets have been written and authorised by the best people in this field, promising great quality content and splendid learning methods.

Examples of Usage of Punctuation for Class 3

These are a few punctuation exercise for class 3 examples :

1. Complete the sentences with the correct punctuations:

  • my grandmother likes to cook meat fish and steak

  • i used to go home by walk now i cycle

  • anna forger asked do i need to go to school today

2. Correct the incorrect punctuation markings :

  • What is your occupation?

  • She told me don't stop ballet?

  • Oh. I didn't expect apples, oranges and grapes to taste this good?

Interesting Facts about Punctuation for Class 3

  • Punctuation marks are used to detach sentences in a paragraph, portraying their meaning a bit more smoothly. 

  • It is used to separate objects/people and used to show the possessiveness of any subject/object with apostrophes.

  • The main punctuation marks are :

    • Fullstop (.)

    • Question mark (?)

    • Comma (,)

    • Exclamation mark (!)

    • Apostrophe (‘)

    • Quotations (“”)

  •  Fullstops are used to end a sentence.

  • Question marks are used to ask questions.

  • Commas are used to continue the sentence’s subject/object’s related content.

  • Exclamation marks are used to express any excitement or intense emotion.

  • An apostrophe is used to omit any word or figure by shortening it while also being used to show the possessiveness of any subject/object.

  • Quotations are used to quote the exact words of other people.

  • In punctuations for class 3, students will come across the above marks and study what they are and how to use them.

Important Topics of Class 3 Punctuation

These are the following topics you will be learning in punctuation marks for class 3 -

  • What are punctuation marks and how to use them?

  • Completing the sentences with the correct punctuation marks.

  • Replacing the wrong punctuation marks with the right ones.

  • Writing sentences that contain the necessary punctuations.

  • Several other grade 3 punctuation sentences with answers.

What Does the PDF Consist Of?

  • Pdfs have contributed so much to the world in terms of technology, education, digitalism, etc, and literally have no limits.

  • It is very much convenient, making our written and printed work easier and effortlessly helps us sort them out and share them.

  • Many pdfs of punctuation worksheets for class 3 can be downloaded for free from Vedantu’s website, which is a huge help to students who are preparing for exams.

  • One can create, save and share any pdf as many times as possible and can be saved for a long period of time.


Parents, teachers and students can find the grade 3 punctuation sentences with answers PDFs available on Vedantu’s website, spectated by their professional grammar and area experts, that contains different questions with answers, making studying simple for students as they can always go back and check/correct themselves whenever they get any answer wrong.

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 English Worksheet Chapter 9 Punctuation - PDF

1. What are the other punctuation marks?

Other punctuations include that of :

  • Colon (:)

  • Semicolon (;)

  • Slash (/ \)

  • Brackets ( () )

  • Asterisk (*)

  • Hyphen (-)

  • Dash (_)

  • Bold brackets ( [] )

  • Curvy brackets ( {} )

2. Why is punctuation important?

Punctuating your sentences gives clarity and communicative precision to your writing, permitting you to stop, pause or emphasise certain parts of your sentences.

3. What’s the difference between punctuation and grammar?

Punctuations are symbols used to elucidate the meaning of sentences whereas grammar is the general and fixed theoretical structure of any language, including English.