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CBSE Class 11 Business Studies

Last updated date: 22nd May 2024
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Advantages Prevails After Studying Business Studies Class 11 CBSE

The CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies study resources at Vedantu explain all the topics which are part of the syllabus. These study resources help build a strong foundation in the subject by guiding students with topic-wise explanations.

CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies consists of ten chapters in which students study the nature and purpose of business, private, public, and global companies, business services, small firms, internal commerce, and international business, among other things. Each of these themes is meticulously detailed in the chapter notes and revision notes, which aid in study and revision.

Business Studies are extremely important in our daily lives and have a significant impact on how we view money and purchases. It not only discusses business in general, but it also goes into detail about concepts such as finances and accounting, markets, human resources, staff, and trade.

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CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Solution| Chapter-wise List

The CBSE Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies are provided below, chapter by chapter. The experts at Vedantu provide these solutions in great detail. Go through these chapter-by-chapter solutions to become thoroughly acquainted with the concepts.


CBSE Business Studies Class 11 Syllabus – Marks Distribution

Considering the nature and importance of the subject, the NCERT solution for Business Studies Class 11 must be thoroughly studied. Students should consult the NCERT solution for Class 11 Business Studies as soon as possible and begin practising question-answers. Students would find it much easier with consistent practice. To  identify the areas that are not yet fully prepared. Business Studies Class 11 CBSE Syllabus- PDF download can be done easily on the Vedantu page with zero charges.

CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Syllabus- Marks Distribution (2023-24)

Foundations of Business (CBSE)



Nature and Purpose of Business and Forms of Business organisations 

16 Marks

Public, Private, and Global Enterprises and Business Services

14 Marks

Emerging Modes of Business and Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

10 Marks


40 Marks

Finance and Trade



Sources of Business Finance and Small Business

20 Marks

Internal Trade and  International Business

20 Marks


40 Marks

Project work 

20 Marks

CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Book Explanation

The CBSE Class 11 Commerce Business Studies curriculum begins with basic business concepts and progresses to more complex topics such as international business. Brief summaries of the chapters are provided below:

1. Business, Trade, and Commerce

This chapter serves as an introduction to the Business Studies subject, introducing students to the concepts of business, trade, and commerce, as well as what those three entail and their characteristics. It discusses banking systems, intermediaries, merchant corporations, and major trade centres. It also mentions the industry.

2. Forms of Business Organisation

The chapters primarily discuss the various characteristics of a business organisation, and students can understand how one differs from the other. Other concepts covered in this chapter include proprietorship and partnership, company types, and a brief discussion of joint-stock companies. This is a critical chapter.

3. Private, Public and Global Enterprises

In private, public, and global enterprises, the nature of ownership patterns or holding structure is clarified. There is an overview of public and government companies, the role of the public sector, and joint ventures.

4. Business Services

Chapter 4 discusses the various types of services provided by businesses, as well as their broad classification. Some of the topics covered include commercial banks and their functions, e-banking, insurance, postal and telecommunications, warehouse services, and transportation.

6. Emerging Models of Business

Changes in business scenarios have resulted in a paradigm shift towards newer business models. In this chapter, students get a glimpse of a few emerging business models. This chapter also discusses the concept of e-business, its benefits and drawbacks, the concept of outsourcing, B2B, B2C, and C2C commerce, and how they work.

7. Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics

Students learn about corporate social responsibilities and the role that businesses can play in social engineering in Chapter 6. This is an important chapter because it discusses the various types of social responsibilities, the cases against them, business pollution, business ethics, and the elements of it.

8. Formation of a Company

The details of the company's incorporation are outlined in Chapter 7. This chapter also covers company formation, promotion, the concept of incorporation, and the effects of certification.

8. Sources of Business Finance

Different financing options are discussed, ranging from traditional sources of funds, such as banks, to those of investors. It also introduces period basis, generation basis, and various financial sources. Credit, lease, public deposits, and factoring are all examples.

9. Small Business

The markers and basic features of small businesses are elucidated in Chapter 9. This chapter has great importance as it covers a whole lot of topics including the importance of small businesses in rural and urban areas, the problems that could arise, how the government helps the rural projects, NABARD, RSBDC, NSIC, SIDBI, and RWED.

10. Internal Trade

Students are introduced to the concept of intra-country trade and its various characteristics. Students also learn about retail trade concepts such as itinerants, fixed and large-scale retailers, various types of stores and shops, markets, and vending machines.

11. International Business

Finally, Chapter 11 introduces but does not go into detail on some fundamental concepts of international business. This final chapter discusses the scope and benefits of any foreign ventures, international joint ventures, and India's role in international trade and business, including the import and export of goods and services.


Download CBSE Chapter-by-Chapter Business Studies Solution for Class 11 PDF, Locate the chapter name, and go through the Chapter Wise PDF. Download Class 11 Business Studies to finish your studies. Examine how the experts used the fundamental concepts taught in the chapters to answer exercise questions. Follow these answers to prepare your syllabus and learn how to answer specific questions in the Class 11 Business Studies exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 11 Business Studies

1. Is Vedantu equipped enough to help me?

Yes, for CBSE class 11 students, we have 1000+ video lessons, 300+ revision notes, a question bank with 9500+ questions, and 20+ sample papers. Vedantu's study materials are intended to help you understand the concepts covered in class.

2. How Does Business Studies Class 11 NCERT Solutions PDF Aid in Subject Preparation?

Aside from the fact that subject experts crafted the Business Studies Class 11 NCERT solutions, the presentation of the same makes it extremely simple for students to prepare the subject.

The B.ST CBSE Class 11 solutions not only use extremely clear language, but they also strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus. Students will be able to grasp concepts quickly. They will also be able to determine where they are falling short.

3. How can I do well in Business Studies class 11-commerce CBSE?

To do well in Business Studies Class 11-commerce CBSE, one must thoroughly understand the concepts. When a learner understands the core concepts, it is much easier to attempt problems based on those concepts. This also encourages students to gain knowledge and excel in their studies. Once a learner has grasped the concepts in Business Studies Class 11-commerce CBSE, practice should become a daily ritual because it is the key to determining one's strengths and weaknesses.

Practice is essential in subjects such as maths. Knowing how to apply a learned concept in daily life and problem-solving is critical in Science. Once a learner understands what is going on around them, they can apply what they have learned in the books. Writing answers is also a good habit because it improves your communication skills and keeps track of areas for improvement, which will help you score well in exams. Continue revising important topics by watching concept and problem-solving videos at Vedantu after school or online classes, or as needed.

4. Which chapters are important in class 11 business?

Business, Trade, and Commerce the 1st chapter,  Chapter 2- Business Organisational Structures. Private, public, and global enterprises are covered in Chapter 3, and Business Services is the 4th chapter.

5. What is the most interesting chapter in Commerce Business Studies class 11?

Some students find the Business Studies chapters in Class 11 more interesting than the Maths chapters. Actually, students' interests differ from one another, with some preferring History chapters over Class 11-commerce Business Studies. Students of Business Studies are mostly interested in Stone and iron age history, the mediaeval age, world history, and India's struggle for independence, among other things. Vedantu provides you with a bank of resources in the form of videos, notes, a massive question bank, Class 11-commerce Business Studies NCERT solutions, and so on, to help you gain knowledge on the chapters that interest you the most. Simply go over the Vedantu Plans for your board-grade combination.