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CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Worksheets

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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Worksheet for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet - Free Download

Class 10 is a crucial stage for students. They are burdened with a number of subjects. Each subject comes with its own theoretical and practical elements. Most schools also host their annual fests and the class 10 students, being seniors, get engaged there too. This leaves little time for students to sit for self study.

The experts at Vedantu understand this fact. This is why they have created CBSE class 10 English footprints without feet worksheets to aid students in their study of class 10 English paper.

The footprints without feet workbook class 10 solutions have been designed by the experts at Vedantu in such a way that students can easily cover the entire NCERT Textbook. It comes with a set of solutions that help the students to get an idea of the important questions by NCERT. The answers have been written in an easy language to aid the students’ understanding of all the chapters.

Get the easily downloadable class 10 Footprints without feet question answer PDF here.

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Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet - Chapter Wise List

It is important that students are aware of all the chapters that the class 10 footprints without feet question answer PDFs cover. Hence, below we have provided a list of the chapters contained in the NCERT prescribed textbook along with a short summary of the same.

S. No




A Triumph of Surgery

This story is about Tricki, Mrs Pumphrey’s pet dog whom she indulged with a lot of unhealthy treats. This made Tricki sick and she eventually had to go through a surgery. The surgery turns out to be successful.


The Thief’s Story

This story written by the celebrated author Ruskin Bond tells us the story of Hari who robbed people after befriending them. Once he befriended Anil who employed him. Hari’s experience with Anil changes his life forever.


The Midnight Visitor

This story has an engaging plot about how Ausable, a detective, makes use of his intelligence and common sense to come out of a dangerous situation that could get him killed.


A Question of Trust

This story written by Victor Canning narrates the tale of a thief called Horace Danby who ends up behind bars when he trusts a lady who eventually cheats on him.


Footprints without Feet

This story authored by Herbert George Wells narrates the story of a brilliant scientist named Griffin who invents a formula of invisibility. He misuses this invention. This story gives us an insight into human nature.


The Making of a Scientist

This story is about Richard Ebright, an intelligent child who was helped by his mother to become a great and renowned scientist.


The Necklace

This story is about Matilde who learns a lesson in contentment after she realizes the necklace she had borrowed was not worth the amount she had struggled to save and return.


The Hack Driver

This story is about a lawyer who gets fooled by the person he is in search of. The hack driver who takes him around the village to find the person turns out to be the same person the lawyer is looking for.



This story is about Bholi who was disliked by the villagers for her appearance. Bholi confidently takes a stand and refuses to marry the groom on the day of her marriage when the groom asks for a hefty dowry from her father.


The Book that Saved the Earth

This story tells us how an old book of rhymes, Mother Goose saves the inhabitants of the Earth from an invasion by the inhabitants of the planet Mars.

Tips to Use Footprints Without Feet Workbook Class 10 Solutions

The worksheet for class 10 English footprints without feet PDF comes with a number of benefits for using it. So, the students are encouraged to use them to their advantage. Let’s look at how you can use them best.

  1. Get a thorough understanding of the total number of chapters you need to study. The list of chapters given above will aid your understanding of the same.

  2. Prepare a time table and allocate time to each chapter as you think is required for them individually. Set realistic deadlines for them.

  3. Collect the footprints without feet workbook class 10 solutions to help you in the learning process. Use them to their maximum benefit to score high marks.

  4. Make sure to revise all the chapters using the footprints without feet class 10 chapter 1-10 question answer given in the PDF document.

  5. Learn and write the answers yourself to get an understanding of how well you have achieved the learning objectives.


The scope of the syllabus of CBSE class 10 is big but achievable. The class 10 footprints without feet question answer will be a students’ best guide to achieve the same in their English paper. We hope students will use them and pass their English paper with flying colours. Download them here for free!

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Worksheets

1. How many chapters are there in class 10 English footprints without feet?

There are a total 10 chapters in class 10 English footprints without feet.

2. Who is the writer of footprints without feet?

Herbert George Wells  is the writer of footprints without feet.

3. What was the name of the constable in footprints without feet?

The name of constable in footprints without feet is Mr Jaffers.

4. Who knocked Mr Jaffers?

Griffin, the scientist,  knocked Mr Jaffers.

5. What did the boys see of Griffin?

The boys could only find footprints of Griffin but could not see him anywhere.