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English Grammar Class 1 Story Writing

Last updated date: 19th Apr 2024
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Story Writing for Class 1 – Download Free PDFs with Solutions

Young minds are always fascinated by storybooks. Therefore, an exercise on story writing is ideal for children of Class 1 to learn the basics of English grammar and composition in a fun and pleasant fashion. Regular practising of story writing for Class 1 students is a great way to steadily improve their writing skills and make them more confident in English communication as well.

In today’s day and age, solely focusing on NCERT textbooks and exercises is not enough. Some extra hand holding goes a long way for young minds. Students and teachers should provide children of Class 1 with ancillary study materials that are simple, easy to understand, interesting and also expands their horizons.

English Grammar Class 1 Story Writing - PDF will be uploaded soon

Importance of Story Writing for Class 1 Students

The 19th chapter of the Class 1 English grammar book is on story writing. Practising story writing for Class 1 students is a great way to polish their creative skills.

  • Story writing helps young children of Class 1 to practise self-discipline.

  • The task also enhances the grammar skills of students.

  • The development of critical thinking competency is a sure-shot answer to regular practice of story writing.

  • English writing for Class 1 students is indispensable to foster their command over the language.

  • Lastly, story writing also broadens the understanding of young minds about fictional and non-fictional objects.

Examples of English Story Writing Class 1

Once upon a time, there was a thirsty crow. He suddenly found a pitcher of water and tried to drink the water. But the level of water inside the pitcher was low, and the crow could not reach the water level with his beak. So, he had an idea. He brought pebbles and put them inside the pitcher. The water level rose up, and the crow drank the water. He quenched his thirst and flew away happily. 

Incorporating interesting stories along with filling in the blanks and revision exercises is a good way to hone the art of writing and narrating among young minds.

Format of Story Writing for Class 1 Students

Although story writing has no basic or universal format, young children can follow a simple structure. 

  • Imagine a plot or scenario.

  • Focus on the main character.

  • Create a conflict for the main character.

  • Pick an interesting setting.

  • Plan a climax.

  • Thinking of the ending.

Although a child of Class 1 cannot understand the nitty-gritty of the aforementioned format, it is the duty of teachers and parents to help them get acquainted with the structure. The best way to improve the skills of writing English stories for Class 1 students is to make them read storybooks regularly. 

Importance Topics of Story Writing for Class 1 Students 

  • What is a story?

  • What is story writing?

  • How to write stories?

  • The story of The Thirsty Crow

  • Question and answers on the story of The Thirsty Crow

It is imperative that all exercises on English writing for Class 1 students should include the topics mentioned above.

Learn Story Writing with Professionally Prepared PDFs

The subject matter experts of Vedantu have curated the best in class PDFs to help young minds with story writing. The PDFs by Vedantu on story writing for Class 1 students include questions and answers, interesting facts, tips and tricks, samples, and so forth. 

  • You can access Vedantu’s PDFs via mobile application or by visiting their website.

  • The PDFs are free to download with a click of the mouse.

  • Vedantu’s subject matter experts regularly update the content of the PDFs.

So, do not wait any longer and help your child get the first-mover advantage in English grammar by downloading Vedantu’s PDFs.

FAQs on English Grammar Class 1 Story Writing

1. What is story writing?

Story writing is a fictional writing technique that is simple and has a natural flow.

2. What are the elements of story writing?

Story writing has five elements, and they are beginning, introduction to characters, plot, conflict, and conclusion.

3. Why do children of Class 1 need to write stories?

The art of writing stories is crucial to expand the thinking and imagination of young children and also introduce them to the basics of grammar.