JEE Main 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips

by Asmita Kundu, April 28, 2020

As the JEE Main 2020 Exam is nearing you must be gearing yourself up for your best performance ever. Good spirits and proper preparation would let you crack the exam and secure a seat in your dream institution. Our contribution here is to suggest the best JEE Main 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips to you. We have compiled the same for your benefit. 

Schedule and Prioritize what to Study

JEE Main Preparation becomes easy if you selectively consider topics instead of hurrying with all the topics. Generally, more than 70% of marks can be scored with in-depth knowledge and practice of around 50% of syllabus. So, it is advisable that first prepare for the probable topics firmly and then go-ahead for the rest of the topics. You must be wondering how to decide which topics are important. Well, there are many ways of doing so. Some of the most important are –

  • Try to list down the topics which teachers at school and coaching classes (if you are taking any) must have stressed on, during regular teaching and revision sessions.

  • There are many question banks available which indicate the important topics based on their analysis of trends.

  • You can visit the JEE Main previous year question paper and pinpoint on the most asked questions.

Well, these do not give any guarantee of question paper content but definitely helps you to formulate a guideline for preparation. 

Once you cover topics that likely have more weightage, go on and cover other topics. Even though you are prioritizing topics that have more weightage don't forget to cover all corners of the JEE Main syllabus.

Smart and Effective Learning is the Key

There are few practices which can be followed for effectively remembering the concepts which you know already as you studied them during the term. Here are some of our JEE Main 2020 Last-Minute Tips that will help you learn smartly and effectively.

  • Read aloud while trying to learn the topics. This sensitizes your brain through auditory senses. This is proven to be one of the best methods of learning and remembering concepts for long.

  • Make a checklist of topics given in the syllabus and prepare a time table to finish the topics. Stick to it positively on a daily basis. Please note that drops combined can make oceans. 

  • Write the definitions, formulas, concepts with a pen on a paper again and again. Remember, writing etches in your mind in a better way than typing on a computer. Solve the problems and numerical on paper with a pen. You may use different colours of pens/pencils to highlight the same or contrasting information for better memory.  The more you do this, the better. 

  • Learn by teaching or studying with a friend or a classmate. It has been proved that understanding of a topic and its retention is enhanced while teaching or making efforts to make someone else understand. In case you can't find someone to teach, just pretend to teach. You will only be able to teach a concept if you have been able to become thorough with it.

  • Use various resources available like books, notes, and study videos to grasp the vital points, make a mind map or a flow chart. This fourfolds your understanding of the subject matter and helps you quickly become thorough with the subject.

  • Don't think that all the concepts of a chapter can be understood, learnt and memorized in one go. Go through the concepts once, and you will retain a few points in the first go. Come back after one or two days, repeat the same exercise, this time you will learn and retain a little more than the last time. Continue this process until you are thorough with the concept. Learning in a layered structure is always effective.

  • Once you have prepared a topic take a practice test or several mock tests to evaluate yourself. Agree to the result and mitigate your flaws.

Staying Healthy, Calm and Distressed 

Knowing that exams are coming nearer, it is very likely to get stressed out. It is very normal that your brain gets distracted and tries to soothe itself by indulging in other activities. Any tension or stress would decrease your capabilities, so you need to keep calm and try your best for preparation. Some of our JEE Main Tips for staying positive during exams are here.

  • The first thing towards being healthy at body and mind is eating healthy nutritious food. Remember a balanced diet with all the components of food is necessary for the healthy functioning of the brain. Keep yourself hydrated, drink enough healthy liquids and water.

  • Get a good amount of sleep. Sleep is the body's mechanism for repair and replenishment. It is certainly not recommended to have a sleep duration of fewer than 6 hours. However, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended at a stretch by doctors.

  • The place for your study should be well ventilated and comfortable. Try to cut the noise for focused learning.

  • You need to take sufficient breaks during your studies. These are very helpful for your mental rejuvenation. If you don't give yourself adequate breaks in between, you will end up draining yourself and negatively impact your capability to learn and remember.

  • From time to time you can also indulge in your hobbies such as listening to soothing music, spending time amidst plants and flowers, exercise, listen to short stories, eating your favourite food to deal with stress. These rewinding and rewarding activities make happiness hormones flow in your body.

Few Things to Avoid

As doing several things are recommended above, there are few things you must avoid doing during exam time for better results. 

  • The very first thing you should avoid during JEE Main 2020 Last-Minute Preparation is the objects which distract you. Figure out these distractions and keep yourself away from them. Keep all your gadgets like your phone and tab away while you are studying. Fix a specific time of the day to use them as necessity demands.

  • Avoid learning topics which are new to you and not learnt before in the whole academic year. In case you fail to grasp a few points, you will consider it as a general failure which would surely demoralize you. 

  • Avoid studying late at night. You need a sufficient amount of rest during this time for better productivity.

  • Though you can consider co-studying once in a while but avoid group study for last-minute preparation is best. 

  • Avoid hurrying to buy the necessary items for the exam at the end. Arrange everything you need well in advance. Avoid misplacing important papers like admit cards, make a definite file or folder where you can arrange the important documents.

  • Avoid taking too many practise tests one day. One mock test a day is enough as you need to check it, work upon the shortcomings noted in a detailed manner.

One of the most significant tips for JEE Main 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips to prepare you well for the exam is you must keep negative thoughts away from you, meditate for a few minutes every day to relax and calm your mind. Do your best and know that few things may or may not turn up as you expected. All the best for your JEE Main 2020 Exam.

JEE Main 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips