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How To Improve Speed, Accuracy and Reduce Negative Marking for IIT-JEE/ NEET?

By MayukhaDecember 20, 2023
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How to improve speed and accuracy in JEE and how to decrease negative marks in JEE?

Students who appear for IIT-JEE exams are faced with numerous doubts and stressful thoughts. They are constantly in search of foolproof plans and programmes so that they obtain their desired result. In this article, we choose to tell you about certain methods on how to improve speed and accuracy in JEE and also how to decrease negative marks in JEE 2024. 

How to attempt JEE Main 2024 and avoid negative marking? 

In the following section, we have presented a few tips on how you can achieve what you desire the most while appearing for JEE Main 2024. Make note of the important points-

1. Adhere to your test strategy

Set up a test strategy and stick to it during mock tests and JEE/NEET tests. Try not to sit around idly by perusing the full question paper in detail. Just a quick look is fine. Go to the segment you have chosen to attempt first and begin solving questions. 

2. Questions must be read carefully

Read the questions carefully to comprehend what is being asked and what is given to you. Tally the choices unmistakably and afterwards just start solving the question. Give extraordinary consideration to questions with more than one right answer. 

3. Decide fast whether you can answer the question or not 

Good judgment is required while tackling the paper. If you are certain that you can answer it, push forward and tackle it. Skip the question if you have no idea about how to solve it. Try not to let that question gobble up your time. This decisiveness grows with practice. Continue giving tests. 

4. Utilize intelligent guessing, whenever required 

Sometimes guesswork is all that you need to rely upon especially if you are both sure and unsure about a particular question. It must not be a random arbitrary guess. Instead, you must put some thought behind it and settle for the answer you think is right.

5. Learn alternate routes to solve MCQs 

Learn shortcuts or alternate routes and tricks by solving ordinary MCQ tests. 

6. Break down your mock tests 

If you are getting negative marks, at that point, you have to analyse your answer sheets and identify your mistakes. Work on weak areas and clear your doubts from mentors.

Important 5 tips to avoid negative marks in JEE main 2024

Here are the 5 tips to avoid negative marks in JEE Main:

1. Overconfidence

It is a great idea to be sure during the assessment. Yet, there is a slight difference in confidence and overconfidence. Students frequently tick the appropriate response without reading questions completely. This must be abstained from during NEET and IIT JEE exams. 

2. Excitement

Many competitors show up in NEET or IIT-JEE tests for the first time. They make mistakes because of energy. In NEET and IIT-JEE, you have to read questions cautiously as well as read the four alternatives before choosing the correct one. Regardless of whether you locate the right answer in the primary choice, explore different options cautiously.

3. Greed

One of the 5 important tips to avoid negative marks in JEE main 2024 is maintaining greed. Most of the candidates commit errors because of greed. They imagine that the right answer will grant them 4 marks. Subsequently, they often attempt a large number of questions without actually knowing the right answer. 

4. Luck Testing

Some candidates test their luck during the test. They aimlessly tick irregular choices without knowing the correct answer or even reading the question paper. These students typically wind up getting marks like - 10, - 26, - 35, and so on. 

5. Wrong Filling of OMR Sheet

One of the five tips to avoid negative marks in JEE main is preventing the wrong filing of the OMR sheet. In NEET and IIT-JEE, you have to record your answer in an OMR sheet by circling the correct option. Numerous students commit errors while filling out the OMR sheet.

Entrance exams like IIT-JEE/NEET test your decisiveness and problem-solving abilities more than anything else. So, you have to know how to increase speed and accuracy in JEE and how to decrease negative marks in JEE. Follow the tips as outlined above and crack the exam like a pro.


In the pursuit of acing IIT-JEE/NEET, the challenge lies in mastering speed, accuracy, and minimizing negative marking. This article aims to guide students through effective strategies for JEE Main 2024. Key tips include adhering to a test strategy, reading questions carefully, deciding quickly on answers, intelligent guessing when necessary, and learning shortcuts for MCQs. To avoid negative marks, crucial advice involves avoiding overconfidence, managing excitement, steering clear of greed-driven attempts, not relying on luck, and ensuring precise filling of the OMR sheet. These insights empower aspirants to sharpen decision-making skills, navigate exams confidently, and ultimately succeed.

FAQs on How To Improve Speed, Accuracy and Reduce Negative Marking for IIT-JEE/ NEET?

1. How to increase my speed and accuracy for the JEE main?

Ans: Attempt simpler questions first: Each question paper has a blend of simple, normal and troublesome questions. Attending tough questions first will burn through your time and cause you to lose certainty. You must remember that both hard and simple questions carry the same marks. So it’s smarter to attempt all the simple questions first and leave the difficult ones for later. 

Discover an answer by taking out the alternatives: This strategy is to be utilized when you don't know the appropriate response. Decrease the number of choices by disposing of the ones which appear to be off-base. Among the rest of the choices, the one with the greatest probability of being true might be picked.

2. How to attempt JEE main 2024 and avoid negative marking?

Ans: Tips on how to attempt JEE main 2024 and avoid negative marking are:

Make a notebook containing your errors: Jot down what turned out badly, pointless calculations, time spent on solving the question and so forth. Update this notebook each time after a problem-solving session or mock test. 

Avoid last-minute answering: Last-minute hustle may expand the odds of mistakes and negative marking; so, keep the last 10 or 15 minutes for a thorough revision.

3. How to minimize negative marks in JEE exam?

Ans: The tips on how to minimize negative marks in JEE exam are as follows:

  • Judge the problems in a simpler way

  • Practise time management

  • Avoid silly mistakes.

  • Calculate errors.

  • Avoid marking the options that you are not sure about.

  • Do not misread the question.

4. Why is practicing intelligent guessing important in these exams?

Ans. Intelligent guessing, when faced with uncertainty, helps you make informed choices and prevents random errors. It's a valuable skill to enhance your overall exam strategy.

5. Why is it crucial to avoid luck testing during exams like IIT-JEE/NEET?

Ans. Randomly guessing without knowing the correct answer can lead to significant negative marks. It's essential to rely on knowledge and strategic thinking rather than luck during these competitive exams.

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