How to Prepare for JEE Mains in 8 Months Along with Boards?

by Sagar Mankar, August 14, 2020

Juggling between JEE and 12th Board exam is not an easy task. These two exams are just one month apart with the Board exams taking place in March, and the JEE follows in April. Since Board exam marks carry a significant weightage in JEE qualification, students cannot take their 12th final exam preparations lightly. Otherwise, it will adversely affect their JEE final rank.

In this period of confusion, a question that every student seek an answer to is ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’ A simple and straightforward answer to this question is the proper strategy. Having the correct schedule and following it diligently will aid students to balance these two exams simultaneously and score well in both of them.

Read on to find the answer to your question ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’


8 Months to JEE Exams, How to Approach?

As you are nearing the JEE exams and only 8 months left to it, this is the ideal time to ramp up your preparations. As you already know, JEE Mains and Advanced include three subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Moreover, it would help if you prepared every subject properly since you have to secure the qualifying marks in each subject, to clear this exam.

Furthermore, JEE syllabus includes topics from both class 11 and 12, which makes this curriculum vast. You may feel overwhelmed by this and start wondering how you can cover everything in just 8 months JEE Mains.

The key here is not to panic and treat 8 months as 240 days and plan accordingly. You should also remember that in the meantime, you need to attend school, tuitions, and fulfil other obligations as well. Therefore, the key here is to take each chapter and give it ample time to prepare, but do not drag it for weeks. If you can complete a chapter in 2-3 days, you will have sufficient time to revise and practice before the final exam.

Here is a table of subjects and their number of chapter that students need to go through.



No. of Chapters/Units










Here is another table to give you an estimation of the total number of days required to complete the JEE syllabus.



No. of Chapters/Units

No. of Days to Cover One Chapter

Total no. of Days to Finish Each Subject



3 days

21 × 3 = 63 days



3 days

28 × 3 = 74 days



3 days

16 × 3 = 48 days




185 days


Since approximately 185-190 days you need to prepare the syllabus, it will leave you with around 50-55 days for revision. If you can finish your initial preparations before that, you can secure more time for practice.

At the same time, you need to focus on your board exams as well; thus, you need a proper routine to make the most of your time. Here is a sample schedule that you can follow to answer your question, ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’

[Please note that this schedule is at best indicative. Students should frame a time table according to their priorities].




Making the whole day study plan

7- 7:30 am

Study for board exams

7:30- 9 am


9- 9:30 am

Continue with your board exam preparations

9:30- 12:30 pm

Lunch break

12:30- 1:30 pm

Solving practice sets for board exams

1:30- 4:30 pm


4:30- 5 pm

Evaluation of the test and clearing the doubts

5- 7 pm


7- 7:30 pm

Study for JEE (one topic at a time)

7:30- 10 pm


10- 10:30 pm

A quick revision of what you have studied the whole day, and marking important points

10:30- 11:30 pm


11:30- 6:30 am


When your board exams are over, then you need to focus all your time and energy towards the preparations of JEE exams. During that period, you can make some alterations to this existing routine as per your convenience, targeting the upcoming examinations.


Top 5 Tips for Better Preparation

Managing these two vital exams at the same time, require a perfect strategy. Proper planning can guide you towards better marks in their 12th exam and higher rank in their JEE exams. At the same time, focus and hard work are also pivotal to achieve your desired results.

If you fail to bring these two factors in your final preparations, then it will be difficult for you find the correct answer to you initial question, i.e. ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’

The following pointers will assist you in managing these two exams simultaneously and successfully.


Tip 1: Understand the Syllabus and the Exam Pattern

Before you begin, go through the syllabus of both your board exam and JEE exams and understand them, along with their similarities and differences. After that, understand each exam pattern.

You should know that your board exams only contain the class 12 syllabus, whereas your JEE preparations will include the entire syllabus of class 11 and 12. Being aware of the syllabus will help you during the final stages of your preparations, as you will know the chapters and their contents.

Additionally, you should know the difference between exam patterns as well. For instance, JEE exams include negative marking, whereas your 12th board exam does not have any negative marking. Also, the questions asked in board exams are primarily descriptive in nature, but questions of JEE are numerical and objective answer type.


Tip 2: Timetable and Daily Targets

As mentioned above, timetables will help you keep a track on your preparations. Moreover, with the help of a schedule, you can divide the syllabus and allot specific time to it. You can take the help of the tables mentioned previously.

Maintaining a daily target is also essential when you have eight months to JEE Mains. This will keep you motivated and help you complete the syllabus early. You can also reward yourself once achieve your goals. Opting for such strategies will help you to stay interested in your studies and work hard for the next reward.


Tip 3: Understand the Value of Dedication

Dedication is the key to qualify and secure good marks in two prestigious exams within a small period. Without the dedication and proper focus, you will not be able to achieve the desired results.


Tip 4: Practice as Much as You Can

The question that you have in the beginning, ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’ Well, a significant part of that preparation includes practising sample question papers and giving mock tests. These practice sets will help you to evaluate your preparation and identify the areas that require improvement.

Initially, you should focus on answering the questions correctly and stop worrying about time. Once you become familiar with the exam pattern and type of questions you are facing, then you should aim to complete a paper within the allotted time.

If you can do this for eight months on a regular basis, it will not only improve your preparation but also your speed of answering questions. As a result, when you will get the final question paper, you are already accustomed to its format, so you will not panic. Also, you may find some familiar questions as well.


Tip 5: Marking the Crucial Topics and Points

Marking important topics and points while studying a chapter will help you during final revisions. For instance, the last day before the exam, you will not have enough time to go through your entire book to find a particular topic. However, if you mark these pointers while studying and during revision, it will be useful during this period.

Additionally, you can also make separate notes for particular chapters or topics, and use them for revision during the exam.


The Final Word

Therefore, students who are still wondering ‘how should I prepare for JEE Mains along with my board exams?’ remember planning and practice is your key here. JEE is an extremely competitive examination, and the syllabus is vast, so if you do not have a proper plan, it will be difficult for you to manage it.

Additionally, your board exams are also taking place around the same time, and they hold great importance in your academic career. Hence, you cannot neglect that as well.

Finally, 8 months is a long time, so do not panic form now. Create a regular study plan, and start preparing every chapter in detail. After that, move on to practice sets, and start to identify the issues and resolve them one by one. Stick to your plan, and you will earn your seat in one of the prestigious engineering colleges of this country.

How to Prepare for JEE Mains in 8 Months Along with Boards?